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Shoot 'Em Up, Penny!

The Penny Banner Interview

Description: The incredible life and legacy of female wrestling pioneer Penny Banner was chronicled in the 2004 release of her autobiography, entitled "Banner Days." Now that several years have passed, the legendary ladies grappler has finally surrendered to the demands from fans to produce the first ever Penny Banner Shoot Interview to set the record straight.

Penny Banner tackled all the frequently asked questions and the many controversial topics surrounding her life, her career, and her thoughts on the world of professional wrestling. While Penny's opinion of the Fabulous Moolah is no secret, she goes into detail about the myths and lies that Moolah perpetrated during her career - despite the fact that Moolah had passed away just two weeks before this interview was shot.

Penny fielded a series of interesting questions submitted via email by her many fans around the globe, focusing on such topics as the Lipstick & Dynamite documentary and the politics that ruined the movie, the birth and demise of the LIWA, modern day female wrestlers, her AWA Women's championship and truth behind the misconceptions regarding the NWA World Women's title. Ms. Banner covers touchy topics like the problems with her ex-husband and the issues she had with Mark Nulty's popular website upon the release of her book. Penny and her moderator also engaged in a lengthy game of old fashioned word association, digging up many familiar names past, present, and future. She also addresses her courageous battle with cancer at the end of the DVD. I have had the pleasure of communicating with Penny over the years, and one of the many things I admire about her is how approachable she is. There aren't many professional wrestlers who allow their email address to be made public and actually replies to all of her emails. Penny is a beautiful person, a TRUE legend of professional wrestling, and an asset to the folklore of the industry.

When asked about her awards and accomplishments, Penny listed many of the accolades she has been honored with - including inductions in several prestigious Halls of Fame. Now I am going to complain to my dear friend Penny for neglecting to mention that just last year, she was the first ladies wrestler to be inducted into the official Online World of Wrestling Hall of Fame. It's okay, I forgive you :)

While Penny continues to maintain a firm grasp on Kayfabe, this is by far the loosest she has ever been in terms of discussing the behind the scenes aspects of professional wrestling. Some people are very unforgiving about legendary wrestlers keeping up the kayfabe philosophy but I feel that it is refreshing, especially in this case, that someone is trying to protect those time-honored principles.

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Reviewed by Brad Dykens on December 23, 2007.

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