Austin vs McMahon

The Whole True Story

Description: If any WWE video needed an update and DVD re-release it would be this one. (And no, the WWE Attitude: aka. Let's just release our old videos with no DVD extras: Doesn't count.)

Over the last 10 years, no feud has been more memorable or successful than that of the Redneck Working-class hero Stone Cold Steve Austin against the Corporate Billionaire Devil Mr Vincent Kennedy McMahon. It more or less saved the company.

This video, charts the entire feud (oddly not from the first stunner) through to McMahon not wanting Austin as champion. 'It's not just a no. It's a OH HELL NO!' The hilarious series of Dude Love matches, Corporation, Higher Power and final end at Fully Loaded 1999.
There are many (This site included) who felt this feud ended on a bad note re: Higher Power, but I for one loved it. The betrayal of Vince by Shane, stalking and kidnapping of Stephanie (when she was cute and didn't speak), formation of Corporate Ministry with The Undertaker, the excellent Over the Edge Undertaker vs Austin match, with both McMahon's as referees 'Austin has been screwed!' and final twist of the Higher Power behind it all being Vince himself 'It was me Austin! It was me all along Austin!' was excellent television.

This was capped off by the creation of Austin as CEO of WWE and the hilarious weeks with Austin in charge. 'You're fired for looking stupid, now get your ass out the door!' and of course the classic 'Scratch Shane McMahon's salary, this is now the beer budget!'

This video includes interviews from all those involved. (Though not Austin, who was undergoing surgery at the time) Kayfabe is not broken, and the story is told as real which can at times be irritating, but is an excellent trip down memory lane.

The only problem is (as I said at the beginning) this badly needs an update. After the trend of reminiscing DVDs (Ric Flair, Jake the Snake and Monday Night War etc.) WWE should have capitalised on Austin while he was still with them. An update still covering the same time period (not the awful Austin and McMahon alliance, Kumbyah nonsense) would be interesting, with a more honest telling of the story and how it evolved over the two years would be great viewing.

Extras would have to include:

Austin's first stunning of McMahon.
Tyson Press Conference: 'You ruined it! You ruined it, dammit!'
All the Corporate Austin stuff 'The easy way or the hard way!'
Austin vs Dude Love: Over the Edge 98 'By my hand only!'
Judgement Day 1998 Aftermath 'You're Fired!'
Bang 3:16: 'McMahon 3:16 says I just pissed my pants!'
Highlights from Royal Rumble 1999 (Obviously the entire thing would be too much to ask)
Austin vs McMahon: St Valentine's Day Massacre 1999
Austin vs Undertaker: Over The Edge 1999 *
Higher Power Compilation
Stone Cold CEO
Stone Cold vs Shane & Vince, Ladder Match: King of the Ring 1999
Final Raw with Austin sending McMahon off 'You are living proof that a sorry son of a b*tch will never beat a son of a b*tch like me!'

* This match was a very good match, but of course will never be released due to the death of Owen Hart's sad death. Come on WWE!

Rating: All of those who want this, give me a HELL YEAH!!!!

Reviewed by David Simpson on January 9, 2006.

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