Kurt Angle: It's True! It's True!

by Kurt Angle with John Harper

Description: Kurt Angle can be considered the bridge that gapped the worlds of amateur and professional wrestling. If it wasn't for Kurt, there would have never been a Lesnar or a Benjamin. He brought credibility to both sports and he is the reason why we will probably be seeing more wrestlers from the amateur ranks make it to the sport of kings. Unfortunately, Angle is not the bridge between fine writing and pro wrestling.

Don't get me wrong, Angle is one of my top three favorite wrestlers of ALL TIME. He's a garenteed hall of famer, he's the new "best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be", but his book falls short for a wrestling book. First thing that fans have to realize is that unlike alot of pro wrestlers, Angle wasn't a Pro wrestling fan until 1998. His history and childhood are not full of stories about watching wrestling on Saturday mornings or going to the high school gym to check out a indy show. Instead, it is about his...childhood, which has nothing to do with pro wrestling. Don't get me wrong, it is still an interesting childhood and if you're a fan of amateur wrestling or Angle, you will enjoy it. But from the wrestling stand point it is not fun what so ever. It is only until the last few chapters that we get to see what his experiences are in wrestling. However, this book is so horribly written, that one can totally tell that it is not Angle that is telling the story. I actually felt the ghost writer in the story and I felt cheated. If you see it at a bargain bin and are a die hard wrestling fan like me, go pick it up. However, if you just like wrestling and aren't too keen on reading stuff that's not about wrestling, don't bother.

Rating: Rating 5 out of 10

Reviewed by andrew Lee on February 21, 2005.

Eric Anderson wrote in with his review:
A great story about a guy who's greatest competion was himself and his siblings. He proudly made it to the big time, and in surprising Angle form, does not tell his story in an egotistical manner. Not much to the story, but it's definitely a feel gooder. 7/10.

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