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July 28, 2006 - WAR OF THE WIRE II - Dayton, OHIO

This DVD started out with a couple interesting tidbits that I wanted to acknowledge. During the special Video Recap (included on all DVD's is a recap to preview the upcoming ROH events) they had a short segment where Gary Michael Cappetta was searching for Colt Cabana and he found Irish Airborne guarding Cabana's car and was told "if the car is rockin', then don't come knockin" -- the mystery now is who was Colt Cabana having sex with in the backseat of his car?

The second thing was that the DVD opened with a short video of B.J. Whitmer entering the building that afternoon as ROH students set up the ring. Everyone froze and watched Whitmer climb into the half erected ROH ring and knelt in front of a coil of barbed wire. In fact, there are several build-up skits like this hyping the barbed wire match throughout the DVD. Really cool stuff.

The scheduled matches got underway with a nice solid opening contest between Jimmy Jacobs, accompanied by his fairy-tale girlfriend Lacey, and IWA Mid-South's Trik Davis. Jimmy Jacobs won ( 5 / 10 ). Lacey seems to be highly allergic to Jimmy Jacobs, who continues to be completely infatuated with her. What I want to know is when Jimmy Jacobs is going to finally realize Lacey only likes Internet geeks who write DVD reviews for Ring of Honor!

The Embassy was without Prince Nana on this night and the ROH fans went out of their way to express their disapproval by chanting "We Want Nana!" -- Pretty good for a big time heel! Jimmy Rave and Sal Rinauro did have Daizee Haze in their corner when they went up against Davey Richards and FIP high-flyer Jerrelle Clark. It got really interesting when Jimmy Rave and Davey Richards were in the ring, due to Rave wanting revenge for his two losses against Richards on past ROH shows. Both the Rave and the Haze were more interested in mistreating Sal Rinauro, and that became their undoing as Davey Richards made Rave tap out for the win ( 6.5 / 10 ). I have yet to show my appreciation for Daizee Haze's gimmick. She is the official "bodyguard" for The Embassy, and what makes it so hilarious is that she is about 110 lbs but she constantly wants to fight men two (sometimes three) times her size! She is very aggressive and confident and somehow that translates into HOT HOT HOT.

Colt Cabana and Nigel McGuiness had one of the biggest rivalries in ROH back in 2005 before they resolved their differences and shook hands. Back at "In Your Face," McGuiness and Cabana were tag team partners again and had some trouble working together. This resulted in a one-time-only match for the Pure title on this DVD. Both men are extremely over with the fans, who erupted in dueling chants of "Colt Cabana!" and "Let's Go Nigel!" before the contest. They pulled out another creative finish for Nigel McGuinness to retain his championship. The way it played out was that McGuinness faked a knee injury and tried to convince Cabana to do an intentional Double Count-out so that he (Nigel) could be healthy for his match with American Dragon the following night. Colt Cabana refused and turned to get back into the ring, only to have McGuinness knock him down from behind and jump into the ring just as the referee counted twenty. Nigel McGuinness retains his Pure Championship by Count-out again ( 7 / 10 ).

Matt Sydal returned from his tour with Dragon Gate in Japan to renew his competitive rilvalry with Christopher Daniels. These two world class wrestlers have fought three times in Ring of Honor in the past, and Daniels has beaten Sydal every single time. Matt Sydal was all fired up and used everything he learned in Japan to help him score his first victory over the Fallen Angel in an ROH ring ( 8 / 10 ). A discouraged Christopher Daniels left the ring without shaking hands but changed his mind and went back to shake Sydal's hand and put him over big time. This is the best I've ever seen Sydal, he was non-stop determination from bell-to-bell. Allison Danger was back in Christopher Daniels' corner and it looks like she stole Looney Lane's gimmick.

The 4-Corner Survival match was a very unique situation as it involved the ROH World Champion American Dragon going up against three of ROH's top contenders in Delirious, Homicide and Austin Aries. The ROH World title was not on the line, however, but each man was trying desperately to pin the Champion to secure a future title shot. With all these super stars competing in the same match, you would have to be a fool to expect anything less than a brilliant display of entertainment. Austin Aries surprised the heck out of me when he pinned American Dragon to win the match ( 8.5 / 10 ). It's been so long since Aries was in the World title picture that I did not expect him to win but I'm glad he did!

