September 26, 1999 - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Coliseum - drawing 15,779 ($505,477)
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  1. OPENING MATCH: Val Venis defeated Steve Blackman (The Brooklyn Brawler as referee)..
    • The story of the night is that the referees have been on strike so "scabs" have been brought in..

  2. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: DLo Brown defeated Mark Henry to win the title! (Tom Prichard was referee)

  3. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett w/Miss Kitty defeated Chyna via DQ to retain..
    • Harvey Wippleman was the referee for this match..
    • The Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young jumped the rail and attacked Jeff Jarrett, but got beat up in the end..
    • Debra came to ringside and whacked Jeff Jarrett with a guitar allowing Chyna to score the pin and win the title!
    • Head "scab" referee Tom Prichard ran down to reverse the decision and Disqualified Chyna!

  4. TAG MATCH: The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farooq) defeated The Dudley Boyz (Bubba & DVon)..
    • Referee was Jimmy Cordaris, who is the only regular referee to not go one strike..

  5. WOMENS TITLE HARDCORE MATCH: Ivory defeated Luna Vachon after botched interference by Tori..

  6. TAG TITLE MATCH: The New Age Outlaws defeated Edge & Christian to retain (ref: Jim Cordaris)..
    • The Hardy Boyz & Gangrel ran down and Jeff Hardy drop kicked Edge leading to a pin..

  7. KENNEL FROM HELL MATCH: Al Snow defeated The Big Bossman to retain..
    • Match took place inside a steel cage, which was covered with a cell, and "rabid dogs" circling the ring..
    • Match turned into a complete joke as the supposedly vicious dogs did nothing but wag their tails and poop at ringside..

  8. MATCH: X-Pac defeated Chris Jericho w/Curtis Hughes by Disqualification (Referee: Tom Prichard)..
    • Chris Jericho was DQ'd when Curtis Hughes interfered and they double-teamed X-Pac..
    • Roaddog ran down to make the save..

  9. SIX PACK ChallengE: Triple H defeated The Rock and The Big Show and Kane and Mankind and British Bulldog!
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin joined commentary to "make sure there will be a new WWF champion tonight"..
    • All the striking referees entered the arena and came down to ringside and beat up on Jim Cordaris!!
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin got up off his chair and took out all of the striking referees..
    • In the ring, Triple H DDT'd The Rock and covered him, Steve Austin slid in and counted to 2!
    • The Rock fought back and hit a Rock Bottom, but Big Show pulled Steve Austin out of the ring!
    • The British Bulldog whacked The Rock with a steel chair, so Steve Austin gave him (Bulldog) a Stunner!
    • Triple H pinned The Rock to win the vacant WWF Heavyweight championship..
    • Triple H gloated in Steve Austin's face after the match, and recieved a Stone Cold Stunner!

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