Brock Lesnar

Here Comes The Pain

Description: Nearly a year after Brock Lesnar's departure, it kind of feels uncomfortable having to review his DVD considering all the uproar and lawsuits that occurred earlier this year. Brock Lesnar, regardless of what some people say, was actually a true wrestling talent. He was not only a big star but also one of the best performers on the roster. He was the first big man since Mike Awesome that got me interested in him and he was the one that was part of some of the best feuds of 2002-2003. Now that he's gone, a little respect for him has faded away to say the least and watching the DVD made me feel cold: I felt like wanting to go out and take a walk for a while. It's kind of hard just thinking about it especially when you consider what Brock was doing in the ring and how he just left the company.

Personal issues aside, if people can forget what's happening today, this DVD is good, worthy viewing and is a solid one-hour analysis on Brock Lesnar's rise from NCAA Wrestling to becoming the youngest WWE Champion...before it would be dethroned by Randy Orton two years later. The main feature is a decent mini-documentary featuring passionate interviews from Paul Heymen and Gerald Brisco and shows how an unknown, seemingly green monster became one of the most dominant champions on the roster. His feuds with The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, John Cena and Big Show are covered here as well as his first dark matches with Funaki and Spike Dudley, RAW debut and how he managed to survive the "Shooting star press" from WMXIX.
The extras are surprisingly nifty and nicely selected. We see his match with Hogan where the Hulkster managed to make Lesnar into a credible monster, his WWE title victories over the Rock at SummerSlam and the Undertaker at No Mercy, a decent if comical Stretcher match with Big Show and his ****1/2 encounter with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XIX, which ranks as Brock Lesnar's finest match. If anything, get this DVD for the bout here: a tremendous display of technical wrestling, good psychology and several holy-shit moments, all blossomed by a terrific performance from a then injured Kurt Angle.

If you're still a Lesnar fan, then this DVD is for you. It might not be the Ultimate Ric Flair Collection but for anyone who's interested in analyze the personal life and career of a wrestler for a good hour will enjoy this. Even if you don't like Lesnar, at least give this one a try...if you can find it anywhere.

Rating: Recommended.

Reviewed by JLR on March 25, 2005.

JoeCool1 write in his review::
Chapters :
1 - Growing Up
2 - Debut: Destruction
3 - King Brock
4 - Vengeance
5 - Sends Tommy Dreaming
6 - Brock Vs Rock
7 - Battling The Dead Man
8 - Surviving The Big Show
9 - Wrestling Machines
10 - Road To Wrestlemania
11 - Wrestlemania
12 - Backlash
13 - Stretcher Match
Extras :
Vs Hulk Hogan SmackDown 8/8/02
Training For SummerSlam Confidential 8/14/02
SummerSlam Experience Confidential 9/7/02
Vs The Rock SummerSlam 8/25/02
Hell In A Cell...Vs Undertaker No Mercy 10/20/02
Wrestlemania XIX...Vs Kurt Angle 3/30/03
Stretcher Match...Vs Big Show Judgement Day 5/18/03
Vs Big Show SmackDown! 6/12/03

Joe's Review - The Extra's on this DVD rule! I finally got to see the match with Big Show where the ring broke. It is so amazing I had to watch it a ton of times. His matches with Big Show, Hulk, Angle & Rock are well worth the price of this dvd. His stretcher match with Big Show stands out as one of the greatest matches ever (in my opinion). Brock brings it every match and this dvd shows some of his best moments so far.

DVD Grade = A

Joe Recommends = Go buy this DVD if you are a fan of Brock Lesnar or if you like any of these matches. This DVD is a nice addition to any WWE collection. One of my first WWE DVDs and well worth every penny.

Reviewed by Joecool1 on October 28, 2005.

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