~Insurrection 2002~
May 4, 2002 - London Wembley Arena

  1. IC TITLE: Rob Van Dam beat Eddie Guerrero by DQ.
    • Eddie nailed the ref with the belt causing the DQ.
    • Afterwards RVD hit his frog splash and posed for the crowd.

  2. INTERVIEW: Terri & Jazz & Molly Holly.
    • Molly said that Terri was disgusting
    • She said that she and Jazz would never pose for a Diva's special.
    • Terri told Molly that she must be jealous as she took her top off and exposed her bra.

  3. DIVAS TAG: Trish & Jackie defeated Molly & Jazz.

  4. MATCH: X-pac pinned Bradshaw.
    • Bradshaw was cut open..
    • Scott Hall interfered allowing X-pac to hit the X-factor and get the win.

  5. HARDCORE TITLE: Steven Richards vs Booker T.
    • Booker T pinned Richards after the bookend..
    • Crash ran in and pinned Booker to win the belt.
    • Booker came back and pinned Crash to regain the title.
    • Dreamer & Credible then ran in to attack Booker but Booker fought them off.
    • Jazz ran in and attacked Booker allowing Richards regain the title.

  6. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Shawn Stasiak.
    • Heyman told Stasiak not to tag in during the next match.
    • Heyman said to leave it all to Brock Lesnar.

  7. TAG MATCH: Hardy Boys beat Shawn Stasiak & Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman.
    • Stasiak ran in to start the match against the orders of Heyman.
    • Soon after Brock tagged himself in.
    • Brock hit all his power moves on Matt Hardy.
    • Stasiak tagged himself in.
    • Jeff hit a senton bomb on Stasiak to get the win.
    • Afterwards Lesnar beat down The Hardys and then Sean Stasiak.

  8. EUROPEAN TITLE: Spike Dudley pinned William Regal to retain the European title.
    • Before the match Regal cut an anti England promo to try and get some heat.
    • The crowd popped for him anyway and chants of "Regal" broke out.
    • Spike appeared to twist his ankle and the ref stopped the match.
    • A "trainer" came down to check on Spike.
    • This seemed legit until Regal attacked Spike.
    • Regal brought him back in the ring.
    • Seconds later Spike rolled Regal up for the win.

  9. MATCH: Steve Austin defeated The Big Show.
    • Ric Flair came down and wearing a ref shirt and declared himself the outside ref.
    • Hall and X-pac came down but Flair chased them away.
    • Ref Nick Patrick was bumped and Nash ran in but got a stunner.
    • Austin then gave Show two stunners to get the victory.
    • Afterwards Flair tried to toast Austin with some beer but Austin gave him a stunner!

  10. MATCH: HHH pinned The Undertaker.
    • JR explained why HHH was on the RAW show..
    • Seems HHH requested it to "get away from his father in-law".
    • Midway the top turnbuckle came loose when HHH threw Taker into the ropes.
    • Taker got HHH in a resthold as Hebner explained the new finish..
    • HHH countered a chokeslam and delivered the pedigree.

  11. And that's a wrap folks...

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