June 7, 2006
Dayton, Ohio

    • Shelton Benjamin defeated Carlito Cool to retain the Intercontinental title..
    • Matt Hardy defeated ??????..
    • Jimmy Yang defeated Tatanka..

  2. BACKSTAGE: Mick Foley gave Team WWE (members of both RAW and SmackDown!) a pep talk..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman pumped up his ECW wrestlers saying they were superior to WWE!..

  4. RINGSIDE: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler (for WWE) and Joey Styles & Tazz (for ECW) are announcers..

  5. NON (WORLD) TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam defeated Rey Mysterio..
    • The opposing announce teams spent most of the match bickering with eachother furthering the Tazz vs King feud..
    • Rob Van Dam ended up ion the front row and Rey Mysterio did a spingboard off the top rope onto RVD in the crowd!
    • Rob Van am nailed a five-star-frog-splash on Rey Mysterio and scored the pinfall to win the match!
    • After the match, Rob Van Dam helped Rey Mysterio up and raised his arm as a show of respect..

  6. IN THE RING: Kurt Angle + Randy Orton..
    • Kurt Angle said he wasn't upset when Randy Orton came out and RKO'd him in front of his hometown...
    • Kurt Angle talked about when he broke Randy Orton's ankle and said he loved hearing Orton squeel..
    • Kurt Angle said this Sunday at One Night Stand, Randy Orton will face "ECW" Kurt Angle for the first time..
    • Randy Orton came out to the stage and said he was not afraid of ECW Kurt Angle but feels sorry for Kurt..
    • Randy Orton said Kurt Angle went from headlining a WrestleMania and then going to ECW..
    • Randy Orton said Kurt Angle will be facing "Monday Night RAW" Randy Orton at One Night Stand..
    • Kurt Angle said that this is a NEW ECW, a new breed unleashed, only worrying about kicking ass!
    • Kurt Angle said he's going to rebreak Randy Orton's ankle, and also break his arms, legs and neck!
    • Randy Orton said that it was no coincidence that Angle was drafted to ECW when Orton returned to RAW..

  7. NON (WOMENS) TITLE MATCH: Mickie James defeated ECW's Jazz..

  8. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & WWE Champion John Cena (booo!)..
    • Footage was shown of John Cena being attacked by Sabu this past week on RAW during the contract signing..
    • John Cena said the title he has was held by Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, and Stone Cold Steve Austin..
    • John Cena said if RVD captures the ECW title then he will be in the single biggest riot in history..
    • John Cena said that ECW made a statement on Monday and tonight he will be the one making a statement!

  9. IN THE RING: Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman announced that on June 13th ECW will return to Network TV when it is shown on the Sci-Fi network..
    • Paul Heyman ran down some of the matches for ECW One Night Stand then showed a recap of last year's event..

  10. INTERPROMOTIONAL BATTLE ROYAL: The Big Show defected to ECW and won the Battle Royal!!
    • WWE: The Big Show, Mick Foley, Edge, Mark Henry, Carlito Cool..
    • WWE: Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Fit Finlay, Bobby Lashley, Tatanka..
    • ECW: Kurt Angle, Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, The Sandman, Balls Mahoney..
    • ECW: Justin Credible, Stevie Richards, Tony Mamaluke, Little Guido, Al Snow..
    • Edge stayed outside on the floor pulling guys out of the ring helping to eliminate them..
    • It came down to Kurt Angle against a group of WWE guys, Edge ran in and Angle quickly dumped him!
    • Randy Orton showed up and dumped Kurt Angle over the top rope to give Team WWE the victory!
    • Suddenly, The Big Show ripped off his shirt revealing an ECW-shirt and dumped Edge out!
    • Lilian Garcia announced ECW as the winner as Kurt Angle & The Big Show celebrated!!

  11. EXTREME RULES MATCH: Edge (w/Mick Foley & Lita) defeated Tommy Dreamer w/Terry Funk..
    • Edge came out and played a video package featuring Mick Foley's anti-Hardcore promos from 11 years ago..
    • Joey Styles was complaining about the Leprecaun on SD!, and The King had no idea what he was talking about..
    • Terry Funk and Mick Foley started brawling outside on the floor with Funk's body wrapped in barbed wire!
    • Tommy Dreamer tried to backdrop Edge off the second rope through a table but Edge missed landing on his head!
    • Tommy Dreamer slammed Edge through the table and went for the pin but Lita whacked Dreamer with the cane!
    • Tommy Dreamer tried to power-bomb Lita, but Edge got up and speared Dreamed to gain the victory!

  12. WWE BULLSHIT: They just HAD to shove the movie "See No Evil" down our throats just one more time..

  13. IN THE RING: Mick Foley (bleeding from his temple)..
    • Mick Foley said "Where do you get the nerve saying that I got soft, and that I am a prostitute"..
    • Mick Foley said that he lived ECW but she wanted too much of his life so he left to find fame & fotune in WWE..
    • Mick Foley said the one big difference between he and Tommy Dreamer is "I'm a whore, he he's not"..
    • Mick Foley talked about pulling a sock out of his pants and doors of opportunity started opening up..
    • Mick Foley said maybe his match with Edge at WrestleMania 22 wasn't the greatest Hardocre match in history..
    • Mick Foley talked about blowing up Terry Funk in Japan, and setting him on fire in Philadelphia for ECW..
    • Mick Foley said Terry Funk put his arm around him after each of those matches but he doesn't do it now..
    • Mick Foley said he wants ECW out of his life and warned of the horrors he will unleash on Dreamer & Funk..

  14. RINGSIDE: Jerry Lawler and Tazz got into a shouting match and then started an intense brawl..

  15. NON (WWE) TITLE MATCH: John Cena defeated Sabu by Disqualification..
    • John Cena hit an F-U, then applied the STF-U -- The Big Show broke that up causing the Disqualification!
    • All the wrestlers from WWE and ECW ran out to the ring to end the show with a massive arena-wide brawl.....

  16. And that's a wrap..

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