• May 13, 2007 - Orlando, Florida - Universal Studios;

    • Chris Sabin b Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt -X Title-;
    • Robert Roode w/Tracy Brooks defeated Jeff Jarrett;
    • Christopher Daniels beat "The War Machine" Rhino;
    • Basham & Damaja w/Christy Hemme defeated Kip James;
    • Chris Harris vs. James Storm -Texas Death Match-;
    • Jerry Lynn beat Tiger Mask & Alex Shelley & Senshi;
    • Team 3-D beat Steiner/Tomko and LAX -Tag Titles-;
    • Samoa Joe defeated "The Phenomenonal" A.J. Styles;
    • Kurt Angle b Christian Cage & Sting -World Title-;

  1. PRE-SHOW: Hosted by Jeremy Borash & Christy Hemme..
    • No special pre-show interviews. No pre-show matches. They even refered to the PPV happening "tomorrow night"...

  2. X-DIVISION TITLE 3-WAY: Chris Sabin defeated The Black Machismo and Sonjay Dutt to retain the X-Division title..
    • During the match, TNA mascot "Stomper" was shown goofing around ringside (gee, do ya think it's Mr. Bob Backlund?)..
    • The match focused on the dissentegration of Dutt and Lethal's friendship and it ended up costing them the match..
    • After the match: Sonjay Dutt and Black Machismo started to fight until Kevin Nash came down to break them up..
    • Kevin Nash tried to play peace-maker but obviously favoured Machismo so Sonjay Dutt kicked Nash's leg and ran..

  3. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Robert Roode & Tracy Brooks..
    • Robert Roode said that he still owns Eric Young so he ordered him to stay at home and not bother him tonight..
    • Robert Roode said that Jeff Jarrett was going to "make" him tonight and he (Roode) will go from Star to Superstar..

  4. RINGSIDE: Kevin Nash said he won't chase Sonjay Dutt tonight but "This Thursday on iMPACT your ass is mine!"..

  5. VIDEO FOOTAGE: Basham & Damaja attacked The James Gang at an autograph signing and BG James went to hospital..

  6. MATCH: Robert Roode w/Tracy Brooks defeated "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett hit The Stroke on Robert Roode but Tracy Brooks pulled the referee out before he could count to three..
    • The referee ejected Tracy Brooks from ringside and Robert Roode knocked out Jeff Jarrett with a set of brass knux..
    • Jeff Jarrett kicked out after a 2-count so Robert Roode tried to use the guitar but the ref took it away from him..
    • Robert Roode reversed The Stroke and pushed Jeff Jarrett head first into the exposed steel corner and pinned him!
    • Robert Roode got on the microphone and said he just shocked the world and threatened to smash the guitar over JJ..
    • Jeff Jarrett snuck out of it and put Robert Roode in the figure-4 leglock but Tracy Brooks picked up the guitar..
    • Eric Young prevented Tracy Brooks from smashing the guitar over Jeff Jarrett's head and put Brooks in the figure-4..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Latisha Cline & Christian Cage & A.J. Styles & Scott Steiner..
    • Christian Cage said it was going tgo be a great night because Steiner & Tomko would win the TNA Tag Team titles..
    • Scott Steiner got upset with Christian Cage because Tomko wasn't there yet and held Cage personally responsible..
    • A.J. Styles cut a promo on Samoa Joe (his opponent tonight) and got little or no support from his best friends..

  8. MATCH: "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels defeated "The War Machine" Rhino...
    • Christopher Daniels came down wearing a Sting mask carrying a black baseball bat (just like Sting's bat)..
    • Christopher Daniels used the bat to crack Rhino across the head and covered him to get the pinfall to win..
    • After the match: Rhino said that was not how his night was going to end and chased Daniels through the tunnel..
    • Rhino reappeared a minute later dragging a bloody Christopher Daniels to the ring with an equally bloody chair..
    • Rhino set up to steel chairs in the ring and tried to pile drive him but TNA security ran down to prevent it..

