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November 4, 2006 - THE BITTER END - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The feud between Homicide and Steve Corino has reached a climax. It is one of those rivalries that gets quiet for short periods but never really goes away. Tonight they intend to put a "Bitter End" to this hellacious feud with an apocalyptic conclusion. There is no better place on the planet to hold a "Fight Without Honor" than the city of Philadelphia.

The DVD began with a promo by Samoa Joe introducing his team-mate for his "Dream Partners" match against American Dragon - someone Dragon is very familiar with, Mr. Nigel McGuinness. Samoa Joe also spoke about KENTA leaving Ring of Honor to go back to Japan, and said he has a "going away" present for KENTA to take back to his buddies in NOAH. Since Nigel McGuinness works for NOAH, he was caught off guard by this statement and wasn't sure what to think of Joe.

"M-Dogg20" Matt Cross made his singles match debut in ROH (he was in a Six-Man-Mayhem match at the last show) and it was the job of Christopher Daniels to help get the newcomer over with the ROH fans. M-Dogg20 did some very unique moves, which he is known for, and really won over the audience by the end of the match. Christopher Daniels scored the victory after an Angel's Wings but it was Matt Cross who the fans were cheering for after the match ( 6 / 10 ). The Fallen Angel shared the fans respect for Cross and they shook hands. The King's of Wrestling showed up out of nowhere and attacked Christopher Daniels. Allison Danger jumped on Chris Hero's back and Claudio Castagnoli pulled her off so Hero could knock her out with one punch like a big fat COWARD! The King's gave Christopher Daniels the Royal Bomb but were then attacked and chased out of the arena by Austin Aries and Roderick Strong!

ROH "heel" Commissioner Jim Cornette entered the ring with "assistant" Shane Hagadorn watching his back. Philadelphia is usually very pro-Cornette but they did not give Mr. Cornette his usual cheerful reception. Jim Cornette scolded the Philadelphia fans for chosing to side with Homicide over him. Cornette talked about Homicide bringing his butt-buddy Konnan to ROH to watch his back. Jim Cornette threw out some racist comments at the crowd, which resulted in harmonious chants of "shut the f*** up!" Homicide showed up with his "political ally" Konnan, Ricky Reyes and the hilariously rabid Julius Smokes. Konnan got on the microphone and dropped a couple of F-bombs and added to the onslaught of racism. I'll admit it right now - I hate the hell out of Konnan. Ricky Reyes stepped forward and Konnan demanded that Jim Cornette book him in a match against Shane Hagadorn. Despite Hagadorn's desperate protests, Jim Cornette agreed to the match. The crowd chanted "30 seconds" in the hopes that it would be a short match!

Ricky Reyes made Shane Hagadorn submit after three minutes of action, about two and a half minutes too long ( 2.5 / 10 ).

Back at Motor City Madness on October 7, ROH student Pelle Primeau defeated five other men including Jimmy Rave to win a big Six-Man-Mayhem match. On this night, Pelle Primeau once again became the underdog success story of the century when he defeated Tank Toland, Colt Cabana and B.J. Whitmer in a 4-Corner Survival match ( 6.5 / 10 ). The story included poor little Pelle getting picked on the entire match by his larger opponents. The hardcore Phili fans were firmly in Pelle's corner, but they were particularly harsh when it came to Tank Toland. Toland, who is about the same height as Pelle but twice as wide, was the unlucky recipient of the pinfall to end the match. Pelle Primeau jumped up and down and hugged the referee and then crowd surfed (until they dropped him on his face). I don't see the point of putting a guy like Pelle Primeau over two seasoned ROH veterans like Cabana and Whitmer - but hey I can't knock the guy for living out his dream to be a professional wrestler.

The Briscoe Brothers said that it was time for Davey Richards and Delirious to "Man Up!"...

The "Dream Partners" match is a unique yet very simple concept that Ring of Honor uses on occassion during the build up for a big feud that is about to boil over. "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson came out with his partner Jimmy Rave and might have been regretting his choice when they were both showered with toilet paper upon their entrance. Samoa Joe came out with his partner Nigel McGuinness, somewhat of an odd pairing if you ask me. All I can say is that it's about damn time Jimmy Rave was put back into serious competition. Samoa Joe and American Dragon got into a heated brawl and ended up abandoning the match. Nigel McGuinness finished off Jimmy Rave in the ring with a Lariat to win the match for his team ( 8 / 10 ). This was a main event quality match. Jimmy Rave wanted to beat the crap out of a fan who threw toilet paper at him and Nigel McGuinness said he was the laughing stock of ROH and told him to relax and go backstage. They are starting to push the Rave/McGuinness feud several months after they planted the first seed.

All throughout the previous match, Jimmy Bower (the gimmick name for ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky), repeatedly joined commentary to update viewers of various developments unfolding backstage between ROH management and Jim Cornette. Jimmy Bower explained that Cornette was irate when he found out that Konnan was meeting behind closed doors with officials and Cornette vowed to turn the show inside-out. This all sounds far too WWEish for my liking.

An irate Jim Cornette returned to the ring with the Briscoes and cancelled the main event and publicly fired Homicide. Konnan and Homicide came out again and said ROH management ruled that the fans could chose between Homicide and Cornette who would be fired. The fans obviously chose Jim Cornette and serenaded him with "Na na na nah, hey hey hey, good bye!" as ROH security dragged 'ol Corny from the ring kicking and screaming!

