~Rebellion 2001~
November 3, 2001 - Manchester, England - Manchester Evening News Arena
Rebellion 2001 OWW Image Gallery

  1. KICKOFF: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman.
    • An ominous steel cage surrounded the ring as Jim Ross and Paul Heyman welcomed fans to the show.

  2. STEEL CAGE IC TITLE MATCH: Edge vs Christian (Euro Champ).
    • Christian attacked his brother before Edge could even get his ring jacket off.
    • The European Champion then tried a quick escape from the cage, but Edge used his jacket to choke his brother and to drag him back inside.
    • Edge was dominant in the early going, but Christian fought back, attempting to escape the cage every time his brother was down.
    • Edge soon went for a spear, but Christian moved and shoved Edge shoulder-first into the cage.
    • Christian then targeted the shoulder, trying to wear his brother down.
    • He also used a variety of chokeholds to tire his brother, including choking Edge right on the bars of the cage!
    • Christian went for a superplex, but Edge tossed him from the top, and nailed a stunning bodypress for a two-count.
    • Edge went for the Edge-ecution, but Christian reversed it and catapulted his brother into the cage for another near fall.
    • Christian locked his brother in a sleeperhold, looking to wear him down.
    • The IC Champion fought it off, much to the delight of the sold-out crowd.
    • Edge went to escape the cage, but Christian brought him back in with a suplex.
    • Edge soon nailed Christian with a spear, but both men were down after the maneuver, with the fatigue factor clearly setting in.
    • Edge rallied back, downing his brother with an offensive flurry, and nearly picking up the pinfall on several occasions.
    • Christian went for the I'm Prettier, but Edge reversed it for yet another two-count.
    • Edge went to escape the cage, but Christian dragged him back in.
    • Moments later, Edge hot-shotted Christian right into the cage!
    • Edge then went to escape once again, and Christian went after him.
    • The two men battled on top of the cage, where Christian drove Edge face-first into the cage, crotching him on the top rope.
    • Christian then went to escape, and was just feet from the floor when Edge grabbed his brothers' legs and pulled them through the cage!
    • Edge then took the tape off his wrists and hogtied Christian's legs to the ring ropes!
    • Christian could only watch from the outside as Edge tied his legs up on the inside.
    • Moments later, Edge climbed out of the cage and dropped to the floor, retaining his Intercontinental Championship!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Chavo Guerrero & Hugh Morrus.
    • Armed with a microphone, Chavo Guerrero Jr. stood outside the Divas locker room, preparing to interview the divas.
    • Hugh Morrus approached him, saying that he was actually sent to interview the divas!
    • The men got into a verbal altercation over who the divas would rather be interviewed by.
    • Hugh said that he could beat Chavo up and do the interviews, and Chavo suggested they work as a team.
    • The two entered the Divas locker room, only to find Trish nearly topless!
    • Chavo told Trish that she was one fine lady.
    • Trish said she wasn't ready for an interview, and suggested that the two go interview Lita.

  4. MATCH: Scotty 2 Hotty vs The Hurricane.
    • Mighty Molly did not accompany Hurricane to the ring, as she was preparing for her Divas tag match later in the evening. Scotty soon went for the bulldog -- to set up the Worm -- but Hurricane reversed it into a shoulderbreaker to the ringpost.
    • Hurricane went to work on Scotty's neck and back, trying to set up his "Eye of the Hurricane."
    • The superhero went for his cape and flew from the top -- but Scotty caught him with a punch to the gut!
    • With Scotty down, Hurricane went for a Worm of his own, but Scotty battled out.
    • Hurricane then went for a chokeslam, but Scotty powered out.
    • Moments later, Hurricane went for the "Eye of the Hurricane," but Scotty reversed, and nailed the Worm, much to the delight of the fans on hand at the Manchester Evening News Arena!
    • Scotty then picked up the pinfall for the win!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Chavo, Hugh & Trish - Lita.
    • Trish prepared Chavo and Hugh to interview Lita.
    • Outside Lita's locker room, she told them to stay there for a second, and she'd be right back.
    • Trish walked away, and they couldn't resist opening the door a bit to take a peak.
    • They saw Lita in her bra and panties, getting ready for her bout!
    • As they gushed over what they were seeing, Lita saw them and chased them away from the door!
    • Hugh and Chavo giggled and walked away from the locker room!

