Mason Raige

Watch Me.....Because You Can't Stop Me

Consider Yourself Warned

Description: For those of you who don't know, Mason Raige is currently working towards a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. He made his name wrestling in the New York area for a popular promotion known as the New York Wrestling Connection. Raige was working for the NYWC when he was invited to a WWE tryout back in February of 2005 and impressed WWE agents enough that he was invited to begin training at Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky. Since then he has bounced back and forth from his home promotion NYWC and OVW, where he has developed a new image for himself. Mason Raige is one of the many promising talents floating around the WWE system just waiting for the opportunity to show his stuff in the big leagues. The name of the DVD says it all; watch him, because you can't stop him. His name is Mason Raige.

The first section of the Mason Raige DVD contains a photo gallery / music video which allows you to see the image development that he has gone through over the past several years. A lot of aspiring independent wrestlers don't even look like wrestlers, but Mason Raige has carved his physique into something that can be marketed with the proper guidance.

The next section features interviews from lots New York Wrestling Connection fans showing their support for Mason Raige, one of the company's biggest stars. The "outRAIGEous" fans are solidly behind Raige at NYWC and will cheer for their hometown hero as he works his way towards the WWE. There are also some clips of Mason interacting with some of the younger fans, showing that he is a very classy person and generous with his time. The guy is talented, confident and looks like a million bucks. What more could WWE want?

Before you start asking me, "so what if he looks like a million bucks, can he wrestle?" I must tell you about the third section of the DVD, which features extended highlights of three matches with Mason Raige going up against Damian Adams, Dickie Rodz and Los Locos (from an OVW Taping). All three matches are proof that Raige has what it takes to become a star, but it was his feud with Dickie Rodz in NYWC that lit the promotion on fire in 2006.

Last but certainly not least, the final part of the DVD features Mason Raige cutting two promos from his intense feud with Dickie Rodz in the NYWC, and an exclusive promo for the DVD talking about different kinds of "Rage." This only serves as proof that Raige is the total package and excels in all aspects of sports-entertainment.

Rating: 8 / 10 -- $10 (plus shipping) is a small price to pay to see a guy who is guaranteed to be a future member of the WWE roster.

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Reviewed by Brad Dykens on April 8, 2007.

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