Road Wild 1998
August 8, 1998 - Sturgis Rally and Race - Sturgis, South Dakota

  1. MATCH: Meng defeated The Barbarian w/Jimmy Hart..
    • The Barbarian, Hugh Morrus & Jimmy Hart attacked Meng until "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan..

  2. TAG MATCH: The Public Enemy defeated Disco Inferno & Alex Wright w/Tokyo Magnum..
    • This regular tag team match turned into a Street Fight with lots of different weapons..
    • Tokyo Magnum interfered repeatedly but ultimately messed up and accidentally punched Alex Wright..
    • Alex Wright walked off, and then Magnum Tokyo Walked off, leaving Disco Inferno all by himself..
    • Public Enemy put Disco Inferno on three tables stacked with Rocco Rock jumping off the staging!

  3. FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE 3-WAY: Perry Saturn defeated Raven w/Lodi and Chris Kanyon..
    • Late in the match, Horace Hogan interfered, but accidentally whacked Raven with a stop sign!

  4. LUCHA MATCH: Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Psicosis..

  5. MATCH: Stevie Ray defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. w/Pepe..
    • Chavo Guerrero basically ran around the ring and made Stevie Ray chase him the whole match..
    • Stevie Ray finally caught Chavo and quickly destroyed and pinned him.....
    • Stevie Ray threatened to continue the assault but Eddie Guerrero came down and made the save..
    • Eddie Guerrero helped Chavo Guerrero up and offered to bury the hatchet and get Chavo some help..

  6. MATCH: Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner (Match did not occur)..
    • Rick Steiner came out but JJ Dillon told him the match was cancelled due to Scott being injured..
    • Buff Bagwell rolled Scott Steiner out on a stretcher and said Scott was in no condition to wrestle..
    • JJ Dillon said that the match would be rescheduled for next months pay per view no matter what..
    • Rick Steiner ran after Buff Bagwell & Scott Steiner, and they got up and ran away..

  7. MATCH: Steve McMichael defeated Brian Adams w/Vincient..

  8. CW TITLE MATCH: Juventud Guerrera defeated Chris Jericho to win the title!
    • Dean Malenko was the special guest referee for the match..

  9. BATTLE ROYAL: Bill Goldberg won a "Battle Royal"..
    • Participants: The Giant, Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, & Scott Norton (representing nWo Hollywood)..
    • Participants: Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Sting, & Konnan (representing nWo Wolfpac)..
    • Participants: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg..

  10. MAIN EVENT: Diamond Dallas Page & Jay Leno w/Kevin Eubanks defeated Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff w/Disciple & Liz..
    • Jay Leno pinned Eric Bischoff -- was really crappy but it got WCW a lot of main stream media exposure..
    • Hulk Hogan, Bischoff & Disciple attacked DDP, Leno & Eubanks afterwards until Bill Goldberg made the save!

  11. FADE TO BLACK....
  12. FEATURE: Travis Tritt mini-concert after the event..

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