  6. IN THE RING: Diamond Dallas Page.
    • Diamond Dallas Page greeted his fans in England, who he said didn't seem very jolly -- they seemed depressed!
    • DDP said they were depressed because when people were as low as they were, there was only one place to go -- up!
    • He said that they would now like themselves because of him!
    • Page then headed to the ring for his match against the Big Show, who weighs 36 stones, according to J.R.
    • Despite having to face a 500-pound man, DDP was all smiles.

  7. MATCH: DDP vs The Big Show.
    • Page tried to talk to his opponent in the early going, but Show didn't want to hear it.
    • He just pushed Page around!
    • At one point, Page put Show in a headlock, but Show lifted Page off the ground using just his neck!
    • On the outside of the ring, Show pressed Page over his head and tossed DDP back into the ring.
    • But back in the ring, Page soon chopblocked Show's leg, and hit him with a top-rope clothesline, looking to eliminate Show's center of gravity.
    • DDP used a modified Texas Cloverleaf to keep the 500-pounder down, but Show just wouldn't stay down.
    • Show then went for the chokeslam, but DDP battled out and nailed the Diamond Cutter.
    • Because he was so battered, it took Page a while to go for the cover, and when he finally did, Show kicked out.
    • Soon after, Show again caught DDP for the chokeslam.
    • Only this time, he nailed it, and pinned Page to pick up the victory.
    • After the bout, Page said that losing wasn't a bad thing -- it was a good thing, because now he could get the hell out of England!

  8. BACKSTAGE: Chavo, Hugh - Mighty Molly.
    • Chavo and Hugh prepared to enter Molly's locker room, and when they finally barged in, Molly screamed, "Holy Peeping Tom," because they saw her without her cape!

  9. LOCKER ROOM: Shane McMahon, Kurt Angle & Stone Cold/Debra.
    • Shane McMahon talked to Kurt Angle, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra about how the Alliance had all the momentum.
    • Stone Cold said he wasn't worried about his match, but was worried about Kurt in his match with Y2J.
    • Kurt said he wasn't worried.
    • Angle then noticed that it was night, and they were sitting at a round table, so Kurt said they were the "Knights of the Round Table!"
    • As Austin, Angle and Debra grimaced, Kurt told everyone who their knight equivalent was!
    • Stone Cold told Kurt he was pathetic, and that it was getting harder to take Kurt under his wing.
    • He told Angle just to go to the ring and get the job done.

    • Stacy Keibler and Lita were not at ringside.
    • The Hardys were clearly the crowd favorite in England, earning cheers as they double-teamed Bradshaw in the early going.
    • The Hardys and Dudleys went back and forth for a while before Bubba Ray was finally tagged in, and the imcumbents saw their first action of the evening.
    • The champs soon went for the "wassap!" on Faarooq, but Bradshaw battled them off, even hitting D-Von with a fallaway slam from the second rope.
    • The six men were soon battling all over, and Matt Hardy soon hit Faarooq with the Twist of Fate to score the pin and eliminate the APA.
    • It was down to the Hardys and Dudleys.
    • Matt and Jeff double-teamed D-Von, but couldn't keep him down.
    • The Dudleys took back control, and Bubba told D-Von to get the table!
    • But as D-Von tried to bring the table into the ring, Jeff dropkicked it right into D-Von's face!
    • Bubba dropped Jeff with a Bubba Bomb, and the champs double-teamed the former Intercontinental Champion.
    • But Jeff fought them off, soon hitting a top-rope hurricanrana on Bubba Ray for a near fall!
    • Jeff finally got the tag in to Matt, who downed both Bubba Ray and D-Von.
    • All four men were soon in the ring, and the Hardys hit the Poetry in Motion on Bubba, but missed it on D-Von.
    • Jeff went up top and missed a Swanton on D-Von, and Bubba threw Matt out of the ring.
    • Matt then went for the Twist of Fate, but the Dudleys reversed it into a 3-D, and pinned Matt to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship.

