Elite Pro Wrestling Training

The Professional Wrestlers' Workout & Instructional Guide

Elite Pro Wrestling Training

by Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat & Les Thatcher with Alex Marvez

Description: Even though I am just a fan of professional wrestling, and have no experience in the business what-so-ever, I still often get asked about how to break into the business. Usually I comeback with, "how the hell should I know?" or "when you find out, tell me please!" From now on whenever somebody asks me that question, my response will be "Buy the Professional Wrestlers' Workout & Instructional Guide!"

A legendary wrestler once said, "to be the man, you got to beat the man!" Well you have to do a lot of hard work before you even get anywhere near the "man". You need to be trained by the man. Well three of these MEN -- Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat & Les Thatcher -- got together and formed the Elite Pro Wrestling Training and began running seminars for trainees. They also decided to write their own textbook, and called it "The Professional Wrestlers' Workout & Instructional Guide" complete with illustrations of Nigel McGuiness & Matt Stryker demonstrating basic wrestling moves.

Not only do the trainers run you through the ins and outs of the current wrestling world, they openly discuss wrestling's top-secret history and compare how things have changed between then and now. The trainers will admit that it was a lot different from the time they broke into the business, but no less tougher for today's wrestlers. Today's trainees have different challenges and obstacles. There is also a detailed run-down on the challenges of developing the right image, including modifying your body type through a tough workout regime and strict diet - honest tips that I have personally never seen in a wrestling book. The absolute best parts of this book are the pictorial demonstrations of about 50 of the most basic moves along with descriptions on how to properly perform the holds. Everything from taking a bump the right way to executing a simple hip toss or body slam; all the way up to more advanced moves such as the figure four leg-lock and atomic drop. That only scratches the surface of things you will learn by reading this book cover to cover.

It is my humble opinion that if you read this book, respect its philosophies, and also have the proper passion and desire for wrestling, there is no doubt in my mind that you will succeed. You may not make it to the WWE but you will find great triumph on the independent circuit.

Rating: 10/10 Highly Recommended to any man or woman who has ever thought about stepping into a wrestling ring. This is a crash course in professional wrestling's basic training procedures. This book should be mandatory reading for anybody who wants to be a wrestler.


Reviewed by Brad Dykens on February 21, 2006.

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