WrestleCrap: The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling

by R.D. Reynolds

Description: Hello I come to you as like all of you are wrestling fans. Now wrestling has a lot of great moments in it such as Mick Foley winning the title but there has been a lot of bad moments and this book covers it well. Going from such moments as Mr. Warrior returning to the WWF/WCW to the NWOverkill and from such wrestlers as Val Venis to Mae Young and so on and so forth. Some of my favorite moments covered in this book are when Nails choked Vinnie Mac The little film bits of WCW with Sting and Vader and How Vince Russo loses wcw.

This book has a wonderful foreword by John Tenta who is better known as Earthquake

Rating: So my score on the whole book would have to be an 9/10

Reviewed by Brian Weiss on February 16, 2005.

Description: This book should have been called "Bookcrap", because that's what it is. Now, many of you reading that first line might think, "But wait, this kid doesn't know what he's talking about, everyone else loved it!" Well, the funny thing is everyone did love it, but if you're like, and YOU ARE A FAN OF THE SITE, THEN THIS BOOK FALLS WAY, WAY SHORT. "Wrestlecrap", tries, very hard, to show the very humorous side of wrestling, all the really crappy gimmicks that are great to reminisce about. And in the beginning of the book, Reynolds does that. He begins, in full detail about the mystery and then birth of the Gobbled Gooker (I think I spelled it right). And with that you get a great visual on that gimmick and you have fun while you read it.

Unfortunately, that great moment passes and then comes the rest of the book. after that great introduction, Reynolds starts to bore you with really crappy descriptions on gimmicks and doesn't even bother to relate from one gimmick coverage to the next. Tell me, how do you only give a 2 line description for Kwang, when he was such a memorable character????

And to make matters worse, the book stops being about gimmicks and ends up being about WCW, and how they ruined themselves. It makes a large part of "Wrestlecrap" and after reading it I wondered, "Why bother buying 'The Death of WCW' I just read it."

Now, don't think I'm some sort of "playa hater" of some sort. I am a fan of the website and visit it often. And as a fan of that website, I was greatly disappointed with the book. I understand that there are way too many gimmicks to cover, but that isn't an excuse, Reynolds didn't even cover half the crap. He simply tried glossing over stuff and gave us a crap load...of crap. I think it would have been done better if he actually did what he claims he is doing in the opening pages, cover the goods of a gimmick and remind us why we still cherish it, because it's wrestling. That would be like devoting 10 gimmicks per book. If Reynolds did that he would have had an anthology of wrestling's past. Instead all he has, is crap.

Rating: I give this book a 3 out of 10

Reviewed by andrew Lee on August 6, 2005.

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