Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Tag Teams

by Greg Oliver & Steven Johnson

Description: The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, The Tag Teams, might be the most complete historical book on pro wrestling ever written. Steve & Greg did an excellent job in researching every tag team in the book. They interviewed the teams, their opponents or at the very least a family member of a deceased tag team. This book covers the length of modern pro wrestling as we know it going back to the Dirty Duseks in the 1940's to The Hardy Boyz of today. They break the book into sections and start off by ratiung the top 20 tag teams of all time. Its hard to argue against the Fabulous Kangaroo's as their choice as the greatest tag team of all time (though some will). Contoversary is never far behind in rating tag teams and fans all have their favorites. Modern teams like The Road Warriors and British Bulldogs are rated very high along with The Duseks and and The Anderson Brothers. The book takes a trip through history and gives nice rundowns of most of the great tag teams in the history of wrestling. The Golden Era, The Territory years, The Brother tag teams, The Evil Foreigners and the National Era are all covered in detail with all their great teams.
Again I can not stress the amount of research that went into this book so that the Kamilkoffs and the von Brauner Brothers got the same great coverage that the Freebirds and The Von Erich Family gets. Every tag teams gets from several paragraphs to several pages. Great classic photos are sprinkled throughout the book. The only controversary occurs when a fans of one tag team feel that their team should be rated righer in the top 20. Their criteria of longevity, gate draw, influence over future teams and seceral other factors are used to define teir ratings. Sure a fan of the Midnight Express might feel they were a better team than The Duseks because they never saw them wrestle. I think Steve & Greg cover all bases on why teams fell where they did. They also start the book with a great history of tag team wrestling and its metomophesous.

Rating: 10 out of 10 -- I highly reccomend this book as the best historical book on pro wrestling ever written.

Reviewed by Greg Mosorjak on January 24, 2006.

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