Date: July 21, 2002
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Announcers: Cole & Tazz (1st Half)
Announcers: JR & The King (2nd Half)

Undisputed Title Triple Threat:

Undertaker vs The Rock vs Kurt Angle.

Intercontinental Title:
Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar.

Vengeance 2002 Gallery

  1. SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT: Jonathan Coachman & D-Lo Brown.
    • John Cena challenges Chris Jericho for a match on Vengeance..
    • Goldust defeated Steven Richards..
    • Tazz & Michael Cole came down and kick JR & King off the announce team.
      • JR says they will each do half the ppv..

  2. TAG TABLES MATCH: Bubba & Spike Dudley vs Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit..
    • With Benoit stomping away on Bubba, Guerrero set up a table outside.
    • Spike somersaulted over the top rope onto Guerrero on the outside!
    • Guerrero slipped a table into the ring and helped the Wolverine set it up.
    • Guerrero & Benoit tried to double superplex Bubba through the table..
    • Spike knocked the table over right before his brother came crashing down!
    • A few minutes later, Benoit latched Spike in the Crossface..
    • Spike tapped out to the Crossface but the match continued (no pinfall of submission)..
    • Bubba came to his brother's rescue and managed to sprawl Benoit on a table.
    • Bubba leapt from the middle rope..
    • Benoit moved and sent Bubba through the wood!
    • Because his opponents didn't force him through the table, Bubba was not eliminated..
    • Spike put Eddie through a table with a Dudley Dawg to the outside!
    • Eddie Guerrero is eliminated..
    • Benoit put Spike through a table moments later to even the score.
    • Bubba then nailed a Bubba Bomb that put Benoit through a table!
    • The Dudleys the win!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff + Triple H.
    • Bischoff said that match was an example of why he was so excited about RAW.
    • Bischoff said that he was there to sign Triple H, and spotted The Game walking.
    • Bischoff ran over to him and asked why Triple H was heading into Stephanie's office.
    • Triple H said he gave Bischoff the chance to make his pitch..
    • Now he'd like to hear from Stephanie.
    • Triple H went into Stephanie's office..
    • Coach promising to stay there until he came back out.

  4. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs Billy Kidman..
    • The fight spread outside the ring and Noble threw his girlfriend into the challenger.
    • Kidman tossed Nidia aside but was taken down with a modified arm bar.
    • Noble continued to attack Kidman's injured arm back in the ring.
    • Kidman's injured arm hampered his offense, but he continued to battle hard.
    • Noble tried to put Kidman away with a powerbomb..
    • But the challenger countered into a facebuster.
    • Kidman went to finish things with a Shooting Star Press, but Noble stopped him.
    • Kidman went for the Shooting Star Press again..
    • This time Noble just rolled out of harm's way.
    • Noble flipped Kidman into a power bomb soon after..
    • Noble got the pin to retain his WWE Cruiserweight Championship!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle + Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar.
    • Kurt Angle said there was no doubt he would win the Undisputed Championship..
    • Heyman interrupted to introduce Angle to his SummerSlam opponent: Brock Lesnar.
    • Angle and Brock shook hands.
    • Angle told Brock he'd love to face him at SummerSlam..
    • Angle said if Brock messed with him the way he screwed with Taker last week..
    • ...he'd take him down.
    • Brock got in Kurt's face and wished him luck.

  6. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Jeff Hardy vs William Regal..
    • Jeff catapulted Regal over the top rope then took him down with a hurracanrana..
    • Jeff hit the Whisper in the Wind to knock Regal for a loop.
    • Jeff went for the Swanton Bomb..
    • Regal got his knees up to hit Jeff with a devastating shot.
    • Jeff managed to surprise Regal with a quick rollup though and got the pin!
    • Jeff retains the European Championship!
    • Regal started bawling at seeing Hardy celebrate on his way back up the ramp.

  7. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Jeff Hardy.
    • Ric Flair congratulated Jeff Hardy backstage as did Hollywood Hulk Hogan.
    • When the European Champion left, Hogan told Flair that Jeff is unreal.
    • Hogan suggested following up his leg drop with a swanton bomb!
    • Hogan fantasized about climbing the ropes and did his own Swanton Bomb!
    • The Nature Boy laughed and illustrated that Hogan could never pull that off.
    • Hogan and Flair agreed that Bishoff and Stephanie were poor choices for GMs..

  8. MATCH: Chris Jericho vs John Cena..
    • Late in the match, Jericho was on the top rope, and began to showboat..
    • This allowed Cena to grab him for a superplex!
    • Cena followed with a tilt-a-whirl slam but was taken down by Jericho..
    • Cena recovered and hit a belly to belly suplex but couldn't put Y2J away.
    • Jericho launched into the Lionsault but Cena dodged the move.
    • Jericho nailed a bulldog and then connected on the Lionsault..
    • Cena got to his feet and Jericho tried to put on the Walls of Jericho.
    • Cena reversed the move into a pin attempt and getting the 1-2-3 on Jericho!
    • Jericho went berserk after the match.

