NEW JACK: Hardcore

Description: From the makers of 101 Reason's Not To Be a Pro-Wrestler comes a new documentary specifically aimed at the man wrestling fans have come to know as the most voilent and unpredictable man in wrestling today. His name is Jerome Young, but don't call him that if you value your life; As far as you're concerned -- his name is NEW JACK!

No one ever accused New Jack of being softcore. This DVD contains a series of shoot style interviews shot over a number of days in different locations (such as the bathroom and the park). Jack talks about a large number of topics such as his stint in Smokey Mountain, his time in ECW, his choice to start diving off stuff, the Mass Transit incident and the court case that followed, his brutal match with Gypsy Joe, his not-so-nice opinions of Missy Hyatt, his heat with the Dudley Boyz, opinions on dirt sheet writers (specifically Meltzer), as well as the usual stuff like backyard wrestling, arena rats, drugs, money, racism, jail, blood, marks, fans, fights, emails, politics and much much more.

Listening to New Jack's logical testimony and calm good-humored dialogue, you begin to develop a little respect for the guy..... then they hit you with featured video of Jack going crazy in the ring. First, the infamous Gypsy Joe match that was so out of control the promoter stopped the match and a number of fans called the police. The second more disgusting incident showed New Jack going off the script and repeatedly stabbing a no-name independent wrestler in a stunt that landed him in jail for several months. Both matches will leave you feeling nauseous and dirty all over.

The production quality of this DVD has improved enormously since the "101 Reasons" DVD over a year ago, which shows that producer Michael Moody is learning from his mistakes and making better quality projects. It can only get better from here. This documentary also includes cameos from indy veteran Chris Hamrick, promoter Bill Behrens and the legendary Sandman. You will also find about 30 minutes of bonus footage included in the extras section.

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Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by Brad Dykens on April 12, 2006.

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