Pure Dynamite: The Price You Pay for Wrestling Stardom

by Tom Billington (Dynamite Kid)

Description: Tom Billington aka Dynamite Kid, is reknowned throughout the wrestling world as one of the best wrestler's ever. Either as part of the tag team British Bulldogs, or solo, he was able to put on technical clinics that inspired many of the top wrestlers today, most notably Chris Benoit. This book is his opinion of his life, the wrestling business and those in it. He describes the business during the 80s as filled with steroid abuse, drug taking and corruption. It is filled with humorous and dark moments. Questions are answered, but it should be noted that this book was written by a man crippled by the thing he loved best.

Rating: Oh I am going to get my ass kicked when I say that I hated this book. As an Englishman, I always had a love of home-grown talent. I loved the Bulldogs and what I saw of Kid as a solo star. I expected a book filled with humorous stories, anecdotes about himself and others. Of course I knew there would be some bitter moments and resentment for his 'cousin' Davey Boy Smith. But there's resentment and then there's hatred. As we never, ever perceived the Bulldog as being a traitor (always as typical, cheeky Englishman) we cannot relate to the man he describes and it seems that most, but not all of his opinions of him have just boiled up over the years and transformed into undiluted bile. Kid comes off as being a bitter twisted man. I tried to enjoy this book and I agree that this book is a page-turner, but unless you want a glimpse of what true hatred is you will never re-read it.

Rating: 4/10

Reviewed by David Simpson on April 2006.

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