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June 8, 2007 - A FIGHT AT THE ROXBURY - Boston, Massachusetts

Brent Albright vs. B.J. Whitmer: The opening match featured the return from injury of B.J. Whitmer, who is now trying to put his violent feud with Jimmy Jacobs behind him. Whitmer may have bitten off more than he could chew by challenging the physically dominant Brent Albright. Whitmer was having a tough time managing his come-back, and quickly became overly frustrated with the situation. Whitmer head-butted the referee and walked out unaffected by the DQ loss ( 6.5 / 10 ).

Little Miss Daizee Haze came out and said the last time she was in Boston she was in a Street Fight and spent some time in the hospital with a serious brain injury. The Haze called out Lacey and said she was going to get what she deserves tonight. Jimmy Jacobs hobbled out to the ring with his cane and said Daizee was so full of piss and vinegar - and it was "so cute." The Haze didn't appreciate this and knocked Jacobs down and started beating him with his own cane! Lacey came out and attacked The Haze, and then checked on Jimmy Jacobs. She seemed more concerned with Jimmy's condition, while Jimmy was barking "go get her!" Wow, talk about roll-reversal! A year ago it was the other way around. Lacey destroyed The Haze and helped Jacobs walk backstage.

"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. Jimmy Rave: Last month, Bryan Danielson returned to Ring of Honor after taking a couple of months off, and looked completely refreshed and reenergized. As far as I'm concerned that is bad news for the rest of the ROH roster, who stands to get stretched, elbowed, and punched into oblivion. The American Dragon looks better than ever, and really put the pressure on Jimmy Rave during this match. Rave got in some brief offensive moves, but it wasn't long before Danielson was hammering Rave with vicious elbows to the side of the head resulting in an all-too-familiar referee stoppage ( 7 / 10 ).

Kevin Steen vs. Mark Briscoe: Not even a severe head injury could keep Mark Briscoe out of the ring of honor. Kevin Steen was by no means going to take it easy on young Mark, as was evident when he gave him a power-bomb over the guard rail into the front row. A few minutes later, Steen caught Briscoe on the top rope and flipped him down to the floor, crashing through a ringside table! That was the beginning of the end, and the end came with a Package-piledriver by "Mr. Wrestling" ( 7.0 / 10 ). Kevin Steen threatened more damage with a chair after the match, but Jay Briscoe made the save and El Generico had to hold Kevin Steen back.

#1 Contenders 4-Corner Survival - Nigel McGuinness vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero vs. Mike Quackenbush: Sweet & Sour Inc. (Larry Sweeney, Tank Toland, and Bobby Dempsey) were in Chris Hero's corner. The tension between the former King's of Wrestling, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, was immediately apparent. There was an amazing amount of talent squeezed into this match. They all showcased their excellent superior abilities until Claudio Castagnoli knocked Mike Quackenbush's head off with a stiff European uppercut for the win ( 7 / 10 ).

Intermission included bubbly Becky Bayless trying to find out what was going on with B.J. Whitmer, but he shot back with "Becky, does it look like I want to talk about this?" before walking off. Kevin Steen & El Generico came in goofing around talking about "doing what they do best." Kevin Steen said he enjoyed putting Mark Briscoe through a table so much that he is going to steal the DVD from the merchandise table and treat like pornography!

"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards vs. Pelle Primeau: The Ultimate Underdog, and Top of Class Trophy holder, Pelle Primeau went head-to-head with Massachusetts based up-and-comer Eddie Edwards in a post-intermission popcorn match. Pelle gets over more when he's losing matches, because the fans love him so much and he fights so passionately. Eddie Edwards picked up a much-need victory in this one and showed respect for little Pelle after the match ( 4 / 10 ).

El Generico vs. Matt Sydal: The crowd erupted at the sound of "Olay! Olay olay olaaay!" followed by the appearance of the flamboyant yet mysterious masked Canadian Luchador El Generico! Matt Sydal came out and is quietly shedding his arrogant heel persona. Both participants obeyed the code of honor, but El Generico took it one step further with a beautiful man-hug! These two guys worked incredibly well together, with Sydal bragging that he has "beaten every masked wrestler in ROH" - referring to experience battling Delirious. It turns out Sydal can continue with that claim, because he had his hand raised with a victory over El Generico ( 8 / 10 ). Matt Sydal shook El Generico's hand after the match and returned the favor with a hearty hug!

6-Man War - The No Remorse Corps vs. The Resilience: Faction warfare boiled over with these two factions going into battle. The No Remorse Corps was made up of fearless leader Roderick Strong, enforcer Rocky Romero, and the cold-hearted Davey Richards. Meanwhile the Resilience of Matt Cross and Erick Stevens were left without a leader when Austin Aries was pulled by TNA, so Delirious stepped in to take his place (not as the leader, but as a tag partner for one night). Delirious would end up fighting a lot of battles side-by-side with the Resilience but never became an official member of the group. The chaos was very limited considering the intensity of the feud, but they maintained a good pace for over twenty minutes of action. Delirious won the match for his team after hitting the Chemical Imbalance II ( 7.5 / 10 ).

Sweet & Sour Inc. were shown at a fitness facility somewhere in Boston, where Tank Toland was trying to whip Bobby Dempsey into shape. They made him do five squats and then started jogging with Chris Hero on his back - he made it a couple of steps before collapsing. Then he got up and started running on his own with Chris Hero running (backwards) beside him to yell insults. I don't see where this gimmick can possibly lead, unless Dempsey actually gets in shape and it doesn't look like he is.

ROH World Title - Takeshi Morishima vs. Jay Briscoe: Every ROH World Champion has to deal with the Briscoes at some point during their reign. Both Briscoe brothers are top contenders in any division, but nobody believes either of them will ever be ROH World champion (And yes my fellow ROH marks, I am fully prepared to eat my own words some day). One thing you can be sure of, is that it will always be a damn good match - and this was no exception. Jay Briscoe, like most of the recent challengers to the ROH World title, has never come face-to-face with anybody as powerful and intimidating as Taskeshi Morishima. Takeshi proved to be far too much for the older Briscoe brother ( 8.5 / 10 ). After the match, Kevin Steen and El Generico attacked Jay Briscoe, and Mark Briscoe ran down and joined in for a lenthy brawl all throughout the building as the event came to a close.

Brent Albright got some promo time, advertising his "Gun For Hire" services and bragging about his victory against B.J. Whitmer tonight. Albright said that the money is in being the ROH champion and now he has his eye on the ROH World championship.

They went back to the fitness facility where, twenty minutes later, Bobby Dempsey was about half way through his first lap while Chris Hero was literally running circles around him. He was coming into the home stretch and tripped over his own feet. Dempsey hit the finish line and they all started doing their 1000 squats. Good luck, Bobby.

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