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Women's Chaotic Pro-Wrestling

It all happened back in May of 2005, when eight of the toughest females from around the world gathered in France to fight for the right to call herself the "Queen of Chaos." The DVD was split up into four 25-minute episodes. The DVD runs approximately 110 minutes and was very well developed by the post-production team.

The opening match featured my favorite female wrestler, Ireland's Rebecca Knox taking on a British wrestler by name of Skye. The heelish Knox was very vocal during the match and this made up for the missing commentary. Every time I watch Rebecca Knox wrestle, it always looks like she is one second away from a really hot wardrobe malfunction. On this occasion, Knox chose to wear a pair of tight leather pants and a thong. If I had a nickel for every time she had to pause to pull up her pants I'd have.... well, a few dollars at least! Skye has a school-girl gimmick, but was clearly the less experienced of the two. She did nail a couple impressive maneuvers to exact perfection. Skye actually managed to pin Knox in what I would consider a major upset. I freely admit this temporarily ruined my mood!

The next match was between a 4'11" whiney blonde girl from the UK named Erin Angel facing a skinny German girl named "Jersey." At this point I was wondering what the heck I was getting into. Despite their appearances, they put on a half decent match with Angel playing the heel and Jersey getting all the cheers. The match was interrupted by the appearance of American male wrestler Kid Kash and signaled the end of episode one of the DVD.

The match itself was ruled a No Contest.

Episode two started with Kid Kash going into heel over-drive cutting a promo on everything from women's wrestling, insulting the the European fans, and declaring that United States was superior to everything and everyone. Cheap heat, Kid Kash is the master. Eventually a match was conceived and Kash & Trinity squared off against Nikita (UK) and some dude named "Sick." I can now see why Nikita was signed to a contract with WWE, but I can't see why Trinity was too. Kash was yelling English insults towards Sick, and Sick was firing back with German insults. There was a good mix of various languages show-cased on this DVD. The best parts of this match were when the girls were in the ring, which is appropriate since it is a Queens of Chaos home release. Trinity scored the pin on Nikita after a moonsault in yet another upset!

Episode three began with a short interview segment featuring Sumie Sakai (Japan) with the announcer speaking French and Sakai speaking Japanese -- I'm sure it was good! Then an interesting looking girl named Sweet Saraya appeared and I quickly realized that it was a contract signing. Sweet Saraya supposedly had fifteen years of wrestling experience but I had never heard of her. They signed the documents and then had a fiesty pull-apart catfight. Looks like this will be a good match!

For whatever reason, Kid Kash wrestled that guy named "Sick" again in a singles match and lost.

It was then time for the grudge match between Sumie Sakai (Japan) and Sweet Saraya (UK) and it turned out to be the best match of the entire DVD. I've seen Sumie Sakai wrestle many times in the past, and more often than not she has a great match. Like I said before, I have never heard of Sweet Saraya despite her years of service, but I have to say I was quite impressed. She is a fiery red-head with some dangerously short daisy dukes; a cross between Lita and the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz. She is a total heel and very proud of it! Sumie Sakai has more fun in the ring than any female wrestler I've ever seen. Sakai won the match after a series of rolling small packages and managed to get a handshake out of her nemesis after the match. I really like Sweet Saraya and don't be surprised to find a profile for her on OWW in the near future.

Episode four show-cased the main event of the evening, an 8-Woman gauntlet battle royal to crown the first ever Queen of Chaos. Nikita and Sumie Sakai started the match and exchanged camel clutches while playing to the crowd before Sweet Saraya entered the match. The three girls somehow got themselves tangled in a three-way submission hold just as Erin Angel made her entrance into the match. All the girls avoided elimination until Rebecca Knox made her way into the match, followed by Jersey two minutes later, then Skye, and then Trinity. With all eight Queens in the ring it became a true battle for supremacy. Kid Kash came out and started throwing the girls around until they all ganged up on him and sent him packing -- it was quite the sight!. Sweet Saraya was the first to be eliminated but it wasn't shown on camera -- she may have been injured. Jersey was thrown over the top rope next. Skye was unceremoniously dumped. Sumie Sakai was eliminated. Rebecca Knox was tossed -- booooo! Erin Angel was thrown out in the most foolish elimination in the history of battle royals. It came down to Trinity and Nikita, with the crowd solidly behind Nikita (except for one guy with a yellow "Trinity" sign). Nikita back-dropped Trinity over the top rope onto the apron and then used a baseball slide to knock her to the floor. The first ever World Queen of Chaos Champion is..... NIKITA!!! Pretty cool match, the sort of thing that is rarely seen these days.

Final Thoughts: The DVD has some pretty interesting and creative production features which made for an enjoyable viewing experience. The one thing that I could complain about was the lack of commentary -- DVD's are severely limited when you don't have someone to call the action. Hopefully they can incorporate that in future releases.

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