• May 14, 2006 - Orlando, Florida - Universal Studios;

    • Jushin Thunder Liger b Petey Williams (WXC);
    • AMW b AJ Styles & Chris Daniels -Tag Titles-;
    • Raven beat Team Canada's A1 (w/Scott D'Amore);
    • Rhino defeated Bobby Roode w/Scott D'Amore;
    • The James Gang defeated Team 3-D -Tag Match-;
    • Petey Williams on the World X-Cup Gauntlet;
    • Kevin Nash declared war on the X-Division;
    • Sting & Samoa Joe b Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner;
    • Christian Cage beat Abyss -Full Metal Mayhem-;

  1. WORLD X-CUP MATCH (3 points): Jushin Thunder Liger w/Team Japan defeated Petey Williams w/Team Canada..

  2. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & America's MOst Wanted & Gail Kim & Jackie Gayda..
    • Jeremy Borash tried to talk to Jackie Gayda, who was crying again, but Chris Harris jumped in and prevented it..
    • Chris Harris said he was sick of TNA management throwing tag teams at them trying to take out America's Most Wanted..
    • James Storm told Jackie Gayda that if she causes them to lose again, that she will be digging her own grave..
    • Jeremy Borash asked Jackie Gayda about why she has been so emotional lately and Jackie admitted she was pregnant!
    • Gail Kim said Jeff Jarrett's Army was sick of putting up with Jackie Gayda and fired her on the spot!

  3. TAG TITLE MATCH: America's Most Wanted defeated A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels..
    • Gail Kim & Jackie Gayda were both barred from ringside for this Tag Team championship match..
    • Late in the match, Gail Kim dropped a night-stick from the top of the Impact Zone on the catwalk..
    • Chris Harris used the nightstick to knock AJ Styles out and score the 1-2-3 to retain their belts..

  4. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Larry Zbyszko & Team Canada's A-1..
    • Larry Zbyzsko blamed all of his problems in TNA recently on the return of Raven to the company..
    • Larry Zbyszko said Scott D'Amore assured him that A-1 would take out Raven for him tonight..
    • Mark "Slick" Johnson showed up and said there would be a big announcement at Slammiversary next month..

  5. MATCH: Raven defeated A-1 w/Larry Zbyszko..
    • Larry Zbyszko tried to bury the hatchet with Raven after the match but it instead turned into a big brawl!

  6. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner..
    • Jeff Jarrett said Sting didn't pick Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell or Rick Steiner because they couldn't handle TNA..
    • Jeff Jarrett said Sting picked X-Division Champion Samoa Joe because he was desperate for a partner..
    • Jeff Jarrett tried to plant the seed in Sting's mind that Samoa Joe couldn't be trusted..

  7. MATCH: Bobby Roode w/Scott D'Amore defeated Rhino..
    • Rhino was preparing to Gore Bobby Roode but Scott D'Amore jumped in and ended up taking the Gore instead!.
    • Bobby Roode whacked Rhino's head from behind with the lariat and scored the 1-2-3 to win the match..

  8. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon)..
    • Brothers Ray & Devon ran down their history with The James Gang, back in the Dudleyz vs New Age Outlaws days..

  9. TAG MATCH: The James Gang (BG James & Kip James) defeated Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon)..
    • BG James whacked Brother Devon with a lead pipe and scored the pinfall to win the match for his team..

  10. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Abyss & Father James Mitchell..
    • Jeremy Borash said Abyss gave up the NWA title so it can be hung above the ring for the Full Metal Mayem Match..
    • Father James Mitchell warned Christian Cage that he will go through tables, ladders, chairs and chains tonight..

  11. WORLD X-CUP GAUNTLET MATCH: Team USA vs Team Japan vs Team Mexico vs Team Canada..
    • Current Score: USA = 5 | Japan = 3 | Mexico = 2 | Canada = 0..
    • Winner of the Gauntlet Match earns 5 points for their team -- the runner up earns 2 points..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Minoru Tanaka (Japan) and Puma (Mexico) started the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Petey Williams (Canada) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chris Sabin (USA) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hiroki Goto (Japan) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Incognito (Mexico) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Johnny Devine (Canada) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sonjay Dutt (USA) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Black Tiger (Japan) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Magno (Mexico) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eric Young (Canada) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sonjay Dutt (USA) was eliminated - and might have been injured..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Incognito (Mexico) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Alex Shelley (USA) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chris Sabin (USA) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Johnny Devine (Canada) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jushin Thunder Liger (Japan) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shocker (Mexico) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Magno (Mexico) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tyson Dux (Canada) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Black Tiger (Japan) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hiroki Goto (Japan) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jay Lethal (USA) entered the match..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Minoru Tanaka (Japan) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shocker (Mexico) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jushin Thunder Liger (Japan) was eliminated by Tyson Dux..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tyson Dux (Canada) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eric Young (Canada) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Alex Shelley (USA) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jay Lethal (USA) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eric Young (Canada) was eliminated..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eric Young (Canada) was eliminated..
    • Puma (Mexico) and Petey Williams (Canada) were the final two, morphing into a singles match..

  12. WORLD X-CUP GAUNTLET FINALS: Petey Williams (Canada) defeated Puma (Mexico) to win the match!
    • Final Score: USA = 5 | Japan = 3 | Mexico = 4 | Canada = 5..
    • Christy Hemme was there to present the World X Cup Trophy to the winning team -- but there was a TIE!
    • Kevin Nash showed up (slowly walks to the ring) and gave Puma a Jacknife powerbomb and asked for the mic..
    • Kevin Nash said a mediocre big man could destroy the best of the best in the X-Division on any given night.
    • They announced that the tie-breaker for the World X Cup would take place this Thursday night on iMPACT!

  13. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & X-Division Champion Samoa Joe..

  14. TAG MATCH: Sting & Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner w/Gail Kim..
    • Samoa Joe was tagged in and went nose-to-nose with Scott Steiner as the fans chanted "Joe Is Gonna Kill You!"..
    • Later in the match, Samoa Joe planted Jeff Jarrett with a muscle buster and scored the 1-2-3 to win the match!
    • Sting extended his hand to Samoa Joe after the match but Joe turned his back to Sting for a few brief moments..
    • Samoa Joe then turned back around and then shook the hand of Sting as the fans erupted with joy!
    • Samoa Joe left the ring, but Scott Steiner attacked Sting inside the ring nailing him with a chair..
    • Scott Steiner held Sting while Jeff Jarrett smashed Sting over the head with a guitar..
    • Samoa Joe heard this and looked down into the ring, but decided to continue walking out..
    • Scott Steiner applied the Steiner Recliner on Sting as Jeff Jarrett taunted Sting..
    • The James Gang, Rhino, Chris Daniels and a few others hit the ring to save Sting..

  15. NWA WORLD TITLE (FULL METAL MAYHEM) MATCH: Christian Cage defeated Abyss w/Father James Mitchell to retain..
    • As per the monthly pay per view tradition, Earl Hebner is the referee for this main event match..
    • Lots of cool spots during this match ending with Christian Cage frog splashing Abyss through a Table!
    • Christian Cage climbed up the ladder and snatched the NWA World title to regain posession of the NWA belt..
    • Father James Mitchell got involved and was slammed onto the big pile of thumb tacks poured on the mat..

  16. And that's a wrap folks...

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