  9. BACKSTAGE: Coach & Eric Bischoff.
    • Bischoff and Coach waited outside Stephanie McMahon's office..
    • Stephanie's attorney attempted to enter the room..
    • Bischoff stopped him and told him to take a walk..
    • The lawyer said he was called there to deliver some documents.
    • The lawyer entered and Bischoff looked very upset.

  10. RINGSIDE: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler..
    • JR & Lawler replaced Cole & Tazz at the announce table..

  11. IC TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman..
    • Brock grabbed the title from the ref and draped it over his shoulder..
    • Van Dam's quick assult prompted a frustrated Lesnar to retreat to the outside.
    • Brock pulled himself together and began to take charge.
    • Brock slammed RVD to the hard floor outside the ring.
    • Brock began to overpower RVD, throwing him with ease over the top rope.
    • Brock squeezing RVD around the ribs.
    • RVD broke away and soon after leveled Brock with a kick to the temple.
    • RVD followed with the Rolling Thunder but Brock managed to kick out after 2.
    • The fight looked like it might be over soon as RVD went for a Five-Star Frog Splash.
    • Brock, though, hoisted Van Dam onto his shoulder and went for the F-5..
    • But RVD whirled Brock into a DDT and followed with the Frog Splash!
    • He went for the pin, but Heyman pulled the ref from the ring!
    • The ref immediately called for a disqualification and soon traded blows with Heyman!
    • RVD leapt onto Brock from the top rope!
    • RVD then threatened to hit the Van Terminator!
    • Heyman grabbed RVD's leg..
    • Brock picked up RVD and this time connected with the F-5 onto a steel chair!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bishcoff & Triple H.
    • Bischoff continued his vigil outside Stephanie's office..
    • Stephanie finally emerged, stone faced.
    • Bischoff gloated that she couldn't get Triple H signed..
    • Stephanie stared at him point-blank and said that The Game did sign.
    • Triple H came out and got a tongue-lashing from Bischoff.
    • Triple H said that the papers he had signed were divorce papers..
    • Triple H said he had yet to decide on which brand to sign with.

  13. NO DQ MATCH: Booker T vs Big Show..
    • Booker brought a chair into the ring..
    • Big Show punched it back into Booker's face!
    • Booker tried to get back into the game by choking Show with a camera cable..
    • Booker smashed a TV monitor into Big Show's skull..
    • Booker then delivered a scissors kick that put both men through the table!
    • Booker crawled back into the ring and Big Show staggered in moments later.
    • Big Show grabbed Booker's throat but was met by a low blow and a kick to the face.
    • Booker climbed the top rope and nailed a somersaulting leg drop to get the pin!

  14. THE WORLD: Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie..
    • Torrie picked The Rock as the winner of the night's main event..
    • Dawn thought Undertaker would win.

  15. IN THE RING: Triple H + Eric Bischoff + Stephanie McMahon + Shawn Michaels.
    • Triple H came to the ring, but before he can speak, Eric Bischoff joins him..
    • Bischoff apologized to HHH for getting involved in his personal business.
    • Bischoff made a promise to Triple H..
    • If he signed with RAW, that his personal life would never come into play again.
    • Bischoff said he's spent the past two years networking in Hollywood.
    • Bischoff said everyone was looking for the next breakout WWE Superstar..
    • Bischoff said they were all talking about Triple H.
    • Bischoff guaranteed that if Triple H signed with RAW, he'd be getting top opportunities coming his way.
    • Stephanie McMahon stepped out to issue her own pitch.
    • Steph said since she & Triple H had a history, they know each other very well.
    • Steph said the two of them were once unstoppable and they can be again.
    • Bischoff cut her off and begged her to stop.
    • Stephanie cited that Triple H once told her how Bischoff said HHH had no talent..
    • Bischoff said he was young at the time and didn't know what he had..
    • Bischoff said that he still has a lot more experience that Stephanie.
    • The two continued to bicker back and forth..
    • Triple H finally stepped up with his microphone.
    • Triple H said it would be easy to say "screw you" to either one of them.
    • Triple H went to shake Bischoff's hand, but pulled it away.
    • Triple H said he would rather go with the devil he knows, rather than the one he doesn't know.
    • Before he could go any further, though, Shawn Michaels came out to shake things up!
    • HBK said the last thing he wanted to do was cause any trouble.
    • HBK didn't want to get involved, but he remembered pledging to bring HHH to the nWo.
    • HBK said there's nobody in the world that HHH is better friends with.
    • HBK told his friend to imagine the two back together again..
    • HBK imagined making Bischoff's life a living hell.
    • Triple H said that was a tempting offer.
    • Triple H then turned and hugged HBK, making official his switch to RAW!
    • Triple H and HBK left, and Bischoff gloated over his victory.
    • Bischoff said the difference between the two of them is that he's got testicles.
    • Stephanie whacked Bischoff on the side of the head and left!

