Team Angle defeats Los Guerreros;
Sean O'Haire defeats Rikishi;
Jazz defeats Trish Stratus;
Big Show defeats Rey Mysterio;
Brock Lesnar defeats John Cena;
HHH/Y2J/Flair beat Booker/HBK/Nash;
Bill Goldberg vs The Rock;

    • The doctor tells Bischoff the Trish shouldn't work tonight, but Bischoff forces her to wrestle..
    • DVon suggests he and Bubba should jump to Smackdown!, then Chief Morely says he'll referee their title match tonight..
    • Team Angle dedicates their match to Kurt Angle, and brings a big photo of Kurt into the arena with them..
    • The Rock gives his usual interview, including the predictable teasing of Lilian Garcia who got a boner I think..
    • MATCH: Scott "Didnt I Main Event Royal Rumble?" Steiner defeats Rico..


  3. WWE TAG TITLE MATCH: Team Angle vs Los Guerreros..
    • Team Angle won when Chavo went for a suplex on Charlie Haas, but Shelton Benjamin scooped his leg from outside..
    • After the match, Los Guerreros stole the belts and left in a Low Rider..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Test & Torrie Wilson + Sable..
    • Test forces himself on Torrie Wilson and kisses her despite her saying "No" many times..
    • Sable was watching the whole thing in the background..

  5. MATCH: Rikishi vs Sean O'Haire w/Roddy Piper..
    • Roddy Piper came out a basket full of coconuts..
    • Late in the match, Rikishi & Sean O'Haire superkicked eachother at the same time!
    • Roddy Piper kept entering the ring with a coconut, but Rikishi grabbed it and cracked one over Piper's head!!
    • Sean O'Haire won with a fireman's carry into a slam after the distraction..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Sable & Stacy Keibler..
    • Sable told Stacy Keibler that Torrie Wilson was hitting on Test..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Rob Van Dam & Kane..
    • Rob Van Dam said that the situation they're in is not cool..
    • Rob Van Dam says that he likes being one half of the World Tag Team champions..
    • Rob Van Dam says he think no matter how bad they kick Dudley ass, Chief Morely will not let them win..
    • Kane says if they're gonna go down, then they'll take the Dudleyz AND Chief Morely down with them!

  8. WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: RVD/Kane defeats The Dudley Boyz..
    • Chief Morely acted as referee for this match..
    • Chief Morely eventually started interfering, but accidentally clotheslined Bubba Dudley!
    • The Dudleyz turned on Chief Morely, giving him the 3D halfway through the match..
    • The Dudleyz also laid out Lance Storm..
    • Kane nailed a chokeslam, and RVD hit a frog-slash as a 2nd referee ran in to count the 1-2-3!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson..
    • Stacy confronts Torrie Wilson about what Sable had told her..
    • Stacy attacked Torrie Wilson until some other women, including Ivory wearing a towel, pull her off..
    • Editor's Note: Why was Ivory in a towel if she wasn't booked on the show???

  10. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Jazz w/Teddy Long..
    • Jazz won the title holding the ropes while sitting on Stratus for the pin..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash..
    • apparently, they're "ready"..

  12. MATCH: Big Show vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Rey Mysterio teases Big Show with a game of cat & mouse to start the match..
    • Rey Mysterio used a chair from under the ring as an equalizer..
    • Rey Mysterio hit a 619 to the gut, then a 619 to the butt!!
    • Big Show countered the west coast pop into a brutal choke slam for the win!
    • Rey Mysterio had to be stretchered out..
    • Big Show came back and swung the stretcher like a baseball bat into the ringpost!

  13. INTERVIEW: Lilian Garcia & Triple H & Ric Flair & Chris Jericho..
    • Triple H cuts a promo on Kevin Nash..
    • Chris Jericho cuts a promo on Shawn Michaels..
    • Ric Flair, by process of elimination, cuts a promo on Booker T..

  14. BACKSTAGE: Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler + Scott Steiner + Test..
    • Torrie & Stacy are brawling (errr catfight) backstage, ending with Stacy getting KO'd..
    • Scott Steiner comes by and helps Stacy to her feet and carry's her away..
    • Test shows up and asks Steiner "What the heck is going on here?" showing his jealous side..

  15. WWE TITLE MATCH: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena..
    • John Cena busted Brock Lesnar open with a shot to the head with the championship belt..
    • John Cena tried to wrap the chain around his fist, but the referee stopped him from using it!
    • Brock Lesnar caught John Cena off guard and won with the F-5 to retain the WWE title..

  16. SIX MAN TAG: Triple H/Chris Jericho/Ric Flair vs Booker T/Shawn Michaels/Kevin Nash..
    • Triple H uses a sledgehammer on Kevin Nash and pins him to get the victory for his team!

  17. INTERVIEW: Terri & The Rock..
    • The could have just showed a promo from last year and I wouldn't have noticed..

  18. MAIN EVENT: The Rock vs Bill Goldberg..
    • The Rock spent most of the match selling for the WWE newcomer..
    • Bill Goldberg pins the Rock after a spear and a jackhammer --- yawn --- I'm going to bed..

  19. Fade to black....
    • After the cameras went off the air, The Rock gave a farewell speech and said he'd be back some day..

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