October 21, 2001 - Savvis Center - St. Louis, MO
Announcers: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman
No Mercy 2001 Image Gallery
    • APA defeated Kanyon & Hugh Morrus.
    • WCW Cruiserweight Title: Billy Kidman defeated Scotty Too Hotty.
    • WWF Commissioner Mick Foley made the Triple Threat match a NoDQ.


  3. WCW TT TITLE MATCH: Hardy Boyz w/Lita vs Hurricane/Storm w/Molly&Ivory.
    • Hurricane showed off some of his Hurri-powers as the match began, but the Hardys battled right back with their high-flying, double-teaming tactics.
    • But Hurricane & Storm roared right back with some double-team tactics of their own.
    • Soon Hurricane put on his cape and leapt from the top rope all the way to the outside, taking out his opposition!
    • The challengers isolated Jeff Hardy, but Jeff soon battled back, nailing Lance with a breath-taking corkscrew moonsault.
    • Moments later, he tagged Matt, who cleaned house.
    • Soon it was an all-out brawl in the ring, with several near falls.
    • Matt went for the Twist of Fate, and the challengers hit a double thrust kick, but Jeff saved his brother from the pin at the last second.
    • Lita got involved soon after, getting into it with Ivory and Mighty Molly.
    • Jeff then hit Ivory, and Lance Storm snuck up on Jeff to get the half Crab.
    • But Lita hit Lance with a hurricanrana.
    • Matt then hit a Twist of Fate on Hurricane, and Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb for the win!
    • WINNERS: The Hardy Boyz (via pinfall to retain wcw tag team titles).

  4. BACKSTAGE: Rob Van Dam & William Regal.
    • Rob Van Dam arrived at the arena, and ran into Commissioner William Regal.
    • He suggested that RVD apologize to Stone Cold, and RVD said no.
    • Regal then said that RVD better have nothing to do with Vince McMahon, and RVD said he was just looking out for No. 1.
    • Regal told him not to do anything he would regret later.

  5. PARKING LOT: Vince McMahon & Michael Cole.
    • A limo pulled into the arena, and out marched Mr. McMahon.
    • Michael Cole caught up with him and asked why he was there, and after Cole helped him put his jacket on, Vince said that all of Cole's questions would be answered before the night was through, one way or another.
    • He said he was at No Mercy to make an impact.

  6. MATCH: Test vs Kane.
    • Test went for his flying elbow, but Kane moved just in time and came back with a neckbreaker.
    • Kane then drove Test down with a suplex, but Test just got the shoulder up at the last minute.
    • A Kane clothesline sent Test over the top rope, but Test recovered to ram Kane into the ring post and hit him with a big boot to the face!
    • Once back in the ring, Kane narrowly escaped defeat.
    • Test measured for another boot to the face, but Kane caught him in a chokeslam!
    • The two then traded blows until Kane caught Test in a powerslam.
    • Kane then ascended the top rope but missed a flying clothesline!
    • Amazingly, Test caught the 300-plus pound Kane in a pump-handle slam, but Test again narrowly avoided defeat!
    • Test then went to the outside to grab a chair, but Kane hit a dropkick against the chair and into Test's face!
    • When Kane went to use the chair, referee Nick Patrick grabbed the chair and took it away!
    • Patrick's interference opened the door for Test to finish the Big Red Machine with a big boot to pick up the win!
    • After the match, an angry Kane chokeslammed Patrick not once, but twice, and then sent Patrick to hell with a powerbomb!
    • WINNER: Test (via pinfall).

  7. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & Stone Cold/Debra.
    • The Coach knocked on Stone Cold's door, and Debra answered.
    • He said he was hoping to get a word with Austin, and Debra asked her husband if she wanted to talk to Coach.
    • Austin said to tell Coach no, and that Kurt Angle is a sorry sumbitch, and the RVD is a piece of trash, and Vince McMahon is a bigger piece of trash, and there was no way he was losing his title tonight!
    • He then told Coach to get his butt out of there!

