~Over The Edge 1999~
May 23, 1999 - Kansas City, Missouri - Kemper Arena

  1. TAG TITLE MATCK: Kane & X-Pac defeated DLo Brown & Mark Henry w/Ivory to retain..

  2. INTERVIEW: Kevin Kelly & Hardcore Holly promises to punish & discipline Al Snow..

  3. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Al Snow defeated Hardcore Holly to retain..
    • Match went up into the crowd, and into the concession area and eventually back into the ring..
    • Al Snow won after he powerbombed Hardcore Holly through a table in the ring!

  4. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson..
    • Pat Patterson says that Vince McMahon's ankle is most likely broken..

  5. INTERVIEW: Kevin Kelly & The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart)..

  6. IC TITLE MATCH: The Godfather vs The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart)..
    • The match was cancelled after the Blue Blazer's harness malfuctioned and Owen Hart tragically fell to the ring..
    • The stunt called for Owen to ascend superhero-style down into the ring, but he fell from 30-50 feet..
    • The camera panned through the crowd as Jim Ross awkwardly discribed what had transpired in the ring..
    • Owen Hart was carried out of the ring on a stretcher, and tragically pronounced dead later in the evening..
    • The decision was made by Vince McMahon and management that "the show must go on"..

  7. INTERVIEW: Kevin Kelly & Jeff Jarrett/Debra..
    • Debra stumbled over her words overcome with emotion, so Jeff Jarrett cut her off to save her..
    • Jeff Jarrett also stumbled over his words and broke character saying "Owen Hart, we're prayin' for ya"..

  8. MIXED TAG MATCH: Val Venis & Nicole Bass defeated Jeff Jarrett & Debra (Women's champion)..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & The Stooges + Shane McMahon..
    • Vince McMahon is getting loaded into an ambulance because of his knee injury..
    • Shane McMahon approaches and coaxes his father, saying he'd be the special guest referee in the main event..

  10. INTERVIEW: Kevin Kelly & Road Dogg (also breaks character and says he's praying for Owen Hart)..

  11. INTERVIEW: Kevin Kelly & Billy Gunn (says he carried Roaddog when they were a team)..

  12. GRUDGE MATCH: Mr. Ass (Billy Gunn) defeated Road Dogg..

  13. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Shane McMahon (says he'll call the main event right down the middle)..

  14. ELIMINATION: The Union (Test/Ken Shamrock/Big Show/Mankind) beat Corporate Ministry (Acolytes/Viscera/Bossman)..
    • Mankind forced the Big Bossman to submit to the Mandible Claw to win the elimination match..

  15. ANNOUNCEMENT: Jim Ross..
    • Ladies & gentleman, uh, earlier tonight, here at Kansas City, uh, tragedy befelled the World Westling Federation, and all of us, Owen Hart was set to make an entrance from the ceiling, and he fell from the ceiling, and I have the unfortunate responsiblity to let everybody know that Owen Hart has died, Owen Hart has tragically died from that accident here tonight..
    • No announcement was made to the live audience at Kemper Arena, it was only revealed to the pay per view audience..

  16. INTERVIEW: Kevin Kelly & The Rock (Triple H & Chyna attacked the Rock backstage, Mankind made the save)..

  17. MATCH: The Rock defeated Triple H w/Chyna by disqualification..
    • The Rock was ordered by Shane McMahon to remove his cast, but he went into the match wearing it anyway..
    • Triple H eventually pulled the cast off of The Rock and used it as a weapon..
    • After Triple H was DQed, he and Chyna laid out the Rock with a chair..
    • Mankind came out and made the save.... again!

  18. WWF TITLE MATCH: The Undertaker defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin to win the title!
    • Pat Patterson came down to replace Vince McMahon, but Shane McMahon knocked him out before the match!
    • Gerald Brisco later came in to be the second referee but he got knocked down as well..
    • Vince McMahon eventually limped down to the ring and got tackled by Shane McMahon..
    • Vince, Shane, Austin & Undertaker all tumbled over at once, with Undertaker landing on top of Austin..
    • Shane McMahon counted to three extremely fast to assist Undertaker's victory..

  19. And that's a wrap on THE most tragic night in WWF history..

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