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Their slogan is "It's not about sex appeal; it's about skill and the ability to kick some butt!" --- IndyGurlz is one of several North American companies who noticed the demand for quality women's wrestling.

The opening match was a tag team battle of the sexes which featured an all-male team called the T-Byrds (Eric Andretti and Joey Image) being humiliated by a pair of farmer's daughters called The Moonshiners (Tollulah Rae and Debbie Sue), or the "Godwinn Sisters" as I like to call them. This match was terrible, but did get the fans motivated, which is the purpose of an opening match. ( 3 / 10 )

Next up was the spitfire Kayla Sparks against the young up-start Melissa Stripes, a new face on the indy scene whom I had heard many good things about but had yet to see wrestle. It would be an understatement to say that I was thoroughly impressed with Melissa Stripes' performance. In fact both of these girls did a phenomenal job working together. This match, unlike the previous bout, was far too short and could have gone five more minutes! ( 7.5 / 10 )

One match wasn't enough for the Moonshiners, who returned to the ring for a unique one-on-one match. Tollulah Rae scored a victory over her sister Debbie Sue in another terrible match that went too long, and failed miserably with the intended comedy. ( 2 / 10 )

Two of my favorite women's wrestlers, Nikki Roxx and Mercedes Martinez squared off in what I would consider the match of the night. It was a stiff battle with Roxx playing the merciless heel and Martinez playing the babyface (I'd have it the other way around). Nikki Roxx enjoyed a long series of offensive attacks but it was Mercedes Martinez who had her hand triumphantly raised after the final bell. ( 9 / 10 )

Psycho vs Jana. This was a short squash match with poor Jana getting destroyed by Psycho, who, in my opinion, is the worst female wrestler on the face of the planet. ( 2 / 10 )

It was time for a little tag team action, with Kayla Sparks and Alicia facing off against Melissa Stripes and Taylor Nicole. The highlights of this match took place when Sparks and Stripes were in the ring together. The last time I saw Alicia she was an inexperienced valet, but I was happy to see that she was now trained to wrestle taking her craft seriously now and pretty darn good too! It ended up being a pretty decent match but this one also could have gone longer. ( 6.5 / 10 )

The main event was a triple threat match between Sumie Sakai, Megumi Yobushito and Nikki Roxx. Roxx looked like Godzilla standing next to her petite Japanese opponents. They may have been short but they were full of fire and it made for a really fun match. They saved a lot of cool high spots for this one, which ended with Sumie Sakai kissing Nikki Roxx before she finished her off - so much for not being about sex appeal! Don't worry, it was great! ( 8.5 / 10 )

Final Thoughts: Sure there are some bad matches, but they make up for it with the good matches. If there is one thing that I get across with this review, it's that I want to put over how great Kayla Sparks and Melissa Stripes are. I sense a great deal of potential in both of them and I expect great things from each girl.

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