The Briscoes were left without their mentor to take on Davey Richards (who scored victories over both Briscoes in singles competition last month) and his tag team partner du jour, Delirious. It seems like Davey Richards has a new tag team partner to take on the Briscoes every month. This was your average ROH tag team match which saw the Briscoes win after a Spike J-Diller on Delirious ( 7 / 10 ). I'm sure this match was purposely toned down to put the spotlight on the tag team titles match coming up next.

Lacey cut a backstage promo saying she was going to use all of Lacey's Angels money to get back at Colt Cabana. Daizee Haze then confronted Lacey about getting involved in her match last night. The Haze challenged Lacey to a match, and Lacey said "any time" as she was exiting the room.

The theme song "We Are the Champions" played over the sound system as the Kings of Wrestling made their traditional entrance to the ring through the crowd. Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli have the perfect gimmick where every factor comes together nicely, from their entrance music to the way they hang their multiple tag team championship belts over their shoulders and down their chests. They are the perfect heels, and the ROH fan-base desperately wants to see someone take the ROH tag team titles back - and as everyone knows that translates to money in the wrestling world. The challengers on this card happened to be the same team that the King's defeated for the titles several months before, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong - and they were totally jacked up for the match. The intensity for this match was way up from the two previous tag team matches on this DVD. Late in the match the referee got bumped (am I watching WWE?) and Austin Aries got his hands on the briefcase brought to the ring by the Kings and proceeded to repeatedly whack both Hero and Castagnoli with it but the referee woke up and saw what was going on and disqualified Aries and Strong. Aries figured he had nothing to lose so he continued to hit both Kings with the briefcase and all four men brawled through the crowd and eventually backstage ( 8 / 10 ).

Matt Sydal was put to the test against the homeward bound KENTA, who was making his final scheduled appearance in ROH for 2007. How many match of the year contenders does Matt Sydal have to be in before he gets a shot at the ROH World title? I thought it would have been appropriate for KENTA to put Sydal over on his way out, but KENTA emerged victorious in this excellent match-up ( 9 / 10 ). KENTA did make Sydal look like a million bucks though, the final two minutes of the match were as good as it gets in ROH. Probably the best match of the night.

The fans showed their appreciation for KENTA, who got on the microphone and used his broken English to thank ROH and the fans. Samoa Joe came out in street clothes and put over KENTA's run in ROH in 2006 and thanked him publicly on behalf of ROH. Samoa Joe said he had a message for the guys back in NOAH, and unexpectedly slapped KENTA across the face! KENTA tackled Samoa Joe and they had to be separated by other members of the ROH roster!

Before the "Fight Without Honor" got started, they showed clips of Homicide's violent feud with Steve Corino over the past four years in ROH. The fight finally got underway, and both men started out cautiously not wanting to be the one to make the first mistake, as it would most likely cost them a few pints of blood. They spilled out of the ring and brawled all over the place throwing punches and gouging at each others foreheads. No blood yet. It was a VERY weak shot with a tennis racket that busted open Homicide's forehead - an obvious blade job at a unrealistic moment of the match. They also used steel chairs, plastic chairs, some duct tape, a trash can, a metal ladder, and of course Homicide's ghetto fork as weapons. Homicide went to work on Corino's notorious deaf ear, an injury sustained in their barbed wire match at "War of the Wire" in late 2003 (or was it their first match at "Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies" earlier that year?). One of Steve Corino's corner men introduced a barbed wire baseball bat into the match but it was Homicide who ended up using it to destroy the side of Corino's head and ear! The coup de gras came when Homicide poured a bottle of rubbing alcohol over Corino's shredded head. Lord, I hope that was "gimmicked" alcohol - aka water. Homicide put Steve Corino on a table on the floor and jumped off the top rope crashing through the table! The tables eventually turned (pun intended) and Corino used a piece of the broken table to rip at Homicide's bloody forehead. It boiled down to a battle of who could finish the other off first. Homicide survived interference from the Briscoe Brothers. Corino set up a table in the corner and put Homicide on it, Homicide recovered and executed a DDT off the top rope through the table!!!! Homicide finished off Corino with a Lariat to win the Fight Without Honor ( 8.5 / 10 ). I was disappointed with the crowd, they didn't erupt like they should have at the end. Homicide got on the microphone and pulled out a set of hair clippers. Homicide said he was going to shave Corino's head and a humbled King of Old School agreed. Homicide took great enjoyment in shaving his nemesis bald! Homicide then shook hands with Steve Corino and told him to never come back to Ring of Honor.

After a short promo by Colt Cabana talking about Lacey's threats earlier on the DVD, they cut back to the ring where a bald Steve Corino was still in the ring. The ROH fans were chanting his name and showing their appreciation for the Philadelphia legend.

Final Thoughts: I have been a big supporter of Steve Corino and will continue to be a fan for a long time to come. The Fight Without Honor was everything it was intended to be; sick, violent, and disturbing. Decent overall card, but if you're not into the whole Homicide/Corino dynamic or a fan of violent wrestling you might as well skip this one.

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