  9. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Kip James (Said that he wasn't going to forfeit just because BG was "taken out")..

  10. HANDICAP MATCH: The Damaja & Basham w/Christy Hemme defeated Kip James...
    • Kip James was all by himself because his "brother" BG James was taken out by Basham & Damaja earlier..
    • After the match: The Damaja & Basham continued to attack Kip James until Lance Hoyt made the big save..

  11. INTERVIEW: Latisha Cline & "Wildcat" Chris Harris (wearing an America's Most Wanted t-Shirt)...

  12. TEXAS DEATH MATCH: "Wildcat" Chris Harris defeated "Cowboy" James Storm w/Jackie Moore..
    • A "death match" is when you score a pin your opponent has until a count of ten to stand up and continue the match..
    • Chris Harris took a drink of beer and jumped off the top rope over the guard rail onto James Storm and TNA security..
    • Chris Harris was cut open and then James Storm was sliced open when he was sling-shotted into the bottom of a table..
    • Chris Harris hit a spinning Razor's Edge (he has a different name for it) on James Storm though a Table in the ring..
    • Chris Harris speared James Storm through the ropes and both crashed through a table that has been set up at ringside..
    • Both men were insanely bloody especially James Storm who spilt a large sick puddle of crimson blood from his head..
    • James Storm super-kicked Harris but only got a 2-count. Harris hit the Catatonic but Storm kicked out after two..
    • Jackie Moore was at ringside and interfering until Gail Kim ran down with hand-cuffs and took her out of the match!
    • Chris Harris smashed a beer bottle over James Storm's bloody forehead and finally put Storm down for the 10-count..

  13. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Sting & Christopher Daniels..
    • Christopher Daniels was confronting Sting and talked to him while Sting was trying to start his interview..
    • Sting cut a promo about Kurt Angle and Christian Cage and ended by using his trademark phrase "It's Showtime!"..

  14. X-DIVISION 4-WAY: Jerry Lynn defeated Alex Shelley and Senshi and Tiger Mask (from New Japan Pro Wrestling)..
    • After the match: Alex Shelley (joined by Chris Sabin) attacked Jerry Lynn until Mr. Bob Backlund made the save...
    • Editor's Note: Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley are known as the "Motor City Machine Guns" on the independent circuit..

  15. INTERVIEW: Latisha Cline & Tomko..
    • Tomko said he cannot "go over strategy" with somebody who thinks the Germans bombed Perl Harbour..
    • Tomko said he told Scott Steiner that he would be there tonight and asked is Steiner would be there..

  16. NWA TAG TITLE 3-WAY: Team 3-D defeated LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) and Scott Steiner & Tomko to retain their titles!
    • When LAX & Konnan made their entrance they stopped at the Spanish announce table to confront Hector Guerrero..
    • Tomko and Scott Steiner had problems communicating and Team 3-D nailed Tomko with the 3-D and pinned him to win!
    • After the match: Tomko and Scott Steiner came to blows until Rick Steiner made a surprise return to help his brother!

  17. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle (Cut a promo about Sting being a "clown" and adds "It's Real It's Damn Real!)..

  18. DREAM MATCH: "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe defeated "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles..
    • A.J. Styles tried his old trick of faking an injury but Samoa Joe repeatedly did not fall for the trick..
    • Samoa Joe gave A.J. Styles a taste of his own medicine by faking a knee injury and "playing posem"...

  19. NWA WORLD TITLE 3-WAY: Kurt Angle defeated Christian Cage (c) and Sting to capture the NWA World title!
    • Sting had Christian Cage pinned with one referee while Kurt Angle made Sting tap out with a second referee!
    • Kurt Angle was awarded the TNA World title and celebrated in controversial fashion as the show went off the air...
    • Editor's Note: This finish was most likely designed to help transition from NWA World title to TNA World title..

  20. And that's a wrap folks...

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