  8. BACKSTAGE: Stacy Keibler.
    • Stacy Keibler was walking backstage, when she ran into Matt Hardy , and asked him what she thought of her lingerie.
    • She showed what she was wearing, and he said it looked real great!
    • Lita then walked up to him and asked what he was looking at, and he stuttered that she had done a great job tonight!
    • He then kissed his girlfriend and hugger her!

  9. FIRST EVER LINGERIE MATCH: Torrie Wilson vs Stacy Keibler.
    • The two sultry divas strutted down to the ring, ready to show off their stuff.
    • Torrie unveiled her lingerie first, a mouth-watering red number.
    • Stacy was slower to disrobe, instead stunning the crowd with some spins and kicks.
    • Stacy then took off her robe to reveal a stunning black number, before slapping Torrie across the face.
    • She then took out a whip, and whipped both Torrie and the referee!
    • From there, the catfight was on, and the two women even rolled right over the ref!
    • The women traded several near falls -- DID WE MENTION THEY DID IT IN LINGERIE? -- and then Torrie hit Tajiri's handspring elbow to score the pin, spanking Stacy after the bout!
    • WINNER: Torrie Wilson.

  10. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Kurt Angle (enter Vince McMahon).
    • Michael Cole asked Kurt Angle what he thought about Mr. McMahon seemingly supporting RVD.
    • Angle said that he was focused on the Federation Championship, and then Mr. McMahon walked in to say hi to Kurt.
    • Vince wished Kurt the best of luck tonight.
    • Angle said he didn't need luck, because he would again win the title -- oh hell yeah, it's Van Dam true!

  11. INTERVIEW: Lilian Garcia & Christian.
    • Christian said that when he and Edge were a tag team, and people would talk about what a big star Edge would be, they failed to realize that no matter how good Edge was, he was a little better.
    • He said that tonight, he would prove to the world that he was better than his brother.

  12. IC TITLE LADDER MATCH: Christian vs Edge.
    • With the title hanging above the ring, the fight started on the rampway.
    • It didn't take long for the ladder to become a factor, and the two brothers even battled into the crowd.
    • Edge took the early advantage, catapulting his brother into the ladder, but Christian battled back, dropping his brother onto it.
    • With the ladder propped up between the ring and the barricade, the brothers battled it out on top, and Christian fell crotch-first onto one of the rungs!
    • Edge tried to bring the battle into the ring, but a Christian dropkick knocked the ladder right into Edge's face!
    • That allowed the IC Champion to set up the ladder and try and get his belt.
    • But Edge knocked him from the ladder, and Christian clotheslined Edge in the process.
    • Christian then trapped Edge in the corner with the ladder, as the "Christian sucks!" chants began.
    • Christian got a steel chair and went to nail his brother, but Edge caught his brother and tossed him from the top rope onto the ladder, spine-first!
    • Edge set the ladder up against the ropes and put his brother on his shoulders.
    • He then tossed him off, and Christian landed on the ladder in a precarious position!
    • Edge set up the ladder between the top two turnbuckles, but Christian reversed a whip, sending his brother into the ladder!
    • Moments later, Christian slingshotted his brother right into the ladder!
    • Christian brought another ladder into the ring and set it up, as Edge started to come to. Edge then set up the other ladder and slammed Christian from the top of both ladders, with both men putting their bodies on the line!
    • Edge was the first to come to, and he ascended one of the ladders as the fans cheered for him.
    • Christian attacked his brother from behind, and hit the I'm Prettier from the top of the ladder!
    • Christian went to the outside and got a pair of steel chairs.
    • He set his brother up for the one-man con-chair-to, but Edge knocked the chair back into Christian's face.
    • Edge then went outside the ring and brought in a third ladder, propping it up on the two chairs.
    • He set Christian up on the ladder, and then went to the top rope and splashed his brother with a thunderous crash!
    • Edge started to climb for the title, but Christian used a ladder to the ribs to knock Edge from the ladder.
    • Christian then propped up the third ladder behind the other two.
    • Christian started climbing a ladder, and Edge went up to the top rope and speared Christian right off the ladder!
    • The brothers then began to climb the same ladder at the same time, and as they duked it out, their ladder fell to the outside of the ring, knocking both brothers to the floor!
    • E&C were very slow in getting to their feet, and Christian got back into the ring first.
    • He started to climb, but fell a few times, and he was clearly very sore.
    • Soon Edge was back in the ring, and he hit Christian with a chair below the belt.
    • Edge then maneuvered the chairs and gave Christian a con-chair-to on the top of the ladders!
    • Christian's prone body rolled off the ladders, as Edge grabbed the title and became the new Intercontinental Champion!
    • WINNER: Edge (via pinfall and NEW Intercontinental Champion!)

