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November 19, 2005 - A NIGHT OF TRIBUTE - Long Island, New York

Just six days after the tragic death of Eddie Guerrero, ROH dedicated this event to his memory. Eddie was a big part of Ring of Honor in the beginning and helped put ROH on the map. He will be missed. The night started with a 10-bell salute and was followed by yet another night of incredible ROH action.

The opening match featured the return of the Ring Crew Express taking on Jason Blade & Kid Mikaze in a fast-paced tag team match (*** 1/2). Dunn & Marcos have come a long way from their first appearances in ROH but they could stand to update their look. Next was Jimmy Rave with somewhat of a squash over Davey Andrews (* 3/4), but it wasn't the last we'd see of Rave on this night. Italian supermodel Milano Collection A.T. made his second appearance in ROH facing Switzerland's Claudio Castagnoli -- the match had an international feel which I enjoyed very much (*** 1/4). I'm a HUGE fan of Castagnoli, he has the perfect size to become a WWE Superstar; he just has one thing going against him -- he's entertaining! Heeeeeeeeeeeey!

Colt Cabana and Homicide finally got together for a match, albeit under No-DQ rules, and completely destroyed each other in the process. Homicide had his thugs at ringside, Julius Smokes and Grim Reefer (who never gets called by his name) and they were constantly interfering on Homicide's behalf. The crazy spot of the night happened during this match when Homicide executed an Ace Crusher off the second rope through a Table at ringside that should have killed Cabana. The crescendo of violence in this match came to its peak when Homicide choked out Cabana with a coat hanger for the victory. The insanity didn't stop there as Homicide refused to stop after the match. Brutal match and well done by everybody involved (*** 3/4). This certainly ain't over!

Four of ROH's Elite performers took to the ring in a #1 Contenders Tag Team match involving Austin Aries & Roderick Strong taking on Samoa Joe and his prot�g� Jay Lethal. Strong was mentally distracted due to his girlfriend Jade Chung being injured at the hands of Jimmy Rave at the previous event. Joe was on a mission to become the first ever grand slam champion in ROH but came up short after a fantastic tag team match (**** 1/4). Lethal was pinned and was none too happy with himself but felt somewhat disrespected by his mentor. There is obviously more than meets the eye with this one folks, so stay tuned. Aries & Strong celebrated their victory but were attacked by Jimmy Rave in the entrance-way and Rave pedigreed Strong face first onto the stage! Aries helped Strong backstage where they found Jack Evans hanging up-side-down from a ladder ---- just two weeks until Steel Cage Warfare!!

The situation involving the ROH World title was unique with Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles and Matt Sydal clashing in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders match to earn the right to face ROH World Champion American Dragon in the main event. Following this match, American Dragon said he wanted to be fair so he booked himself in a warm up match with Azriael. I won't spoil you on who won the 3-WAY, but I will tell you that the main event was a classic that had to be seen to be appreciated (**** 1/2).

Final Thoughts I thought it would have been a nice touch to show Eddie Guerrero vs Super Crazy on this DVD but instead they only did the 10 bell salute and showed a few short clips of Eddie. I guess unlike some promotions, ROH decided to only pay tribute to Eddie, as opposed to exploiting his death. This was another perfect night of ROH matches, which proves why it is so hard to tell someone which ROH DVDs are the best. I would have to say 80% of them are tied for first, another %15 are tied in a close second, and %5 are tied for third. Thumbs up to Ring of Honor for being consistently entertaining and two thumbs up to ROH wrestlers for making it that way. If you would like to purchase this or any other ROH DVD, please check out - Thank you!

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