• September 11, 2005 - Orlando, Florida - Universal Studios;

    • Cassidy Riley drew Jerrelle Clark (Pre-show);
    • Shark Boy defeated Mikey Batts (Pre-show);
    • 3 Live Krew defeated The Diamonds in the Rough;
    • Austin Aries defeated Roderick Strong;
    • Kip James & Monty Brown beat Apollo & Lance Hoyt;
    • Chris Sabin defeated Petey Williams;
    • Abyss w/Father James Mitchell defeated Sabu;
    • Team Canada's Bobby Rude defeated Jeff Hardy;
    • Naturals b AMW and Team Canada and Shelley/Candido;
    • Raven defeated Rhino -Ravens Rules | NWA World title-;
    • AJ Styles beat Chris Daniels and Samoa Joe vs -X title-;

  1. PRE-SHOW: Hosted by Jeremy Borash & Don West..
    • Larry Zbyszko told Tracy Brooks that the "rumors" she have heard about wrestlers coming in is reality..
    • MATCH: Cassidy Riley vs Jerrelle Clark ended in a No Contest when Monty Brown attacked Jerrelle Clark..
    • ~~~Monty Brown gave Cassidy Riley the Pounce Period! and challenged the winner of the main event..
    • INTERVIEW: Tracy Brooks interviewed AJ Styles about his triple threat match later tonight..
    • MATCH: Shark Boy defeated Mikey Batts..

  2. 6-MAN TAG: 3-Live Krew (BG James & Konnan & Ron Killings) beat Simon Diamond & David Young & Elix Skipper..

  3. MATCH: Austin Aries defeated Roderick Strong..

  4. TAG MATCH: Kip James & Monty Brown defeated Apollo & Lance Hoyt w/Sonny Siaki..

  5. X-DIVISION MATCH: Chris Sabin defeated Petey Williams..
    • Matt Bentley returned to TNA after the match and superkicked Chris Sabin..
    • Matt Bentley said he wanted an Ultimate-X match at Bound for Glory and then superkicked Petey Williams..

  6. MATCH: Abyss w/Father James Mitchell defeated Sabu..

  7. MATCH: Team Canada's Bobby Rude defeated Jeff Hardy..

  8. TAG TITLE 4-WAY: The Naturals vs AMW vs Team Canada vs Alex Shelley & Johnny Candido (sub for Sean Waltman);
    • The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas w/Jimmy Hart) --- America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)..
    • Team Canada (Eric Young & Alistair Ralphs) --- Alex Shelley was by himself, as Sean Waltman is missing in action)..

    • The Naturals came out with the familiar Yellow towel and handed it to Chris Candidos father in the front row..
    • Mike Tenay said he was disappointed in Sean Waltman no-showing when the Candido family was in attendance..
    • Johnny Candido, Chris' brother, jumped the rail and got on the apron acting as Alex Shelley's tag team partner!
    • Johnny Candido had a brief flurry of offense before getting pinned by Eric Young to eliminate himself and Shelley..
    • Eric Young pinned Chris Harris after A-1 broke a hockey stick over Harris' back | AMW is eliminated!
    • The Naturals eventually hit A-1 with the Natural Disaster finisher to eliminate Team Canada and retain their titles!

  9. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Raven defeated Rhino to retain the World title!
    • Late in the match, Jeff Jarrett showed up and grabbed the belt and tried to whack Raven with it.....
    • Jeff Hardy ran down and intercepted Jeff Jarrett and pulled the belt away from him..
    • Raven Evenflow DDT'd Jeff Jarrett, and then Evenflow DDT'd Rhino and pinned him!

  10. X-DIVISION TITLE 3-WAY: AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe to win the title!
    • Had to be seen to be believed---- Match of the year!

  11. And that's a wrap folks...

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