Arn Anderson 4 Ever: A Look Behind the Curtain

by Arn Anderson

Description: Arn Anderson's career spanned over fifteen years and although he never made it to the status of a Flair or a Hogan, he was always in the thick of things. Arn was known as the "Enforcer" of arguably the greatest faction in wrestling history -- the Four Horsemen. Arn Anderson is also known as one of the all-time greatest tag team wrestlers ever, and a master of ring psychology. There is something to be said for books that describe what it was like back then, when wrestlers really paid their dues and became masters of their profession through hard work and dedication. All of the books like this should be required reading for any trainee trying to break into the wrestling industy.

As a self-proclaimed 'insider' of professional wrestling, I found this book partially insulting due to Arn's refusal to 'break kayfabe' while talking about storylines in the ring. I can't say I blame him however, the idea was grinded into his heart and soul for fifteen years, and this book was published before 'telling secrets' became cool. I found the best parts of this book were near the end, when Arn talked about dealing a career ending injury and his struggle to leave the wrestling ring. It gives you a reality check that the injuries wrestlers suffer are very REAL and they are human, just like us.

Rating: Since this was one of the first books of this kind, I have to give credit for Arn taking the risk in writing a book like this. I give it a 7 out of 10. Very short book, at 163 pages, but worth every penny. I'd like to see Arn reprint the book with a few extra chapters to cover the last few years of his in-ring retirement. Since he remained an active member of the backstage crew within the WCW, and later the WWE, I'm sure there are more stories to be told.

Reviewed by Brad Dykens on January 30, 2005.

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