Jack Evans returned to ROH after several tours with Dragon Gate in Japan and reunited with his Generation Next partner Roderick Strong to take on the tag team specialists, the Briscoe Brothers. Jack Evans was sporting a new look and was full of unlimited energy as he demonstrating some of the skills that he picked up in the land of the rising sun. The Briscoe Brothers pulled out an impressive victory after nailing a Spike Jay-driller on Roderick Strong ( 8 / 10 ). Really good action packed tag team match.

Samoa Joe delivered a message via video tape warning American Dragon that he was rehabbing his knee and told Dragon to be prepared for the "Fight of the Century" when he comes back to reclaim the ROH World championship.

The ring was set up for the barbed wire match during intermission, after which Claudio Castagnoli and Spyder Nate Webb showed up and annoyed the crowd with some mic-work until Colt Cabana and Crazy Ace Steel came out and had an all-out brawl. Necro Butcher walked right past the chaos and entered the ring and called out B.J. Whitmer to start their No Ropes Barbed Wire Match.

Usually when barbed wire is used in wrestling matches, the participants try to bundle up and protect themselves. B.J. Whitmer was wearing only his regular underwear shorts and no extra protection. Necro Butcher was barefoot as usual and also shirtless. What a couple of crazy bastards! The ropes were replaced with a ton of razor-sharp barbed wire and, as if that were not enough, they had a piece of plywood covered with barbed wire propped up in one corner and a table covered in more barbed wire in the other corner. Homicide was at ringside supporting B.J. Whitmer. The fans were rabid and salivating at the thought of either man getting sliced open. The blood-thirsty audience was quickly satisfied when B.J. Whitmer suffered a gash on his back. Whitmer subsequently suffered cuts on his arm, chest and forehead as Necro Butcher was enjoying himself in his natural habitat. Whitmer finally turned the tables and Necro Butcher's face turned into a crimson mask. Whitmer repeatedly whipped Butcher back-first into the barbed wire and followed up with a pile-driver and a brain-buster. From there it got even more brutal and bloody, and I'll have to admit this isn't the sort of match that I typically enjoy. Between the senseless violence they actually used some traditional wrestling psychology so it kept my interest for the most part. Necro Butcher power-bombed Whitmer (and himself) off the ring through the barbed wire table set up on the floor. Whitmer had to be literally cut free with wire cutters. Both men were bloodied from head to toe as they climbed back into the ring to continue. Whitmer brain-busted Butcher on a folding chair, which is one of the sickest moves in wrestling and Butcher seems to take it in every match. Whitmer then dumped a sack of thumb-tacks onto the mat, but he was the one who ended up getting power-bombed onto the pile! The barefoot Butcher side-slammed Whitmer down onto the tacks a second time. Whitmer dropped Butcher feet first into the tacks and then hit a suplex turning both men into pin-cushions. Butcher then dropped Whitmer up-side-down into the barbed wire table, ripping Whitmer's back to shreds. Whitmer had to be cut loose with wire-cutters for a second time. Insane. Whitmer placed the barbed wire plywood face down on a horizontal Necro Butcher and repeatedly smashed it with a steel chair. B.J. Whitmer went for the kill as he climbed a 10-foot ladder and jumped off of it onto the plywood with Butcher still buried underneath along with the barbed wire. Believe it or not, Necro kicked out. Whitmer hit an Exploder in the middle of the ring to finally end the most brutal match in the history of Ring of Honor ( 9 / 10 ). B.J. Whitmer received a much deserved standing ovation after the match and fans chanted his name very loud -- he certainly made a lot of new fans by doing this match.

Final Thoughts: I'm really glad that Ring of Honor didn't completely blow-off the CZW angle cold turkey. It's only logical that there should be some lingering effects. There seemed to be a lack of storyline progression with this card, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Everything was solid on this show from beginning to end. The main event was a bit over the top for my taste but I have a lot of praise for ROH being able to properly build up to a match with that sort of brutality. I'm looking forward to the new stuff ROH comes up with in the near future. If you would like to purchase this or any other ROH DVD, please check out ---- if you need some convincing, you can check out streaming video of various ROH matches for free at

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