  13. WWF NEW YORK: Spike Dudley.
    • Spike Dudley downed his troubles in a few drinks.
    • Spike said he felt like a hundred bucks, and couldn't wait to see Big Show & Tajiri beat the hell out of the Dudley Boyz.
    • As Spike talked, a beautiful woman approached him, and Spike said, "Molly who?"

  14. WWF TT TITLE MATCH: Dudleyz vs The Big Show/Tajiri.
    • The Dudleys tried to isolate the Show, but the big man used his power advantage to gain control.
    • Tajiri used his kicks in an attempt to score the Tag Titles, but Bubba soon nailed Tajiri with a Bubba Bomb.
    • The Dudleys tried double-teaming Tajiri to soften up the smaller member of their challengers.
    • Finally, Tajiri got the tag to Big Show, who dominated the Dudleys.
    • The Show did his best Razor Ramon impression, and then signalled for the chokeslam, but the Dudleys knocked him out of the ring.
    • Tajiri knocked the Dudleys down with kicks, and soon locked D-Von in the Tarantula.
    • Moments later, he knocked the Dudleys down with a double handspring elbow!
    • Tajiri went to hit Bubba with the mist, but instead hit the ref.
    • Big Show then chokeslammed Bubba, but the ref was still out of it.
    • Rhyno then ran to the ring and gored the Big Show to the outside.
    • Tajiri then scored an enziguiri and a big kick to the face on D-Von, who barely kicked out of the pinfall.
    • Moments later, the Dudleys hit the 3-D, and pinned Tajiri for the successful title defense.
    • WINNERS: The Dudley Boyz (via pinfall to retain their WWF Tag Team Titles)

  15. BACKSTAGE: William Regal & Rhyno.
    • William Regal congratulated Rhyno on showing initiative.
    • Rhyno said he was sick of people looking at the Alliance as a joke.
    • He said he wanted to change the way people looked at the Alliance, even if he had to do so single-handedly.

  16. BACKSTAGE: Shane McMahon, Test and Booker.
    • T&T and Shane McMahon laughed backstage, and Shane congratulated Test on his win over Kane.
    • Shane said it was now time for Booker to top the Taker.

  17. MATCH: The Undertaker vs Booker T.
    • The match started outside the ring with punches and kicks, as the two icons went at it.
    • Taker went to work on Booker's left arm, and soon went old-school on Booker.
    • Booker soon regained the advantage, as the fight spilled to the outside.
    • Booker tried to hit Taker with the ring bell, but referee Tim White stopped him from doing so, and Taker regained the advantage as the fight spilled into the crowd.
    • But Booker battled back as the fight went back into the ring.
    • Booker went up top and nailed Taker with a missile dropkick.
    • Soon after, he hit Taker with a big kick to the face, and a side suplex.
    • Booker then telegraphed a knee to the face, and was about to go for the spineroonie, until Taker got back to his feet.
    • Taker rallied back with a big boot, but Booker reversed a powerslam and scored a near fall.
    • Booker went to the second rope but was met with a big foot, and the two men slugged it out.
    • A spinning heel kick by Booker was good for two, but Taker hit a DDT soon after.
    • The fight continued, and Taker measured Booker for an avalanche.
    • But Booker caught him, dropped him on the turnbuckle, and hit a kick, knocking Taker to the outside.
    • Booker then hit the spineroonie!
    • As Taker went to get back in the ring, Booker hit him with a scissors kick, but Taker got his foot on the bottom rope.
    • Moments later, Taker went for the chokeslam, but Booker powered out of it with a low blow, undetected by the ref.
    • Booker punched Taker on the turnbuckles, but Taker nailed Booker with the Last Ride and pinned him to win the match.
    • WINNER: The Undertaker (via pinfall)

