• December 11, 2005 - Orlando, Florida - Universal Studios;

    • The Naturals & Lance Hoyt beat 3 Jobbers -PreShow-;
    • Sabu defeated Abyss -Six Sides of Barbed Wire-;
    • Matt Bentley/Austin Aries b Roderick Strong/Alex Shelley;
    • Raven beat Chris K. (Kanyon) -Larry Zbyszko's Choice-;
    • Team Canada w/Scott D'Amore defeated 4-Live Krew;
    • Sabin/Dutt/Torborg w/AJ Pierzynski beat The Diamonds;
    • Christian Cage defeated Monty Brown -Contenders Match-;
    • Team 3D beat America's Most Wanted -Double Tables Match-;
    • Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles -X Division Title Match-;
    • Jeff Jarrett defeated Rhino -NWA World Title Match-;

  1. PRE-SHOW: Hosted by Jeremy Borash & Shane Douglas..
    • The Naturals & Lance Hoyt defeated Buck Quartermain & Joe Doering (Trainee) & Jon Bolen (2004 Gutcheck Winner)..

  2. SIX SIDES OF BARBED WIRE MATCH: Sabu defeated Abyss w/Father James Mitchell..
    • The barbwire was attached to wooden frames and brought to the ring and put on with specially constructed rigging..
    • In addition to that, several sheets of plywood wrapped in barbed wire as well as the now famous barbed wire chair..
    • Lots of sick barbed wire spots in this one, Sabu finished Abyss off, and the crowd gave a standing ovation!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett was on his phone trying to find out what TNA Management's surprise was for tonight..

  4. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & 4-Live Krew (Talked about their match with Team Canada tonight)..

  5. TAG MATCH: Austin Aries & Matt Bentley w/Tracy Brooks defeated Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong..

  6. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Monty Brown (Talked about their match with Christian Cage tonight)..

  7. MATCH: Raven defeated Larry Zbyszko's Choice (Chris K. aka Chris Kanyon)..
    • Raven once again turned down the opportunity to sign Larry Zbyszko's TNA release form, so on with the match!
    • I guess TNA didn't want to take any chances with "Kanyon", with WWE going on a childish copyright rampage lately..
    • After the match, Larry Zbyszko once again tried to force Raven to sign, and a fight nearly broke out!

  8. 8-MAN TAG: Team Canada w/Scott D'Amore defeated 4-live Krew..
    • Team Canada = Petey Williams, Eric Young, Bobby Roode & A-1 w/Scott D'Amore..
    • 4-Live Krew = BG James, Kip "I'm Kip James, Bitch!" James, Konnan & Ron Killings..
    • Late in the match, a huge brawl broke out, including Konnan "accidentally" whacking Kip James with a chair!
    • Konnan then instructed Bobby Roode to cover Kip James for the 1-2-3 giving Team Canada the victory..
    • BG James then confronted Konnan, who then laid out BG James with the steel chair as well..
    • Konnan tried to make-up with Ron Killings, who stood there not knowing what to make of it!
    • BG James & Kip James got to their feet and were showered with chants of "New Age Outlaws!"..

  9. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Diamonds in the Rough (Spoke about the media attention they have "brought" to TNA..

  10. 6-MAN TAG: Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt & Dale Torborg w/AJ Pierzynski defeated The Diamonds in the Rough..
    • The Diamonds in the Rough consisted of Simon Diamond (leader), Elix Skipper and David Young..
    • Of course, this was the 1-year Anniversary of Elix Skipper death-defying Cage-walk at last year's Turning Point..
    • Mike Tenay & Don West were joined on commentary by the legendary Bobby "The Brain" Heenan for this match..
    • A bunch of other Chicago White Sox players were seated in the front row along with Red Sox player Johnny Damon..
    • They did a good job highlighting the celebrity elements but the TNA wrestlers were the focus of the finish..
    • Jeremy Borash spoke Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt gave AJ Pierzynski & Dale Torborg "TNA championship rings"..
    • The whole point of this match was to get some mainstream media attention, and it worked like a charm!
    • Editor's Note: ESPN, CNN, CBS and ABC all requested footage of this match from TNA after the show..

  11. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Christian Cage (Talked about their match with Monty Brown NEXT)..

  12. CONTENDERS MATCH: "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage defeated "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown..

  13. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Team 3-D (They mentioned winning the Real World Tag League Tournament in Japan)..

  14. DOUBLE TABLES MATCH: Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) defeated America's Most Wanted..
    • James Storm suffered what was thought to be a bad neck injury, which turned out to be only a stinger..

  15. X-DIVISION MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles to win the X-Division Championship!
    • This was the sure-fire Match of the Year Contender that fans have come to expect from these two stars..
    • After the match, Samoa Joe went after AJ Styles some more until Christopher Daniels showed up to make the save!
    • Editor's Note: AJ Styles actually split his bottom lip really badly and received seven stitches backstage..

  16. NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett defeated Rhino to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title!
    • Rhino had to deal with consistant interference from members of Team Canada all throughout the match..
    • Jeff Jarrett brought out his (tired gimmick) guitar and smashed it over Rhino's head but thankfully only got a 2-count..
    • Jackie Gayda showed up and distracted Jeff Jarrett leading to Rhino hitting a GORE on Jeff Jarrett for a 2-count..
    • Scott D'Amore came out and swipped Rhino's leg, Jeff Jarrett hit the Stroke and scored the pin to retain the belt!
    • The lights went out and music played over the speaker system as spotlights were aimed at something in the ring..
    • The spotlights shined on a chair in the ring that held a pair of boots, a baseball bat and a jacket laid over it..
    • This was a sign from the legendary Sting, which did not get over with the crowd, who chanted "What a Rip Off!"..

  17. And that's a wrap folks...

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