World Wrestling Insanity

The Decline and Fall of a Family Empire

by James Guttman

Description: If it wasn't for INsanity, the WWE would have no sanity at all. James Guttman set out to explore the behind the scenes chaos within Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment over the past decade or so. It's quite reasonable to suggest that the McMahon Family would not be happy with Guttman's realistic portrayal of the World's biggest wrestling company.

Inside the pages of World Wrestling Insanity you will be walked through some of the WWE most aggravating issues such as it's misuse of ECW, the over-push of the boss's daughters husband, Racism, Sexism, Unions, Diva Searches, Tough Enough Contests, Wrestler's court, Johnny Ace. Perhaps the most intriguing chapter focuses on how the McMahon members all went from the most vulnerable and feeble on-screen characters to the most dominant practically over-night. Parody-alert. Of course there is a lot more than what I've just said, but I can't ruin the WHOLE book for you!

True, Guttman has never been employed by WWE, but at least he took the time to understand the difference between what is posted on the Internet and what may, or may not, be true in real life. He backs up his claims with facts that are not made up out of thin air, but are plainly visible to anybody who follows the product. Guttman calls upon some of wrestling's top names to help back up his claims; The pages of this book include insight from Terry Funk, D-Lo Brown, Missy Hyatt, Charlie Haas, Elix Skipper, Amy Weber and others. Oh and by the way, the creative illustrations the author has provided will have you laughing 'til the cows come home.

More information on this book can be obtained at James Guttman's website:

www.World Wrestling Insanity

Rating: 7/10 Borderline parody, but positively entertaining and in a way, very thought provoking. Above average for an author not connected to the business. Recommended for frustrated fans and non WWE-employees.

Reviewed by Brad Dykens on July 3, 2006.

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