  16. BACKSTAGE: Mark Loyd & Rikishi.
    • Loyd asks Rikishi about Triple H's decision.
    • Rikishi says it's disappointing..
    • Rikishi suggests it will most affect the youngsters in the back who look up to HHH..
    • Rikishi says he knows Triple H and he hopes that he's happy with his decision.

  17. BACKSTAGE: Terri & Booker T & Goldust.
    • Booker T & Goldust both say they don't care about Triple H coming to Raw.
    • Booker T says that if Triple H comes after him, he'll be ready to play the Game.
    • Goldust says that he doesn't care about the Game..
    • Goldust says that they have bigger joysticks.

  18. TAG TITLES: Hulk Hogan & Edge vs Christian & Lance Storm.
    • Late in the match, Edge tries to spear Lance Storm but misses and spears the ref!
    • Edge hits an Edgecution on Storm and cover but no referee.
    • Test comes running in and takes Hogan out!
    • Test gets in the ring and nails Edge with a big boot.
    • Test walks away..
    • Rikishi comes running down and takes Test out..
    • Edge hits a spear on Storm but the ref is distracted by Christian and Hogan.
    • Chris Jericho runs in and hits Edge with the tag team title..
    • Storm pinned Edge win the WWE Tag Team Titles!

  19. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Eric Bischoff..
    • Kurt Angle is walking in the hall when Eric Bischoff stops him..
    • Bischoff tries to get him to sign with Raw.
    • Angle says he's very flattered but he has a title match coming up..
    • Angle says that he'll talk to him later.

  20. BACKSTAGE: Marc Loyd & Stephanie McMahon.
    • Stephanie is watching the happenings on TV when Marc Loyd appears..
    • Loyd asks her about Bischoff's signings and potential signings.
    • Stephanie says Bischoff has won the first battle, but she will win the war.
    • It's okay with her that Bischoff is talking to Angle..
    • Steph says she has direct contact with all the RAW stars..
    • Steph says when the time is right she will rip the heart right out of RAW.

  21. TRIPLE THREAT UNDISPUTED TITLE: Undertaker vs Rock vs Kurt Angle..
    • Taker and The Rock got face to face with Kurt Angle begging for some attention..
    • Taker and The Rock turned and beat down Angle together..
    • Taker spilled out of the ring and The Rock brawled with Angle. ..
    • Angle gave a series of suplexes that took down Rock..
    • Rock countered with a DDT that managed a two-count.
    • Taker coming to life and clotheslining Angle and repeatedly smacking Rock..
    • Taker and Rock got into it back into the ring..
    • Taker dropped The Rock with a sidewalk slam to get a two-count..
    • Rock rebounded, grabbed Taker by the throat and chokeslammed him!..
    • Angle broke up the pin attempt that likely would have given The Rock the title..
    • The Rock retaliated by latching on the ankle lock to Kurt Angle..
    • Angle reversed the move and Rock Bottomed the People's Champion...
    • The Rock disposed of Angle and hit the People's Elbow on the Undertaker..
    • Rock took a big swig from a nearby water bottle and spit into Taker's face..
    • Taker managed to overpower Rock and turn his attention to Angle..
    • Taker landed a guillotine leg drop onto Angle, laying on the ring apron..
    • The Rock picked himself up just in time to break up a pin attempt on Kurt Angle..
    • Taker nailed Rock with a DDT and set him up for a chokeslam...
    • Angle tried sneaking up with a steel chair..
    • Taker caught on and smacked it out of his hands..
    • Angle knocked Taker silly with a steel chair!..
    • Angle went to cover Taker as The Rock lay prone..
    • Taker somehow got his shoulder up!
    • Angle tried to pin Rock, but he too kicked out..
    • The Rock got up and locked Angle in the sharpshooter!..
    • Angle looked like he was about to tap, but Taker broke it up..
    • Taker picked Rock up and crashed him with the Last Ride..
    • While Taker covered him, Angle raced in and picked Taker up in the ankle lock!
    • Taker went delirious with pain, but managed to counter..
    • Taker picked Angle up for the last ride, but Angle put on a triangle choke!..
    • It looked like Taker was about to pass out..
    • Rock broke Angle's hold only to find himself caught in the ankle lock..
    • Rock got out of the hold and watched Taker chokeslam Angle...
    • Rock hit the Rock Bottom, but Taker refused to go down and kicked out..
    • Angle whirled Taker up into the Angle Slam..
    • Rock Rock-Bottomed Kurt Angle and pinned him!
    • The Rock won the WWE Championship for the seventh time!
    • The Great One celebrated as Vengeance drew to a close!

  22. And that's a wrap..

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