  11. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon, The Rock, Chris Jericho.
    • Vince told the superstars that he wanted them to bury the hatchet, especially with Survivor Series right around the corner.
    • He said that Team WWF had to defeat the Alliance, and he needed their behavior to change.
    • Vince said he wasn't asking them to be best friends, but he needed them to bury the hatchet right away.
    • Vince demanded that the men shake hands like gentlemen.
    • Y2J extended his arm fight, and Rock shook. Rock said there were no problems.
    • As Rock and Vince walked away, Y2J called The Rock back and wished him luck in his match with Austin.
    • He told Rock to try not to lose another big one again.
    • Rock told Jericho that it was good advice, and said he had something for Jericho.
    • He then punched Y2J!
    • As Vince screamed for the men to stop, Rock and Jericho got into another brawl!

  12. IN THE RING: William Regal.
    • Prior to the bout, Regal addressed his fellow Englishmen, telling the crowd that it was wonderful to be back in England, and it was wonderful that the people spent their money to see him tonight.
    • He said he was proud to be their role model, as opposed to someone like David Beckham, or anyone from the Manchester United, because if they did hold one of those men as their role models, then their children would be spending time in strange ways up the street!
    • The crowd on hand did not seem to like their fellow countryman's remarks!

  13. MATCH: William Regal vs Tajiri.
    • Tajiri's WCW Cruiserweight Title was not on the line.
    • Also, Torrie Wilson was not at ringside.
    • It didn't take long for the "Regal sucks" chants to begin, as Regal countered Tajiri's wicked kicks with a display of his technical skills.
    • Tajiri soon nailed Regal with a kick to the head, but Regal spilled to the outside of the ring to recover.
    • Back in the ring, Regal continued to draw the ire of his hometown fans.
    • The commissioner tried to wear down Tajiri, but the Cruiserweight Champion battled back with chops and kicks.
    • Tajiri soon went up top, and hit Regal with a huge missile dropkick for a two-count.
    • Moments later, Tajiri hit the handspring elbow, and followed up with the Tarantula!
    • Tajiri tried to hit a moonsault after that, but missed.
    • The commissioner capitalized, locking on the Regal stretch to pick up the submission win in his home country.
    • After the bout, Tajiri spat his mist right in Regal's face, much to the delight of the sold-out crowd!

  14. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Kurt Angle.
    • Cole asked Angle what he needed to do to take the WCW Title from Chris Jericho.
    • Angle said that for the past hour and a half, he'd been watching the crowd at the arena, and said they looked like escapees from a local prison!
    • He said that Y2J was a silly nickname.
    • He said "Y" stood for yellow, which ran down Jericho's attack.
    • He said "2" stood for a number, like when a little boy had to go to the bathroom.
    • He said that "J" stood for jerk.
    • He said that "Y2J" was very mickey mouse, as opposed to his gold medals.
    • He said he wasn't satisfied with just his gold medals -- he also wanted to be WCW Champion!

