Gordon Solie... Something Left Behind

by Gordon Solie, Robert and Pamela Allyn

Description: I consider myself unfortunate to have come along in this world too late to experience the greatness that was Gordon Solie. By the time I was introduced to anything outside of McMahon-land it was too late, Mr. Solie was pretty much retired and out of the spotlight. I heard his name many times, and read about him in magazines all the time. The stories of what he contributed to the wrestling business always made me wonder just what kind of man he really was. It seemed nobody ever had a bad thing to say about him. A few years later, through the miracle of videotape, I did get see and hear the golden voice of professional wrestling work his magic. I was so impressed by his intelligent vocabulary and undeniable ability to get a wrestler or storyline over with the fans. I quickly became a fan of Gordon Solie.

So when I found out that Gordon Solie's daughter, Pamela Allyn, had collaborated with her husband, Robert, to assemble a collection of her father's personal memoirs, short stories, poems, and photos, all laid out in scrap book form, I knew I had to add it to my collection of wrestling books. It is a brilliant journey through the life and career (several of them actually) of wrestling's most respected announcer. In the pages of this book you will learn about Gordon's childhood, his early days in radio, his stint in the Air Force, his experiences with an interesting concept known as "Thrillcade", his love of stock car racing, his career as a pro-wrestling announcer, and on top of all that you will read interesting short stories and poems written about various topics that interested Gordon at the time. One particular short story was the opening chapter of a screenplay Gordon wrote that was so suspenseful I couldn't wait to turn the page.

I would like to thank Robert & Pamela Allyn for sharing Gordon's life with me, and with anybody else who picks up this book to read it. I found it to be more than just a wrestling book, but a scrapbook about the life of a truly wonderful man who meant a lot of things to a lot of different people. Included in this book are a large number of never before seen photographs straight from the Gordon Solie collection, bringing his stories to life with illustration. Every fan of professional wrestling will have Gordon Solie's voice etched in their mind forever, and now they can own a piece of his life.....

Rating: 8/10 Recommended highly for anyone who respected Gordon Solie. That's everybody.

Reviewed by Brad Dykens on January 31, 2006.

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