Every Man Has His Price: The True Story of Wrestling's Million Dollar Man

by Ted DiBiase

Description: Every man has his price, I guess Dibiase did to write this book. Honestly, what can I say, I bought it and was greatly disappointed, more so then when I read Lawler's book (read my review on that one too). Dibiase has had one of the greatest careers in the WWF, one of the most memorable and I'm sure he has many great stories about it. In fact, his step-father (which he clearly states is his real father) was also a pro wrestler, so you know Dibiase has great stories about the NWA from his childhood. But we get none of that!!! We only get GOD. Now, I'm not knocking the man's faith and his career. Both are really good and both will have no effect from my minor comments. But I'm reviewing a book here, and my job is to be non-bias no matter the wrestler or BEING. And I am telling it the way it is. Dibiase does quick 2 line reviews about all his wrestling experiences. It sucks. All we read about is his relationship with God. And once again, I'm not knocking GOD or his faith, but this is suppose to be about wrestling not God. Dibiase even wrote this when the NWO was big and when he was a part of it and he only gives like 3 lines for it. Come on!!! If you like God and inspirational stories, read this book. IF YOU LIKE READING ABOUT WRESTLING, READ THE BACK OF A WWE CLASSICS ACTION FIGURE PACKAGE, YOU'LL GET MORE ABOUT WRESTLING FROM THAT THAN THIS BOOK. Every man does have a price, and my price to make me read this book again is 1 million dollars

Rating: I give 3 out of 10.

Reviewed by andrew Lee on August 6, 2005.

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