• December 2, 2007 - Orlando, Florida - Universal Studios;

    • Team 3-D & J.Devine b Sabin/Shelley/Lethal;
    • Angelina Love & Velvet Sky beat ODB & Roxxi;
    • Showtime Eric Young beat Cowboy James Storm;
    • 14-MAN Battle Royal - Feast Or Fired Match;
    • Gail Kim b Awesome Kong by DQ -Women's Title-;
    • Reign/Rellik beat Raven/Abyss -10,000 Tacks-;
    • Booker T & Kaz beat Christian & Robert Roode;
    • Nash & Joe & Eric beat Angle & Styles & Tomko;

  1. 6-MAN TABLES MATCH: Team 3-D & Johnny Devine defeated Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley & Jay Lethal..
    • The referee was bumped and was not able to see Jay Lethal elbow-dropping Johnny Devine through a Table!
    • Brother Ray laid out all three opponents and put Johnny Devine on top of Jay Lethal on top of the Table..
    • The referee woke up and assumed Johnny Devine had put Jay Lethal through the Table and ended the match..

  2. BACKSTAGE: Samoa Joe was upset that Kevin Nash was goofing off and Scott Hall hadn't arrived yet..

  3. KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM MATCH: Angelina Love & Velvet Sky defeated ODB & Roxxi Laveaux..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Jeremy Borash & Christian Cage & Kurt Angle & Robert Roode & Tracy Brooks..
    • Christian Cage & Kurt Angle were arguing over who the leader of their newly formed alliance would be..
    • Christian Cage told Robert Roode to follow his lead and left the room - Roode called him an asshole..

  5. GRUDGE MATCH: "Showtime" Eric Young defeated "Cowboy" James Storm w/Jackie Moore..

  6. FEAST OR FIRED MATCH: Tune into iMPACT on Thursday to find out the results...
    • Wrestlers fight for A) World Title Shot, B) Tag Title Shot, C) X Title Shot, D) Pink Slip..
    • It was a battle royal with four mystery cases hanging from the corners to be retreived..
    • Participants: Scott Steiner, BG James, Kip James, Homicide, Hernandez..
    • Participants: Chris Harris, Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy
    • Participants: Lance Hoyt, Jimmy Rave, Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper, Senshi..
    • RESULTS: Scott Steiner, B.G. James, Senshi, & Petey Williams each got one of the mystery cases..

  7. TNA WORLD WOMEN'S TITLE: Gail Kim defeated Awesome Kong by Disqualification to retain the TNA Women's title..
    • Awesome Kong power-bombed the referee, power-bombed Velvet Skye, then punched a chair into Angelina Love's face!
    • Awesome Kong power-bombed Gail Kim on top of a chair to end her deliberate path of bone-crunching destruction!

  8. BACKSTAGE: The Angle Alliance decided to try and turn Samoa Joe against Kevin Nash & Scott Hall..

  9. MATCH OF 10,000 THUMB TACKS: Abyss & Raven (sub for injured Rhino) defeated Black Reign & Rellik..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe..
    • Kurt Angle told Samoa Joe that Hall & Nash were using him to carry the load so they can be in main events..
    • Kurt Angle got up and left the room, leaving Samoa Joe to think about his decision to pair up with Hall/Nash..

  11. TAG MATCH: Kaz & Booker T w/Sharmell defeated Christian Cage & Robert Roode w/Tracy Brooks..
    • Robert Roode tried to hit Booker T with a chair, but Booker ducked, and Christian Cage took the chairshot!
    • After the match: Christian Cage attacked Robert Roode until A.J. Styles came out to break up the fight..

  12. 6-MAN TAG: Kevin Nash & Samoa Joe & Eric Young defeated The Angle Alliance (Kurt Angle & A.J. Styles & Tomko)..
    • Scott Hall no-showed - how disappointing - he's given the chance to be a top player again and he blows it..
    • Samoa Joe cut a great promo about old guys coming to TNA for the money while the young guys work their ass off..

      Thanks to's JT for this from his report: "They just gave me a live mic on a pay-per-view. So, if nobody minds, I'd like to get a few things off my chest. #1, we have two types of wrestlers here. We have the TNA die-hards who come here and entertain and bust their ass for the fans every night of the week, and we got *superstars* who think they can come and do whatever they want however they want. We have *superstars*, who not only screw us - the hard working "wrestlers" - in TNA, but they screw each and every fan who paid to see them, no matter how old they are. So lemme make this real simple, let me explain TNA to you. TNA is the Motor City Machine Guns coming down here and busting their ass, trying to get a break in this business; TNA is Black Machismo doing his damndest to entertain every single person in this building, and showing us what's up; TNA is Samoa Joe coming in here and doing what he does best, wrestle and be the best damn professional wrestler in the world; TNA is a bunch of hard working, young athletes who are looking to change the wrestling world; guys who held down this business while others profiteer from it; TNA is the guys who come in here and risk their lives on scaffolds and wires, while other people show up and pad their pensions. So I'll tell you what, Scott Hall - *chico* - I'll tell you what. Kiss my ass, you're a punk. *Looks at someone off camera* "Go ahead, fire me, I don't care. So tonight, I went in that locker room, and they said 'we called everybody in the world trying to get you a new partner'., and I said 'No, we don't need anybody else. We got everybody we need in the back right now'. So I walked in the back, and I said hey, who wants to be in the main event tonight? Who wants to go get into a fight? And EVERY ONE of the X-Division wrestlers stood up! I walked in the back and asked who wanted to get into a fight, and every single young wrestler whose first TV contract was through TNA stood up and said 'ME'. But one in particular, bloodied, beaten, battered, bruised, overlooked by everybody in the world said 'Joe, please give me the shot'. So without further due, I announce my partner; a man that will show up, a man that will be here, and do what he needs to do; a man who is ready for a fight. A man who will be a man, even when he's an old man. Showtime Eric Young, get out here let's kick some ass!"

    • Samoa Joe said he went looking for a replacement and every X-Division wrestler and TNA regular wanted a chance..
    • Samoa Joe finished off Tomko with a Muscle-buster to win the match..
    • Update: Scott Hall reportedly called TNA and claimed he couldn't make the show due to food poisoning...

  13. And that's a wrap folks...

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