Rey Mysterio


Description: Who's that jumpin' out the sky? R...E...Y Mysterio, here we go.

"619" isn't just San Diego's area code, it's WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio's signature move, recalling his hometown. Join Rey for this special journey from his humble "619" his days in his high-flyin' WWE career. Rey takes us to Mexico, where he first began training. Ger Rey's unique perspectives on his fiercest rivals in the business.

For the first time anywhere, Rey's family members and WWE Superstars help profile the most acrobatic and unique performer in WWE today.

DVD Extras:

10 Additional matches including:

Great American Bash 6/16/1996 --- Vs Dean Malenko - Rey's WCW Debut

Nitro 7/8/1996 --- Vs Dean Malenko - 1st Cruiserweight win

Smackdown! 7/23/2002 --- Vs Chavo Guerrero - Rey's WWE Debut

Smackdown! 9/26/2002 --- Vs Kurt Angle Vs Chris Benoit

This is just plain awesome!

Jump To It:

Who's That?
Rey Injures His Knee
Knee Surgery
Growing Up
Tijuana Memories
Early Training
Early Struggles
WCW Debut
Vs Dean Malenko
Vs Eddie Guerrero
The Mask
WCW's end & going to WWE
WWE Debut
Rey's Crib
Vs Kurt Angle at SummerSlam 2002
Tag Teaming with Edge
Injury & Comeback
Vs Tajiri Vs Jamie Noble
Going To WrestleMania XIX
Vs Matt Hardy at WrestleMania XIX


AAA When Worlds Collide 11/6/1994 --- Rey Mysterio, Heavy Metal & Latin Lover Vs Fuerza Guerrera & Madonna's Boyfriend.

Bash At The Beach 7/7/1996 --- Vs Psicosis

Halloween Havoc 10/26/1997 --- Vs Eddie Guerrero - Mask Vs Title

Bash At The Beach 7/13/1998 --- Vs Chris Jericho

Smackdown! 9/12/2002 --- Vs Kurt Angle

Smackdown! 9/26/2002 --- Vs Kurt Angle Vs Chris Benoit

Smackdown! 11/21/2002 --- Vs Jamie Noble

Confidential "619"

Easter Egg: Seven Mysterio "Coming soon to Smackdown" video packages.

How to find it: Go to the extras menu, highlight any of the first seven matches and press the left arrow. The segment (a different one each match) will then play.

Easer Egg: Rey Mysterio commenting on his theme music.

How to find it: Go to the extras menu, highlight "Who's That?" and press the left arrow. The segment will then play.

Joe's Review - The DVD said it all - This is just plain awesome! My first WWE DVD and the best one in my opinion. Now WWE needs to go back in it's past and bring us a Snuka DVD to compliment this one.

Rating: DVD Grade - A+

Joe Recommends - Go buy this DVD. If you like Rey Mysterio at all you will love this DVD. Well worth it and a great addition to any WWE collection. Better than PPV DVDs and that is saying a lot. WWE has done a lot with Rey & Brock's DVDs. They seem to give fans an incentive to buy the individual superstar DVDs even more so than their PPV DVDs.

Reviewed by Joecool1 on October 28, 2005.

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