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Description: like a Documentry, its all about the Career of the one and only Trish! It starts with Growing up and Family life etc. then moves on to her modeling and then how she got into the wrestling buisness. From there one the rest of the main feature is split into a few sections...

~ Her Early career 'T&A'
~ The Vince affair
~ Winning at SS01 and Axcess.
~ Then her feuds with Victoria,Jazz etc.

In between those there are a few diva photoshoot moments and such. Also there is a small peice of her appernces from MadTV and Much Music and a Behind the Scences look with Trish and SCSA (Ric Flair also makes a tiny apperance).Then the final chapter includes a futre peice and what to expect from her. The main feature includes interviews from Trish herself, Ivory,Lita,Torrie,The Dudleys and such.
The main feature itself is a good peice of entertainment especially if you like trish (like myself) it will also attract Wrestling fans and even non wrestling fans as it litually tells you almost all of Trish's career. It also isnt just a one watcher, I have seen it at least 4 times all the way through.


Then there are loads of Special features and Extras to tickle your fancy:
~4 Matches
~7 Trish Moments
~5 Confidential mini feturettes
~7 Trish Feturettes including a Making of the DVD

Mud Match VS Stacy - a short but entertaining match, where Trish fights Stacy in a Swimming pool of mud in bikinis. Trish wins. its a fun match which you could watch again. plus Trish does a massive stunt being thrown of the entrance stage into the mud.

Street Fight VS Victoria - A great match,Vicotria is champion and she puts it on the line against Trish in a rematch after SS02. Trish gets a great pop from the crowd. Trish almost wins but Victoria and stevie push her of the apron into the gate, KOing her. Jazz then comes to the ring from her return and destroys Trish.

VS Jazz VS Vicotria at WM19 - A Triple threat for the womens title. a great match with loads of cool moves. Trish wins and becomes a 4 time WWE Womens Champion.

Vs Jazz - Ok Match but I dont she why this is on the DVD I can think of 10 better matches that can go on the DVD

Trish Moments

Table Tips 1, 2 and 3

From her T and A days, thes small clips where to get Bubbay Ray Dudley. She takes about Tables and stuff. Funny Stuff

Trish and Steph clips - Theres two one when HHH is showing her some moves and then one where she shoves Stephs face into some horse poop.

Vince hot tub - In this clip Trish is talking to Vince in a Hot Tub

Steve Blackman and Trish - in this, Steve shows Trish his Kendo Stick! Funny clip.

overall there are some good clips in this section worth looking at.

Trish Features

House Tour - Trish shows you her house, like MTVs Cribs.

Babe Of The Year Shoots 01 and 02 and Raw magazine

A Behind the Scences look at differnt Photo shoots.

Summerslam Trailer "1 Scoop or 2" - A behind the scenes look at THAT Summerslam Trailer.

More Trish - Diva of The decade

The Full Clip from Raw X featuring the Diva of the Decade award in which Trish Wins.

Much Music Awards - Y2J and Trish go throw there Party Bags in the Green room after the show. Funny Clip.

MadTV - A Behind the Scenes look at her second bunch of skethes on MadTV

Lola's, Terri's and Ron Hutchison storys - All 3 friend tell us a few storys to do with Trish

The Making Of the DVD - What it says on the title - intersting stuff.

Easter Eggs

Easter Egg 1 in chapters, highlight "diva fun" and press right button. this will bring up a segment from "excess" show co-hosted by Trish where Saturn (with Moppy) is singing a song.

Easter Egg 2 in extras, highlight "house tour" and press right button. this will bring up a segment with Trish watching a TV with one of her matches playing.

Easter Egg 3 also in extras, highlight "Making of Trish Stratus: 100% Stratusfaction" and press right button. a segment with outtakes will play.

All three are good but the best has to be the outtakes, infact its the best thing on the DVD!

Rating: Main Feature 8/10 | Extras 9/10 | DVD Cover 7/10 | Overall Rating 10/10

Reviewed by Jimbobjoe37 on March 29, 2005.

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