Fall Brawl 1998: War Games
September 13, 1998 - Lawrence Joel Coliseum - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  1. TAG MATCH: Davey Boy Smith & Jim Niedhart defeated Disco Inferno & Alex Wright..
    • The British Bulldog injured his back in this match when he fell onto a trap door to be used for Warrior later..

  2. TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho defeated Fake Goldberg (played by Johnny Attitude) by Submission to retain..

  3. MATCH: Ernest "The Cat" Miller defeated Norman Smiley..

  4. MATCH: Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner w/Buff Bagwell ended in a NO CONTEST..
    • Buff Bagwell took a bump on the ring apron and "injured" his neck and the match was stopped..
    • Played it off as being an unplanned spot, with both wrestlers openly showing concern..
    • Trainers and EMTs rushed to ringside to load Buff Bagwell on a stretcher and take him out..
    • Both Scott & Rick Steiner helped load Buff Bagwell into the ambulance and Scott got inside too..
    • Suddenly, Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell jumped out of the ambulance and attacked Rick Steiner!

  5. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Juventud Guerrera defeated Silver King to retain..

  6. RAVENS RULES MATCH: Perry Saturn defeated Raven w/The Flock..
    • Chris Kanyon was handcuffed at ringside by orders of JJ Dillon..
    • The Flock kept interfering until Kidman dropkicked Raven and the Flock chased Kidman backstage!
    • As a result of the victory, Perry Saturn has now freed the Flock from Raven's grasp..

  7. MATCH: Dean Malenko defeated Curt Hennig w/Rick Rude by Disqualification..
    • Rick Rude interfered causing the DQ, but Arn Anderson ran down to make the save..
    • Arn Anderson ended up taking a beating and Hennig & Rude viciously targeted Anderson's arm!

  8. MATCH: Konnan defeated Scott Hall (Drunk) w/Vincent by Submission..

  9. WAR GAMES CAGE MATCH: Diamond Dallas Page was the winner..
    • Diamond Dallas Page (Team WCW) and Bret Hart (Team Hollywood) started the match and wrestled for five minutes..
    • Stevie Ray (Team nWo Hollywood) was the 3rd member into the match, giving nWo Hollywood a huge advantage..
    • Sting (Team nWo Wolfpac) was the 4th participant to enter the War Games Cage match..
    • Roddy Piper (Team WCW) was the 5th participant to enter the War Games Cage match..
    • Lex Luger (Team nWo Wolfpac) was the 6th participant to enter the War Games Cage match..
    • Kevin Nash (Team nWo Wolfpac) was the 7th participant to enter the War Games Cage match..
    • Hulk Hogan (Team nWo Hollywood) was the 8th participant to enter (coming in 90 seconds early)..
    • The Warrior (Team WCW ) "appeared out of thin air" when the ring mysteriously filled with smoke..
    • The ring filled with smoke again, and the Warrior disappeared, but then ran in from backstage!
    • Hollywood Hulk Hogan quickly exited the Cage to avoid a confrontation with the Warrior..
    • The Disciple locked the Cage door and Warrior kicked the side of the Cage off and jumped out!
    • The Warrior brawled with Hulk Hogan while security desperately tried to pull them apart..
    • Inside the ring Diamond Dallas Page pinned Stevie Ray after executing a Diamond Cutter!
    • Diamond Dallas Page earned a shot at Bill Goldberg's World Heavyweight title!

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