Hulk Still Rules

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Description: Before he was the idol of millions, before he was Hulk Hogan, Terry Bollea was a fan with a dream, But even he couldn't imagine where that dream would lead.

No one in sports-entertainment has had quite the ride that Hollywood Hulk Hogan has. For the past 18 years, he has been the single most recognizable person in all of the industry. And for the majority of his 25-year career, he has been on the short list of the game's elite, headlining wherever he went and creating a cultural movement called Hulkamania in the process. This is his story.

Joe's Review - My God! The documentary on disk one is worth the price alone. Even if you are not a Hogan fan (which I am) all the clips and matches with other legends is worthwhile. I am still watching the documentary is worth the price. I lucked out. I got this disk brand new, factory sealed for $20 on Some people are selling it for as much as $60 on there or more. The rarity is because it is a WWF DVD and all the editing is not done on it. This is not available to buy from WWE anymore.
Of course like most wrestling documentaries they mostly focus on his beginning and current or ending. You go from the 80's and skip his feud with Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior and his exit from WWF abd gkisses over his WCW years. This is understandable because you have to have material for Macho Man and Warrior DVDs. The Warrior section is pretty much covered in Warrior's DVDs. Most of Hulk's Wrestlemania moments are left for the Wrestlemania DVDs which is also understandable. There has to be a selling point for those DVDs and a lot of Hulk's matches are it.

The DVD is worthwhile for non Hulk fans because of all the other legends of the WWF-WWE. I write this will still watching the documentary for the FIRST time and not seeing any of the extras outside of the Easter Egg of "Real American" on Disk One. Seeing Hogan/Rock is special too. I never saw this on DVD before only on downloaded low quality video clips. The Wrestlemania DVD sets should be good for any fans especially Hogan fans for the first 8 Wrestlemanias and Wrestlemania X8.

The genius of WWE DVD's is that it gives you what you should get from each superstar. Like it doesn't give Hogan losses (like to Warrior, or Undertaker) but puts those matches on the other superstar's DVDs and leaves most Wrestlemania matches for the Wrestlemania DVDs to come out that way there will be interest in buying them.

Sure some will say a lot is missing here but you can't please everyone. This DVD set should please MOST! I am already pleased by the documentary alone. I feel that it should have deserved at least 2 hours instead of one hour. The extras more than make up for this!

The interplay between Hulk and the Montreal crowd was special to see. I only ever saw this online. It even tops his Hall Of Fame induction! Really they need to come out with a second and third set to be complete.

People who talk about Hogan's ego and politics should see the segment where Hogan meets and signs for his fans. He genuinely cares! He even hugs this woman who absolutely adored him. Touching moments. Shows his charisma and heart to a great degree.

Disk One

# 1 - Growing up (Musician days, meeting the Brisco Bros, & going to the World Wide Wrestling Federation)
# 2 - Beginnings (Battles with Andre, Rocky III film role, and exiting the World Wide Wrestling Federation)
# 3 - Dawns of a Superstar (Frustrations in AWA, Vincent K McMahon & the return to World Wide Wrestling Federation)
# 4 - The Birth of Hulkamania (Jan, 23, 1984 - Hogan vs Iron Sheik for the title)
# 5 - Hulkamania Runs Wild (Nine years and still runnin')
# 6 - "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
# 7 - King Kong Bundy
# 8 - Paul Orndorff
# 9 - Andre The Giant
# 10 - Randy Savage
# 11 - Hulkamania Winds Down (The end of an era?)
# 12 - WCW (Hogan joins WCW, wins the title, & forms the New World Order)
# 13 - The nWo (Thw nWo runs wild & the Monday Night War)
# 14 - Back in WWF (Hogan, Hall & Nash return)
# 15 - Wrestlemania X8 (Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs The Rock)
# 16 - Leading to Backlash (The Undisputed title)
# 17 - Backlash 2002 (Hogan vs Triple H)
# 18 - Hulkamaniacs (The fans respond!)

Extras - (All matches/promos below shown in their entirety!)