  15. WCW TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle.
    • Jericho downed Angle with a series of hard shots as the match began, even downing the Olympic hero with consecutive suplexes for a near fall.
    • But Angle rallied back with suplexes of his own.
    • Angle went for the Angle slam early, but Y2J battled out.
    • Jericho then tried for the Walls of Jericho, but Angle fought his way to the ropes.
    • Angle soon went for the ankle lock, but Jericho kicked his way out of it, and sent Angle shoulder-first into the ringpost twice.
    • Y2J followed up with a shoulderbreaker and a series of kicks.
    • Soon after, Jericho locked on an armbar, but Angle battled out of it.
    • Angle tried for a belly-to-belly suplex, but Jericho battled out, and continued to stay in control, until Kurt nailed him with a hot shot, hanging Y2J up on the top rope.
    • Angle suplexed and battered the WCW Champion.
    • Jericho soon went for a dropkick, but Angle caught him and went for the Walls of Jericho on Y2J!
    • But Jericho fought his way out of the hold, and assaulted Angle in the corner.
    • Angle reversed an axe handle into a suplex, and scored another near fall.
    • The American hero -- and newest member of the Alliance -- was in control as the crowd chanted for Y2J, as the WCW Champion tried to fight out of a sleeperhold.
    • Finally, Angle let go of the hold, and kept Jericho down with a number of kicks.
    • Y2J scored a near fall on a cradle, but Angle quickly got back to his feet and scored with a clothesline.
    • Kurt then went back to the sleeperhold, but Y2J again fought his way out of it, nailing Angle with an engiguiri as Kurt grabbed for Jericho's ankle.
    • Jericho nailed Angle with a flying forearm and a hurricanrana, and even reversed a cradle into an ankle lock on Kurt Angle!
    • Kurt finally got to the ropes, and soon after, Angle hit Jericho with a series of consecutive German suplexes for a two-count.
    • Angle then put the ankle lock on Jericho, but Y2J countered into the Walls of Jericho!
    • Angle again got to the ropes, and Jericho broke the hold.
    • Y2J nailed a bulldog on Angle, and went for the Lionsault, but Kurt got his knees up.
    • Kurt then went for the Angle slam, but Jericho countered into a sunset flip, and rolled up Angle for the three-count to retain his title!
    • After the bout, Angle attacked Y2J and hit him with two Angle slams, as the crowd booed the Federation turncoat!

  16. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & The Rock.
    • He asked Rock how he would be able to concentrate after all that had happened with Chris Jericho in recent weeks.
    • Rock complimented Cole on the question he asked, saying it was questions like that that made Cole one of the leading journalists in the business today.
    • He said he was surprised that Cole was doing so well, considering he was worrying about going to the local pub for some English pie -- or rather, going to the cabaret and getting a piece of some English strudel!
    • He asked Cole if he preferred English pie or English strudel.
    • As Cole answered, Rock said it didn't matter!
    • The People's Champion said that the only thing that mattered was that he become Federation Champion in Manchester!

  17. WWF DIVAS MATCH: Lita & Torrie vs Stacy & Molly (Trish as Referee)
    • Stacy and Torrie started the bout, with Torrie knocking down her former friend with a dropkick, scoring a near fall.
    • Torrie then tagged in Lita, who took control over the Duchess of Dudleyville.
    • The Federation divas isolated Stacy until Mighty Molly scored a cheap shot and tagged into the match.
    • Torrie was now in trouble, as the Alliance divas went to work.
    • Trish tried to maintain control as Molly and Stacy took it to Torrie.
    • Molly went up top and went for the "Molly Go Round," but Torrie moved, and Molly hit the mat!
    • Torrie finally tagged in Lita, who nailed Molly with a head scissors.
    • Lita then went for the Poetry in Motion, but Molly hit her with a clothesline.
    • Unphased, Lita hit the Twist of Fate on Molly and scored the pinfall!
    • Unhappy with the officiating, Stacy pushed Trish around after the match, and Trish smacked Stacy right in the face, and assaulted her with a bulldog!

