Cheating Death, Stealing Life

by Michael Krugman & Eddie Guerrero

Description: If there is one Wrestling book that every fan must own this is it!

I recently decided I wanted some of the best Wrestling books on the market, So I purchased Eddie Guerrero (Cheating Death Stealing Life from, Mick Foley (Have a Nice Day also from and Ric Flair (To be the man from I realised that by purchasing and reading this book it would be a bitter sweet experience (As Eddie's death Hit me like a brick to the head, after a tremendous day of Wrestling on the Saturday before), but after following Eddie's career for the last 9 years (From WCW - WWE) I thought I owe it to myself to buy this book.

The one thing that is missing in a lot of Wrestling books, is honesty. Well do not worry as in this book that is not a factor at all. This is a truly honest (brutally at times) account of Eddie Guerrero's life. There are items that are addressed that Wrestling fans might be aware of the Fight with Michael Hegstrand (aka Road Warrior Hawk) in Japan, you get to hear Eddie's extremely honest account of the incident. Up and including the backstage incident in WWE with Charlie Hass, Eddie gives another honest account of this too.

There are things which we as Wrestling fans are were not aware of, why after a successful tour of Japan Eddie could not get booked in Mexico, the incredibly brutal recall of WCW backstage politics, the almost fatal car crash in December 1998, Eddie's trials and tribulations with drug and alcohol addiction to redemption in Winning WWE Title at WWE No Way Out '04. Those are just a few things covered in this book, but anything and everything is covered in great detail with an honesty that can't be matched in any other book.

Overall: The most honest (sometimes brutal) account of a person's life I have ever read, any question about Eddie you ever wanted answered is so in this book. This book makes you believe that you knew the 'Real' Eddie Guerrero, even though I will never unfortunately get to meet the man. This book also makes you understand why the following days after Eddie's death why there were over 150,000 e-mails and messages of Condolences sent to his family. If you are an Eddie fan or a Wrestling fan you owe it to yourself to purchase this book, personally this is the best 12 I have ever spent.

Rating: Eddie Guerrero 'Cheating Death Stealing Life' gets a 10/10 it is that Good! Buy this book now, you will not regret it!! THANK YOU EDDIE!

Reviewed by Oliver Newman on February 7, 2006.

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