World Wrestling All-Stars PPV
April 14, 2002 - Melbourne Australia
Announcers: Jeremy Borash & Disco Inferno

  1. KICKOFF: Jeff Jarrett +
    • Jeff Jarrett arrives in a limo.
    • WWA Owners McManus, Borash and some other guy informed Jarrett that Commissioner Sid barred him from the building.
    • Jarrett responded by punching the other guy, and said he'd be back.
    • Borash and Disco opened up commentary and some really bad pyro went off.

  2. OUSIDE: Commissioner Sid.
    • Another limo pulled up and Sid enters the building.

  3. MATCH: AJ Styles vs. Nova.
    • AJ used some really stiff kicks early on.
    • Nova missed the Senton Bomb, and AJ hit the Styles clash.
    • AJ Styles wins the match..

  4. IN THE RING: Commissioner Sid.
    • Sid came out, with a walking stick.
    • They talked about his injury, putting it over.
    • He said he waited a long time for that crowd reaction.
    • Sid puts over McManus for giving him a chance.
    • Sid talks about the main event: Nathan Jones vs Scott Steiner.

  5. MATCH: Chucky vs. Jerry Lynn.
    • Chucky hit a really nice spinning moonsault onto Lynn onto the outside.
    • Jerry Lynn wins the match..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Puppet.
    • Puppet threatened to beat up one of the interviewers who looks really terrified.
    • Puppet got the most heat thus far by calling the crowd a bunch of dirty Aussies.

  7. HARDCORE MIDGETS MATCH: Puppet vs. Tio.
    • Puppet slammed Tio between two chairs which the announcers sold as if he was dead.
    • Tio hit a TKO but screwed up, so the crowd started with "You F'ed Up" chants.
    • Tio was then whipped into the trashcans.
    • Puppet then hit a midget bomb off the top rope.
    • Tio came back with a swinging neckbreaker.
    • Tio then hit a senton bomb for a 2 count.
    • Tio then hit Puppet with a chair while a trashcan was over his head.
    • They got out a ladder and used it to get back into the ring.
    • Tio set up the 6 ft ladder, and hit a splash onto Puppet for the win.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Tio & Midejah.
    • Tio flirts with Midajah.

  9. TAG MATCH: Stevie Ray and Buff Bagwell vs. The Cat and Brian Christopher.
    • Late in the match, Stevie accidentally hit Bagwell with a scissors kick.
    • Cat and Christopher hit a double team Rock Bottom on Bagwell.
    • Christopher hit a top rope legdrop to win the match.
    • After the match, Christopher, Cat, the Starettes and some kids from the crowd danced together.
    • Disco got in the ring and tried to join the dancing..
    • The others kicked him out of the ring..

  10. MATCH: Quebecer Pierre vs The Funkster.
    • Quebecer Pierre did the Lance Storm gimmick and asked for respect in the Canadian national anthem.
    • Funkster cut it off, big surprise.
    • Funkster did the poses before the match.
    • Funkster hit a nice flying sunset flip for a 2 count.
    • Pierre hit a running powerbomb, and then hit the swanton bomb
    • The Funkster kicked out. He Funked up!
    • Funk hit a piledriver and a legdrop for the win.

  11. IN THE RING: Scott Steiner & Nathan Jones.
    • Scott insulted the crowd to gather heat.
    • Nathan Jones came out and said he'd kick Steiner's ass.
    • Jones headed towards the ring.
    • Sid came out and told Jones to go backstage.
    • Steiner talked about how he broke Sid's leg.
    • Sid announced that he'd be the special enforcer.

  12. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn.
    • Lynn applied a nice surfboard submission.
    • Styles unleashed some really stiff looking kicks.
    • Lynn came back with a northern lights release suplex into the corner.
    • Lynn was busted open.
    • Styles hit a running springboard plancha onto the outside.
    • They had a long series of rolling pins, which ended in a German suplex by Lynn.
    • Lynn hit a sitting powerbomb for another near fall.
    • Lynn hit a cradle piledriver, but Styles kicked out.
    • Styles reversed a powerbomb to hit his own Styles Clash, but Lynn kicked out.
    • Styles then went to the top rope and hit a huge senton twisting senton bomb.
    • Styles covers Lynn for the 1-2-3 to win the cruiserweight title.
    • Styles and Lynn high fived each other after the match.

  13. CAGE MATCH: Devon Storm vs. Sabu.
    • Storm powerbombed Sabu onto the cage several times.
    • Storm then hit a top rope splash.
    • Sabu regained control and rammed Storm into the cage several times.
    • Sabu got some object and started stabbing Storm in the head, as both guys were busted open.
    • They got a chair in the ring and both used it to their advantage.
    • Storm hit a DVD on the chair, but Sabu kicked out.
    • Ok so Storm got OUT of the cage, and got a steel guardrail.
    • Sabu then dropkicked Storm through the cage.
    • Both of them then get out 3 tables.
    • Storm then rammed the guardrail into Sabu several times.
    • Storm then placed Sabu on two of the stacked tables.
    • Storm climbed to the top of the cage.
    • He hit a splash from the top of the cage onto Sabu through a couple of tables!
    • Chants of "Holy Sh*t" filled the arena.
    • Sabu brought a table into the ring, as they both went back inside the cage.
    • Sabu then threw a fireball at Storm's face out of nowhere.
    • Sabu then put Storm on the table, and hit a moonsault onto the table, but it didn't break.
    • So Sabu went up and hit a legdrop from the top of the cage and got the pin.

  14. EVENING GOWN MATCH: Midejah vs. Queen Bea.
    • Midajah removed Queen Bee's clothes to win the match.
    • The midgets came down to the ring and speared Midajah and removed her clothes.

  15. WWA TITLE MATCH: Nathan Jones vs. Scott Steiner (w/Sid as special enforcer).
    • Steiner dominated the first half of the match while Sid cheers Jones from outside the ring.
    • Jones went up to the top rope, and slipped, and landed totally on his face.
    • Jones went for a chokeslam, but Midajah climbed into the ring and got on Jones' back.
    • Jones threw her down.
    • While the ref wasn't looking, Steiner hit Jones with the belt, but Jones kicked out.
    • Steiner then went after Sid, but decided against it.
    • Jones hit the chokeslam, but Midajah attacked the referee.
    • Sid got in the ring and went to powerbomb Midajah, but the referees broke it up.
    • Steiner hit Jones with the belt again.
    • Steiner applied the Steiner Recliner.
    • The refereee lifted his arms and they dropped 3 times, so Steiner wins the title!!
    • After the match, Sid gets in the ring, walking stick and all, and gets the mic.
    • Sid then raised Steiner's hand because he said he's the best.
    • Steiner said that he'd break his leg again when they meet next.
    • Tiny pyro went off with Steiner posing on the ramp.
    • Then, for no reason at all, Steiner came back out to the ring.
    • Sid got on the mic again and teased a match with Steiner over the WWA Title..

  16. And that's a wrap..

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