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Rey Mysterio

Biggest Little Man

Description: Truly, there are few wrestlers past or present who can lay claim to a career as illustrious as the one of Rey Mysterio. Whether in Mexico, ECW, WCW, or WWE, he's earned the admiration and respect of fans and fellow wrestlers alike for his extraordinary athleticism and charisma. Even more important is how instrumental he has been in disproving long-held notions that size, style or ethnicity may limit one's chances of success in the wrestling industry. It should therefore come as no surprise that WWE has given fans this career-spanning 3-disc collection featuring nearly thirty matches that chart Mysterio's rise from Lucha prodigy to arguably the most recognizable masked wrestler worldwide.

Rey himself provides introductions and background info from various locations around his native San Diego for each match. Naturally, there is a plethora of classic WCW cruiserweight combat showcasing Mysterio against longtime rivals like Dean Malenko, Psychosis, Juvi, and of course Eddie Guererro. A few matches were also on Rey's previous single-disc retrospective, but the sheer number of rarely seen contests included more than makes up for any redundancy.

Some may disagree, but for the sake of continuity WWE chose to omit anything from Mysterio's unmasked period during the declining days of WCW. This is unfortunate for those who don't remember the many excellent matches he had during that time along side Kidman as the Filthy Animals. Instead, the latter half of the set jumps from early '99 WCW straight to Rey's 2002 WWE debut and focuses on the many significant matches he's put on in this decade.

It would be redundant to try to enumerate or rank the matches included herein, as they are all first-rate, but when you consider that Rey has endured at least one severe knee injury per disc, his consistency in recent years is that much more remarkable. In truth, the only thing even worth complaining about is the lack of any alternate commentaries. Rest assured The Littlest Big Man is as entertaining as any WWE DVD package you may have bought or will buy in the future. Fans of his recent efforts, those not around for Mysterio's early days or old codgers nostalgic for the 90s heyday of cruiserweight wrestling will find this to be a treasure trove of magnificent action. This call from the 619 is one you'll definitely want to answer.

Reviewed by Aaron Hurt on December 2, 2007.

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