Superstar Billy Graham

by Billy Graham & Keith Elliot Greenberg

Description: A pretty interesting life of one of wrestlings most colorful performers gets covered in this book. Superstar Billy Graham from his humble days of a young evanglist to a world champion in pro wrestling was always battling demons from within. Billy Graham seems to always fall in with the wrong crowd be it shady preachers, theiving college kids or hard partier wrestlers. With the WWE closely watching his writing, they seems to haelp get a come clean with yourself out of Billy Graham. While the book is a wealth of Superstar Billy Graham's territory days, the book always has a dark cloud hanging over it. Sex, drugs and more drugs seem to sum up Billy's existence in wrestling. Like many other wrestlers who fall from grace because of such, Billy reverts back to Religion and the last chapters are spent being a bit preachy. Maybe someone who lived such a Tangled life needs to get this off his chest. Billy is given a second chance in life with a new liver after steriods and drugs had destroyed his own.

On the postive side of this book are lots of good road stories. Unlike many wrestlers writing books, Billy Graham does not pretend he was the next coming of Frank Gotch. He knew he had the look, the gift of talking and was able to get by with that instead of pure wrestling ability. Billy does a pretty good job chronicling his travels from territory to territory and his feuds, great matches along with his battle against drugs at each stop.

Rating: 7 out of 10, great story telling but too much nonwrestling info that was a downer. I guess you can not tell the story of Supertar Billy Graham and make it all glory and happy endings, that would not be an accurate account of this legends life. I am glad Billy has gotten his life together and is doing well and if you are a fan of this superstar this book is a must. In Fact if you are a fan of pro wrestling its a must. If you have battled your own deomons, then this book gives you that perspective of another man's fight and how Religion helps him out.

Reviewed by Greg Mosorjak on December 29, 2006.

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