  18. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & Chris Jericho.
    • Coach got a word with Chris Jericho prior to his WCW Title match.
    • Y2J said it was time to put up or shut the hell up, and he said it was time for him to finally win the big one.

  19. WCW TITLE MATCH: The Rock vs Chris Jericho.
    • Rock looked for the Rock Bottom early on, but Y2J powered out and went for the Walls of Jericho, but Rocky got to the ropes.
    • Y2J then hit Rock with the second-rope dropkick, pulling out all the stops for this unique opportunity to snare WCW gold.
    • He also hit Rock with a top-rope reverse elbow for a two-count.
    • Y2J also scored a near-fall after a flying forearm.
    • Y2J gained the advantage, and assaulted Rock with various maneuvers, trying to wear down the People's Champion.
    • Rock roared back with a clothesline, but Jericho hung Rock out to dry on the top rope moments later.
    • After a bodyslam, Jericho went up top, but Rock caught him and crotched him on the top rope, and then superplexed him down!
    • The men slugged it out, and Rock tossed Jericho down, and then nailed Y2J with a Samoan drop for a two-count.
    • Running on adrenaline, Rock knocked Jericho over the top rope to the outside.
    • On the outside, he knocked Y2J's head off the announce table, before tossing him back into the ring.
    • Rocky continued to pound on Y2J, but Jericho battled back.
    • Rock floored Y2J with a clothesline, but Jericho kicked out of the pin.
    • Moments later, Rock tossed Jericho to the outside.
    • Back on the inside, Rock scored another near-fall.
    • Rock then tried to wear down Y2J with a sleeper.
    • After battling out of the sleeper, Y2J went for a dropkick but missed.
    • Rock hit Jericho with a slingshot into the top turnbuckle, and then hit a clothesline.
    • Rock continued to dominate, and went for another top-rope suplerplex.
    • But Jericho pushed Rock down, and hit Rock with a missile dropkick!
    • Both men were slow to get back to their feet, and when they did, they slugged it out.
    • Y2J scored with a neckbreaker and a hurricanrana for two.
    • Moments later, Jericho hit Rock with a Rock Bottom!
    • He then nailed a Lionsault, but Rock kicked out at two, much to Y2J's shock!
    • Y2J then hit a bulldog on The Rock, and went for the People's Elbow, but Rock moved!
    • Rock battled back, putting Y2J in the sharpshooter!
    • Jericho screamed for dear life, and after what seemed like minutes, Y2J finally made it to the ropes, forcing Rock to break the hold!
    • On the outside, Rock took the top off the Spanish announce table, and he and Jericho ascended the table.
    • He then nailed Y2J with a Rock Bottom right through the table!
    • Rock stared down his challenger, and brought him back into the ring.
    • He set Y2J up for a Rock Bottom, but Jericho battled out of it.
    • Rock then hit a spinebuster on Y2J, and went for a People's Elbow of his own.
    • But as he was about to hit it, Jericho caught Rock's foot, and locked Rock in the Walls of Jericho!
    • Rock reached for the ropes for all he was worth, but as he was about to get there, Jericho pulled him away!
    • Suddenly, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley ran to the ring and threw a chair in the ring, Y2J let go of the hold to knock Stephanie from the apron, and when Y2J turned around, Rock nailed him with a DDT.
    • Rock then threw Stephanie into the ring, and hit her with a Rock Bottom!
    • The distracted ref didn't see Y2J knock Rock's head into the chair!
    • Three seconds later, Chris Jericho was the new WCW Champion!
    • After the bout, Y2J mocked Stephanie.
    • Rock grabbed a chair and snuck up behind Y2J.
    • When Jericho turned around, Rock presented him with the chair, and Jericho held up the title belt and the chair!
    • WINNER: The Rock (via pinfall and NEW WCW Heavyweight Champion.)