# 19 - Hogan Debuts at Madison Square Garden (vs Ted DiBiase 12/17/1979)
# 20 - Shea Stadium (vs Andre the Giant 8/9/1980)
# 21 - Hogan returns from the AWA (December 1983)
# 22 - Birthplace of Hulkamania (Hogan vs Iron Sheik 1/23/1984)
# 23 - "Mean Gene" Okerlund Learns the Ropes (Training vignettes from the Tuesday Night Titans show 8/21/1984)
# 24 - The Big Event In Toronto (vs Mr Wonderful Pauls Orndorff 8/28/1986)

WHEW (Breather here!)

Disk Two!

# 1 - All-Star Wrestling 1/2/1980
# 2 - Bash at the Beach (vs Ric Flair 7/17/1994
# 3 - Tuesday Night Titans (Classic Hogan)
# 4 - Mean Gene Interviw
# 5 - Tag Team Match (Hogan & "Mean Gene" Okerlund vs George "The Animal" Steele & Mr. Fugi)
# 6 - This Tuesday In Texas (vs Undertaker 12/3/1991)
# 7 - Puerto Rican Downpour ( vs Big John Studd)
# 8 - Saturday Night's Main Event (vs Nikolai Volkoff 10/5/1985)
# 9 - Saturday Night's Main Event (vs Mr Perfect 4/28/1990)
# 10 - Saturday Night's Main Event (Hogan & Andre the Giant vs King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd)
# 11 - Wrestlevision (vs "Rowdy" Roddy Piper 11/7/1985)
# 12 - Royal Rumble (1/21/1990)
# 13 - Survivor Series (11/24/1988)
# 14 - Harley Race (3/12/1988)
# 15 - The Genius (11/25/1989)
# 16 - Big Boss Mqn (5/27/1989)
# 17 - Honky Tonk Man (7/29/1989)
# 18 - A cardboard Rock (2/25/2002)

* Spoilers - Easter Egg: Real American Music Video.

How to find it: On disc one, go to "Chapters", then to the third menu (one that starts with "WCW"). Highlight the "Hulk Still Rules" logo by highlighting "Next" and pressing the up arrow. Press enter. The segment will then play.

Easter Egg: Hulk Hogan and Mean Gene Okerlund playing "Tutti Frutti" during an edition of "Tuesday Night Titans" from 1985.

How to find it: On disc two, go to "Extras", then go to the last menu in the section. Highlight the "Hulk Still Rules" logo and press enter. The segment will then play.

Special Features - Over 4 hours of bonus material. 15 rare & classic matches spanning his entire career, including his WWF debut un 1979. Bonus interviews. Interactive menus.

Review On Special Features - I'm breathless. If the Ric Flair or Undertaker DVDs I ordered are anywhere near this good this will be my best WWE bunch of buys ever! This DVD set is 6 hours alone. Ric Flair's is an astounding 11 HOURS and the Undertaker DVD set is about the same.

Missing - A lot of Hulk's Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble appearances and most notably Hulks late WWF and early WCW years. Basically the set treats his WCW years as a failure or like they didnt exist. I guess the Monday Night Wars and NWO DVDs should make up for a lot of missing material here. Still not much to complain about when you consider WWE is smart and not giving everything that is Hulk Hogan away here so you can buy those Wrestlemania DVDs and eventually Royal Rumble and Survivor Series DVDs as well. Most disappointingly is that the Royal Rumble Hogan won on shows from his entrance to winning the match. It would have been much better to show the entire match like the Ric Flair one did.

Music - Real American music video on easter egg on disk one. On opening title screen has his Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child.

Overall - Great DVD set! Highly recommended! Fun,funny and full of nostalgia!

Rating: Grade - A

Reviewed by Joecool1 on October 28, 2005.

Eric Anderson wrote in with his review:
Honestly, this DVD was very disappointing to me. I was expecting a sort of Best of Hulk Hogan. That it was not. The bonus features were all right, but overall it wasn't much to be proud of. 6/10.

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