World Wrestling All-Stars
April 7, 2002
(Sydney, Australia - Sydney Entertainment Centre)
Announcers: Jeremy Borash, Stevie Ray & Disco Inferno

  1. Jerry Lynn & Nova b AJ Styles & Chuck E. Chaos;
    • Lynn won with a cradle piledriver on Chuck.

  2. The Funkster (Allan Funk) b "Quebecer" Pierre Oulette;
    • Funkster won with a piledriver followed by the leg drop.

  3. TEO b Puppet;
    • TEO won with a senton splash.

  4. Afterwards, Scott Steiner and Midajah came to the ring.
    • Midajah beat up the midgets and threw them out of the ring.
    • Scott then did his generic "Bad Daddy Booty" speech.
    • He threatened to beat up a fan at ringside.

  5. Buff Bagwell & Ernest "The Cat" Miller b Stevie Ray & Disco Inferno;
    • Buff pinned Disco after hitting him with a double-arm DDT.

  6. Sabu b Devon Storm;
    • Sabu pinned Storm with an Arabian moonsault.

  7. Midajah b Queen Bea;
    • Queen Bea is a local stripper.
    • Midajah won and stripped the dress off Bea, leaving her in bra and panties.
    • Puppet and TEO then hit the ring and stripped Midajah to her bra and panties.
    • This brought out Steiner who suplexed Puppet into orbit, then beat up TEO and pressed him over his head and threw him onto Nathan Jones, who'd come to ringside.

  8. WWA 4-WAY TITLE MATCH: Nathan Jones b Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner & Grandmaster Sexay.
    • Nathan Jones is an Australian Wrestler.
    • Ending came when Sexay and Steiner brawled at ringside.
    • Jarrett went to hit Jones over the head with his guitar but Sexay jumped onto the ring apron and grabbed the guitar away from him.
    • Jarrett spun round and got chokeslammed.
    • Crowd popped huge for the title change.
    • Sexay and Jones did the whole Too Cool dance routine with three people from the crowd which went down huge with the fans.
    • Disco ran out to cause trouble, but got beaten up...again.

  9. No-shows:
    • Kronik, Konnan, Road Dog and Sid Vicious.
    • Of course, Rey Jr and Eddie Guerrero weren't there either.

  10. And that's a wrap..

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