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Queens of Chaos - Chaos with a Revenge

This event held by France's all-women promotion known as the Queens of Chaos took place on January 21st 2007. It featured a grueling 30-minute Iron Queen match between USA Goddess and Queens of Chaos Champion April Hunter and Germany's Jazzy Bi. They also presented the Semi-Finals and Finals of a tournament to crown the first ever Queens of Chaos European champion.

The man-hating ROH diva Lacey was on heel over-drive when she took on the ultra babyface Jersey from Germany. Jersey's butt was hanging out of the bottom of her shorts the whole match but I didn't see anybody complaining. Lacey dominated the match until Jersey scored a quick surprise pinfall to win the match ( 6.5 / 10 ). Excellent effort for an opening match.

In the first semi-final match of the European championship tournament, UK heel wrestler Minx, who wore a logo on her shirt of what I assume was that towns rival team, and another German wrestler by the name of Shadow. Both good looking young girls with a surprisingly good grasp on pro-wrestling - especially Minx. Someone is doing a good job training these girls. Once again the heel dominated almost the entire match, but this time the heel (Minx) scored the pinfall with her feet up on the ropes to advance to the finals ( 7.5 / 10 ).

The second semi-final match included UK wrestler Jetta facing an Irish bully by the name of Jenidee. This match was really REALLY boring. I could already envision Minx eating the winner of this match alive in the finals. Jetta won with a sunset flip (great old school move) off the second rope to advance to the finals where she will most likely get destroyed by Minx ( 3.5 / 10 ).

Next up was the 30-Minute Iron Queen match between Germany's Jazzy Bi (who I had previously heard was phenomenal) and American red-head (and good friend of "Online World of Wrestling") April Hunter. Jazzy is smoking hot and uses some spicy stripper moves during her entrance, not to be outdone by the large chested April Hunter who flaunted her "weapons of mass destruction." Sure they look great but could they maintain the fans interest for a full 30-minutes? Jazzy rolled up April within seconds of the opening bell to score the first fall, but then April scored a quick pinfall of her own to even the odds. Twelve minutes later, April Hunter went up two falls to one after making Jazzy tap out with a leg-scissors - now there's something you don't see every day! April then started to stall for time and it boiled down to a game of cat and mouse and then became vicious fighting outside of the ring. They literally fought on top of the fans laps (hey free lap dances!). In America they would file a lawsuit the next day. With ten minutes left in the time limit, Jazzy pinned April and tied the score at two falls a piece. April bailed out of the ring and stalled for time, assuming she would automatically retain her Queens of Chaos title if time ran out with the score tied. At one point April was the victim of a minor wardrobe malfunction and you could hear her ask Jazzy to pull up her pants. The referee got knocked out and Jazzy made April tap out put there was no referee to see it. Jazzy went to check on the referee and April snuck up behind her with a German-suplex (how ironic) and scored a pinfall to get a 3-2 advantage. Jazzy got April back into the submission move and April held on until time ran out and then started to tap out so it didn't count ( 8 / 10 ). Great match! I'm very impressed with Jazzy Bi!!

It was then time to crown the first Queens of Chaos European champion. It came down to the dangerously hot Minx and the fresh faced Jetta (who changed her outfit from Black & Pink to Pink & Black). I can't stress enough how impressed I am with Minx, especially for her young age. If she stays healthy and is willing to travel she will be big some day. Jetta tried the second rope sunset flip (same move she used to defeat Jenidee) but Minx dropped down and pinned Jetta to become the first ever Queens of Chaos European champion ( 7 / 10 ). Congratulations to the lovely Minx -- you really deserve it!

Final Thoughts: The cover art for the DVD (as you can see) is fabulous. There is no commentary, which for the English speaking demographic might be a blessing as this is a French promotion. Women's wrestling is hot all around the world and there seems to be a high demand for it because there is a lot to chose from. This was just another in a series of great DVDs that are changing the perception of women's wrestling that WWE has ruined over the past decade or so.

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