  18. THE MAIN EVENT WWF TITLE MATCH: Stone Cold vs The Rock.
    • Austin attacked his challenger before the opening bell, smacking away at the People's Champion.
    • The "Rocky" chants started early, as Rock turned the tables on the Federation Champion and proud leader of the Alliance.
    • Rock went for the Rock Bottom early on, but Austin battled out of it.
    • The two slugged it out on the outside, with Rock spitting water into Austin's face.
    • The fight moved its way up the entrance ramp and to the stage, where Rock suplexed Austin right on the steel stage!
    • Stone Cold recovered and went for a piledrive onto the steel, but Rock reversed and backdropped the champion.
    • Closer to the ring, Austin slingshotted The Rock into the ringpost head-first, and slammed him down on the cold concrete.
    • Back in the ring, Austin went to work on The Rock, methodically wearing down his challenger, repeatedly choking him on the middle rope.
    • Austin even took some time to taunt the crowd, who were firmly behind the People's Champion.
    • At one point, Austin was taunting the crowd when Rock snuck up behind him for a roll-up, but Austin kicked out of the pinfall attempt.
    • Rocky wouldn't stay down, so Austin went back to work, assaulting his challenger with punches and kicks.
    • The men battled to the outside and onto the announcer's table, where Austin went for a piledriver.
    • But Rock nailed a low blow to escape.
    • Austin dropped Rock onto the announce table ribs-first, and then choked Rock with a microphone cable.
    • The two men chopped away at each other, and Austin suplexed Rock onto the announce table, which Rock hit knee-first.
    • The People's Champion clutched at his knee after the maneuver as Austin got back in the ring, hoping for a countout.
    • But Rock made his way back into the ring, as Austin went to work on Rock's knee, and also choked the People's Champion.
    • As Austin jawed off to referee Earl Hebner, Rock attacked him with a clothesline.
    • But Austin rallied with a Lou Thesz Press and fists and fire for a near fall.
    • After the near fall, Stone Cold went back to work on Rock's knee, as he continued to taunt the crowd.
    • The men sluggged it out, and Rock hit Austin with a Lou Thesz Press and fists and fire of his own for a near fall!
    • Austin locked on a sleeper, as the crowd chanted for the People's Champion.
    • Rocky soon fought out of the hold, and he soon had Austin in a sleeper of his own, until Austin battled out of it.
    • Austin hit a spinebuster for a near fall, and locked Rock in a Boston Crab to try and wear down the Brahma Bull.
    • The fatigue factor was clearly setting in to both men as Rock finally made his way to the ropes, forcing Stone Cold to break the hold.
    • Austin mouthed off to Hebner again as Rock got to his feet.
    • The men soon had a mid-air collision, knocking both down for an eight-count.
    • The punches continued to fly, and Rock hit a huge flying clothesline and a body throw for a near fall.
    • Rocky reversed an Irish Whip and threw Austin right into Hebner, and then Rocky accidentally hit Hebner with a clothesline, knocking the referee down.
    • Rocky then hit a spinebuster and locked on the sharpshooter.
    • Rocky broke the hold to try and revive the ref, but Stone Cold attacked him and locked on a sharpshooter of his own -- with the ref still down!
    • Rocky fought out of the hold, reversing it into a sharpshooter of his own.
    • Suddenly, Kurt Angle ran down to the ring and nailed Rock with a steel chair.
    • But Y2J ran down and knocked Angle down, assaulting the Olympic hero with the chair!
    • Rock and Jericho then made eye contact, and Rock saw Y2J with the chair, and Rock thought that it was Jericho who had hit him with the chair!
    • Rocky knocked Jericho down, as Austin snuck up behind Rock.
    • But Rock saw him and hit Austin with a Rock Bottom -- but there was still no referee!
    • Angle got back into the ring and assaulted The Rock, but the People's Champion battled back and knocked Angle to the outside.
    • Austin was now back up, and Rock nailed him with a spinebuster.
    • Rocky then went for the People's Elbow, but as went off the ropes, Angle grabbed his ankle, and nailed Rock in the face with the Federation Championship!
    • Back in the ring, Austin nailed Rock with the Stunner, and the referee counted the pin as the Rattlesnake retained his title!
    • Austin hugged Angle after the bout, and the Federation Champion celebrated as Rebellion went off the air!

  19. And that's a wrap folks...

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