  20. WWF TRIPLE THREAT TITLE MATCH: Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle vs RVD.
    • Austin had some words for RVD prior to the bout, as Angle snuck up and nailed both men with suplexes.
    • Austin & RVD soon battled back and double-teamed the Olympian.
    • They knocked him from the ring, and Austin talked some trash to RVD, even giving him the middle finger.
    • RVD gave it right back, as Angle snuck up behind RVD and attacked him.
    • The Rattlesnake pounded on both men, even hitting Angle with a low blow.
    • He went for the Stunner on Angle, who reversed it into an ankle lock before RVD kicked Angle, breaking the hold.
    • RVD nailed Austin with a series of kicks, before Angle attacked RVD from behind.
    • But RVD hit Angle with Rolling Thunder for a near-fall, broken up by Austin.
    • As the "RVD" chants heated up, Austin hit RVD with a spinebuster, threw Angle to the outside, and gained a near-fall on RVD.
    • Austin went to work on RVD's knees, and also pounded on Kurt.
    • Stone Cold locked RVD in a half Boston Crab, until Angle broke it up.
    • Austin threw Angle to the outside and locked RVD in a STF, until Angle broke that up too.
    • Outside the ring, Austin slingshotted Angle into the ringpost, and then wrapped RVD's legs on the ringpost.
    • With Angle and Austin down, RVD went up top.
    • He went for the Five-Star Frog Splash, but both men moved out of the way.
    • Moments later, Austin hit the Stunner on Angle, but RVD broke up the pin.
    • RVD set Austin up in the corner, and hit the split-legged moonsault for two.
    • Angle hit the Angle slam on RVD, but Austin broke up the pin.
    • Austin knocked Angle from the ring, and then Stone Cold went outside the ring after him.
    • Austin and Angle duked it out on the outside, and Stone Cold took the top off the other announce table.
    • He went to piledrive Angle, but Angle backdropped him onto the announce table, which did not break!
    • RVD then scored with a leap to the outside on Angle, as all three men lay on the outside!
    • Suddenly, Vince McMahon strutted to ringside.
    • RVD & Angle were the first two men up, and they slugged it out inside the ring, where RVD hit Angle with a reverse heel kick.
    • RVD then went up top, but Angle caught him with a top-rope belly-to-belly suplex!
    • Austin finally got back into the ring, and hit another Stunner on Angle, but Angle fell outside the ring, so the Rattlesnake turned his attention to RVD.
    • Mr. McMahon then got in the ring and nailed Austin in the back with a steel chair!
    • RVD went up top and nailed Austin with the Five-Star Frog Splash, but an injured RVD couldn't go for the pin right away.
    • When he finally did, Angle broke it up.
    • Angle hit RVD with four belly-to-back suplexes and an Angle slam, but as he went for the pin, Shane McMahon ran down and threw Angle to the outside and into the ringpost!
    • Shane and Vince then started going at it!
    • Back in the ring, Austin hit the Stunner on RVD and pinned him to retain his championship, much to Vince McMahon's shock!
    • WINNER: Stone Cold Steve Austin (via pinfall retaining his WWF Federation Championship).

  21. Good Night Everybody....
  22. FADE TO BLACK....

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