May 20, 2001 - Sacramento, CA

  • OPENER: William Regal defeats Rikishi

  • BACKSTAGE: Edge and Christian were talking over their plans for the tag team turmoil match later on. Kurt Angle came in and asked the pair some advice on a ladder match because they have wrestled in ladder matches before. Edge said that falling off sucks, and Christian said that if you were to fall off, to fall off with your medals.

  • BACKSTAGE: HHH and Stephanie arrived. Vince McMahon greeted them, and asked them why he and Stone Cold decided to involve the Undertaker's wife, Sara, in last week's TV. HHH came back and said McMahon could talk because he put his wife in a sanitarium. HHH said they knew what they were doing.

    • REGULAR MATCH: Chris Benoit def Kurt Angle.
    • SUBMISSIONS MATCH: Kurt Angle def Chris Benoit.
    • LADDER MATCH: Kurt Angle def Chris Benoit.

  • BACKSTAGE: the Undertaker stormed into Commissioner Regal's office and demanded that the WWF Championship Match would be a No Holds Barred match. Regal said bno, but once the Undertaker warned bodily harm to Regal, Regal agreed.

  • WWF NEW YORK: Jerry Lynn was shown at WWF New York. Lynn said that the WWF Light-Heavyweight Title should have been defended at the PPV, but the WWF decided not to. He said that if he were there, he would have given a new meaning to the phrase, Judgment Day.

  • HARDCORE TITLE: Rhyno def Test & Big Show to retain..

  • BACKSTAGE: Commissioner Regal was informed that Stone Cold Steve Austin was in the building.

  • BACKSTAGE: Eddie Guerrero said he could give pointers to Lita about Chyna, but she said she wanted to do it alone.

  • BACKSTAGE: Commissioner Regal told Stone Cold Steve Austin that the main event was a No Holds Barred match. Austin said fine, and Regal was surprised that he agreed with the stipulation.

  • WOMENS TITLE: Chyna def Lita to retain..

  • BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle said that tomorrow night on RAW, he would have a official ceremony to celebrate the returning of his medals.

  • IC TITLE: Kane defeats Triple H w/Stephanie to win the title!

  • BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho said he and his partner would take out Edge and Christian tonight.

  • BACKSTAGE: HHH was angry at what Austin did.

    • The Acolytes beat The Radicalz..
    • The Acolytes beat The Dudley Boyz..
    • The Acolytes beat The Hollys..
    • XFactor beat The Acolytes..
    • XFactor beat The Hardyz..
    • Benoit & Jericho beat XFactor..
    • Benoit & Jericho beat Edge & Christian by tap out..

  • FEDERATION TITLE NO HOLDS BARRED: Steve Austin def Undertaker to retain..
    • HHH came in the ring with a sledgehammer, and the Undertaker nailed him and Austin with a chair several more times. McMahon broke up a pin attempt, and got an accidental chairshot from austin for his troubles. The Undertaker went for a Last Ride, but HHH nailed him with the sledgehammer. Kane came down to make the save, but was held back by HHH as the pin was made.

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