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November 5, 2005 - VENDETTA - Chicago Ridge, Illinois

The battle lines were drawn. Both Roderick Strong and Bryan Danielson have made it clear that they will do their talking in the ring for their big rematch. The ROH ring will also be the battle field for an 8-MAN Tag Team War between Generation Next and The Embassy. In addition to that, Samoa Joe was scheduled to take on "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, with Daniels trying to score his first singles victory over Joe in an ROH environment.

The under-card was a series of unique match-ups involving some of ROH's finest talent. Ace Steel & Delirious faced off against Chad Collyer & Nigel McGuinness in a match intended to further the Steel/Collyer feud (***), then Jimmy Jacobs wrestled Salvatore Rinauro in a solid performance by both men highlighted by Lacey's continued efforts to turn Jacobs into a serious wrestler (*** 1/2) -- Jim Cornette brought out the legendary "Cowboy" Bill Watts for an in ring segment that fell flat and failed to translate into anything good besides seeing how grumpy Watts has become. Another solid singles match involved BJ Whitmer and Claudio Castagnoli (*** 1/2) and also newcomer Adam Pearce faced off against Davey Andrews (**) -- Andrews was a substitute for Colt Cabana in the match, after Cabana was attacked during intermission and viciously assaulted by Homicide with a chair, duct tape, and a fork to the forehead. A post show interview featured an out-of-his-mind Colt Cabana vowing to show Homicide a new side of himself when he goes for revenge on 11/19.

The first match of a triple main event featured two of ROH's biggest names. In two previous Ring of Honor encounters, Samoa Joe scored victories over Christopher Daniels -- and now Daniels was looking to finally get one on Joe. The momentum was in Daniels favor, as he had scored a pinfall on Joe the night before in a tag team match. On this night, Christopher Daniels came up short and Joe once again stood in the winners circle. Incredible match with lots of drama and incredible action - everything you would expect out of two of the World's greatest wrestlers. (****)

American Dragon played the roll of heel on this night, stemming from his last appearance in Chicago when he walked out on ROH. Roderick Strong took the fight to American Dragon for almost a full a hour of classic ROH grappling. Strong came prepared to play the mental game this time around, as Dragon clearly got under Strong's skin in their prior encounter. The fans helped throw Danielson off his game by heckling him mercifully, but it only resulted in a more aggressive offense from Dragon. Poor grade for ROH camera crew, as they zoomed in on Strong just after cutting himself and we saw him pass the blade to the referee. Strong was bloodied, and Dragon's chest looked like hamburger -- but the referee stopped the match after a flurry of vicious offense from Dragon, connecting with multiple elbow shots to Strong's head -- UFC style. With the victory, Bryan Danielson once again proved why the ROH World title is the most legitimate wrestling title on earth. (**** 1/2)

The main event was an 8-MAN War involving members of Generation Next and The Embassy. This is just a taste of what you'll see on 12/3 at Steel Cage Warfare. Pre-match activities included the Embassy receiving the biggest toilet paper shower in the history of ROH. The crowd went absolutely crazy for Generation Next, especially after the appearance of the "Phenomenal" AJ Styles. Great psychology for the first portion of this match, with Generation Next cutting the ring in half and quadruple teaming Jimmy Rave for 10 minutes not letting him tag -- and then giving him a chance to tag Prince Nana, who dropped off the apron not wanting to get in the match. Jack Evans = Human Pretzel, I don't know how he does it! They obeyed the traditional rules of Tag Team wrestling but it eventually broke out into an all-out War with everybody fighting at the same time. AJ Styles put Abyss through a Table. Prince Nana grabbed Daizee Haze from ringside until Austin Aries & Matt Sydal came to her rescue, only to have Daizee low-blow her saviors, attack Jade Chung and join the Embassy! Alex Shelley & Jimmy Rave finished off Aries & Sydal with their finishers to win the WAR! (****)

Final Thoughts: This was definitely one of the more solid ROH shows I've seen. It had a little bit of everything. As usual, there was nothing to complain about and I would recommend this DVD to anybody. If you would like to purchase this or any other ROH DVD, please check out - Thank you!

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