Sex, Lies & Headlocks

The Real Story of Vince McMahon & The WWF

by Shaun Assael & Mike Mooneyham

Description: There is no little whisper in your ear. There is no backstage politics. This is just the history of the WWF/WWE in their dirtest state. This is the book Vince MacMahon doesn't want you to read. In fact, this is the book alot of wrestlers probably don't want you to read. Anyone who has been interested in wrestling in any shape or form, whether it be an inspiring pro wrestler to the casual fan, this is the book you have to read. It is only till you know both the good and the bad, then you can make a decision to see if you really love it or not. And we all know the good side of wrestling, that's why we're fans. But how often do we see wrestling in its purest form?

What this book gives us is an indept look at how everything started and how things are run in the business. And this is a warning, there is not one positive thing in this book. At times this book will make you disgusted. At times it will make you swear that you'll never watch the sport again. It compells you and tests your passion for the sport all the way through till you are exhausted. And this, readers, is why this is such a good book. It is only when we have seen the bad that we can truly appreciate the good. What this book will do is make you either hate wrestling for the rest of your life or appreciate it even more; the choice will ultimately be up to you.
On bad side about this book is that alot of it is based on hearsay and rumors, so that does break down the credibility of the book, but then again how many times do wrestling fans turn to the internet for news based on hearsay?

One of the defining moments in the book is their depiction of the steroid scandal. When one reads about it and then reads another persons version of it, it's like you're reading about a totally different story. Take Piper's involvement in the trial. Piper's version, which can be found in "In the Pit with Piper", is obviously narrated to make himself look good. Now when you read the version found in "Sex, lies and Headlocks", (Best title Ever) you see a version that makes Piper look like a complete idiot. And remember, this is the non-bias point of view, so it's gotta be more accurate.

It's scenes like these that make the book both very entertaining to read and degrading to the fans at the same time, which is why every wrestling fan must read this. IT WILL TEST YOUR PASSION.


Reviewed by andrew Lee on February 21, 2005.

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