World Wrestling All-Stars PAY PER VIEW
May 25, 2003 - Auckland, New Zealand
Announcers: Jeremy Borash and Disco Inferno
Will Air in the U.S. on June 8

  1. OPENING MATCH: Rick Steiner defeated Mark Mercedes (an Australia-based wrestler)..

  2. HARDCORE MIDGETS 3-WAY: Teo defeated Puppet and Meatball..

  3. FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE HARDCORE MATCH: Devon Storm defeated Konnan..

  4. WWA CW & TNA X TITLE UNIFICATION: Chris Sabin (X) beat Jerry Lynn (WWA), Frankie Kazarian & Johnny Swinger to unify!

  5. IN THE RING: Shane Douglas (arm in a cast) + Joe E. Legend..
    • Shane Douglas says that "piece of shit Vince McMahon" ruined wrestling..
    • Shane Douglas says he took an Eastern indy promotion and made it a phenomenon called "Extreme"..
    • Shane Douglas says that Sabu single handedly killed the company that he built (ECW)..
    • Shane Douglas says he hit nerves with Shawn Michaels, Ted Turner, Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman and others..
    • Shane Douglas says he suffered a near career ending injury a few days earlier in Australia against Sabu..
    • Shane Douglas promises that Sabu will get his ass franchised TONIGHT!
    • Joe E. Legend comes out and says he cannot allow this to happen..
    • Joe E. Legend lists Shane Douglas' credentials as the crowd does the Steve Austin "What?" schtick..
    • Joe E. Legend offers to replace Shane Douglas take care of Sabu himself -- then they will be known as the "Double Threat"..
    • Joe E. Legend promises Shane Douglas that he'll break Sabu's neck in his honor..
    • Joe E. Legend shouts "Heros come and go but Legend's life FOREVER!"

  6. MATCH: Sabu defeated Joe E. Legend..
    • Shane Douglas (who had joined Jeremy Borash & Disco Inferno on Commentary) attacked Sabu after the match..

  7. IN THE RING: Andrew McManus + Bret Hart..
    • WWA Promoter Andrew McManus comes to the ring and introduces the Best there is, was, and ever will be -- Bret Hart!
    • Bret Hart thanks the crowd and says it took him a long time to make it to New Zealand..
    • Bret Hart talks about suffering a stroke, and this being the first time he has been in front of a camera..
    • Bret Hart says he talked to WWE Canada's Carl DeMarco, who said that Bret's stock in wrestling was at an all-time low..
    • Bret Hart says he doesn't have stock in wrestling because he is happily retired..
    • Bret Hart talks about a few days earlier being the 4th anniversary of Owen's death, and said he'd be proud of Bret..
    • Bret Hart talks about losing some of his friends recently, like Davey Boy Smith & Curt Hennig, as well as Elizabeth..
    • Bret Hart says that he considers himself a survivor, stating that life is short and death is long..
    • Bret Hart says when he was in the hospital he got emails from New Zealand, Iraq, Phillapeans and everywhere..
    • Bret Hart says that the Hitman character wasn't created in a marketing room or by the writers..
    • Bret Hart says he "doesn't give a shit" about much but he's just very happy to be there..

  8. INTERVIEW: Scott D'Amore & Jeff Jarrett (says he will unify the NWA & WWA title tonight)..

  9. WWA & NWA WORLD TITLE UNIFICATION: Jeff Jarrett defeated Sting to unify!
    • Jeff Jarrett tried to use his guitar as a weapon, but Sting blocked it with his bat and smashed it into pieces!
    • The referee was knocked out and Sting hit a Deathdrop on Jeff Jarrett but there was no referee to count..
    • Joe E. Legend came out with a second guitar and tried to hit Sting, but Rick Steiner came out and stopped him!
    • Sting locked the Scorpion Deathlock on Jeff Jarrett, but Rick Steiner turned and smashed the guitar over Sting's head!
    • Jeff Jarrett covered Sting and scored the 1-2-3 to officially unify the WWA & NWA World championships....

  10. And so ends another night of World Wrestling All-Stars action as well as WWA as a promotion..

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