The Monday Night Wars

Raw is War vs Monday Nitro

Description: Monday Night War provides an entertaining, if one-sided, history of how WCW crumbled and WWE succeeded that includes the most of the moments that helped change the direction of the ratings war. But the DVD stumbles heavily on not just the extras but the lack of other historical information not found on the main feature. Sting is barely talked about which is dumb because his feud with the NWO, specifically Hogan, was the main driving force behind WCW's rise in ratings and scenes of other failures and successes like the LWO, Benoit-Booker series, Jericho as a heel, celebrities hired for main events, the Kliq, HBK's "Losing Smile" speech, the Warrior's pathetic WCW comeback, and WCW Champ David Arquette are unfairly ignored and barely noticed. Shockingly, the Fingerpoke of Doom sequence is not talked about, a big mistake considering that it became a turning point in WCW for the worse.
It would've also been nice if we heard more about the legendary Bret-Michaels issue, which pretty much changed the course and backstage morale of WWE in the future or the infamous Hogan-Sting match at Starrcade 1997. Plus, the analysis of how the deaths of Owen Hart and Brian Pillman impacted the shows, Mick Foley's Hell in the cell bumps and reasons why Steve Austin and Mick Foley left WCW would've made this even much more better and worthwhile. Granted, maybe this might be asking to much but these were the major reasons of why the WCW and WWE ratings war turned brutal. Anbd compared to all this detail, the DVD seems more like Cliff Notes. A 3-hour main feature with a bonus disc rather than a 90-minute documentary with a couple of extras would've been so much better.


Reviewed by JLR on March 10, 2005.

Eric Anderson wrote in with his review:
By far my favourite WWE DVD. Of course there were things missed out, but it absolutely sums up what it was like to be a wrestling fan in the 1990s. It was by far my favourite DVD of 2004 and I recommend it to not just anybody, but EVERYBODY. 9/10.

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