The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior

Description: How the hell do you review a DVD like the "Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior"? and walk away with a straight face? This mockumentary about the rise and fall of Jim Hellwig will either have die-hard smarks laughing in disbelief or have the wrestling fans laughing at the subject. There are so many fabricated lies and hypocritical statements made by the people in the interview that you'll roll your eyes the moment you hear them (HHH: "Arguably one of the most unprofessional guys I've ever stepped in the ring"). This is the same guy that put himself in the title picture and bury those he feel aren't worthy of the spotlight. Oh, and he married the boss' daughter. Yeah, that's professional.

But at the same time, the DVD is somewhat of an entertaining guilty pleasure and it clearly shows as to why the Warrior was indeed a nutcase and a delusional person. As evident of his bizarre events outside of wrestling like his notorious "queer-bashing" speech at the University of Connecticut, people who have read about these bizarre events will quickly connect to this so-called "documentary", even though 75% of the crap isn't true and believe that Warrior is an idiot. This, along with the wrestlers' impersonation of his interviews, will have many fans rolling all over the floor.

Anyone expecting a real-life biography of the Ultimate Warrior will definitely want to look elsewhere, as this is nothing but a series of one-sided fabrications similar to that overrated piece of garbage "Monday Night War" that was released last year. This is nothing but a negative, bitter assault on the wrestler as he is mocked, made fun of, insulted, buried and demoralized in a cruel fashion. It's shit like this make me wander what would've happened had Bret Hart didn't sign up for a DVD deal.

Simply put, the worst hatchet-job in the history of professional wrestling.

Anyone who enjoys a good laugh at a wrestler they despise will definitely warrant this package. The brutally bad interviews, horrible storylines and the laughably horrific Hogan v. Warrior match from Halloween Havoc 1998 involved are pure entertainment, in a guilty way. If you like comedy and unintentional hilarity, this DVD is for.

For the die-hard fans, the DVD consist of several dandy extras including the classic retirement match between Warrior and Randy Savage at WM7, the Warrior's historical squash on the Honky Tonk Man and a good match with Rick Rude at SummerSlam 1990. Those are the only reasons those fans want to waste your $22.00 on this DVD.

Rating: Strongly recommended and strong recommendation to avoid, depending on your tastes.

Reviewed by Joe L. on October 17, 2005.

It's 5am october 12th, i've literally just finished watching the WWE dvd based on the ultimate "Destruction" and i sat pretty much the whole way through the dvd thinking "What the hell" For Hulk Hogan,Vince McMahon,Bobby Heenan & co to sit there and proceed to bash the man for the duration of this dvd made me sick. To sit and watch vince sit there with that look in his eyes as he knows excactly what he's doing by trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes much like the "Bret Screwed Bret" angle.

Sure the guy didn't have great technical ability or the time to showcase that he might've had any. But people often forget that even these days we don't see great matches produced on tv or ppv. The man created so much energy for the fans in the arena or watching at home that hairs on your arms stood up and on the back of your neck. Yeah his promo skills weren't great to begin with but if you notice that the more promos the show of him and the more comfortable he get's with the camera some of them kinda make sence.

The guy came out night after night and did what he had to do. Make an Impact, and half the people i see posting articles and stuff bashing him and yet would pay money to sit and watch Goldberg who does the exact same thing. If anything is the Ultimate warrior with no hair, no face paint...well altogether no colour. Has a 5 set move list sticks to it and matches are over within what 2 minutes. But it's 2 minutes that you'll always remember.

I don't know if i'm just rambling here or if i'm making any sence, i hope i am. But for WWE to sit there and do what they do when things ain't going their way, they try and turn it around so the image of the company don't look bad they blame the athlete. for me personally this whole dvd and guys bashing Ultimate warrior is just Vince and wwe's way of handling rejection. As he's flat out disagreed to work with WWE and rejects to sign up with their legends deal.

WWE is basically trying to turn the whole thing round so that they can say "You know what, we don't want him he ain't good enough". What's with the whole Byte this Invite? Another ploy by wwe to draw a reaction from Warrior. Sure his reply was alot to be desired and i'm sure looking back on it he thinks he maybe shouldn't have said what he said about droz, afterall he's done no harm to Warrior. But it's done what wwe wanted provoked a reaction when they knew fine well he'd say no.

Reviewed by Craig McDermid on October 12, 2005.

Andrew Betts wrote in with his review:
i must say first off i own the dvd and i have watched it and granted it is pretty much a stright forward hatchet job on his career his matches were not the best but he did entertain and at one point i was a fan of the warrior and now fast forward to his WCW appearence that was a horrible event that was pretty much the end of his career and now his life after wrestling talk about a nut case the man formerly known as jim helwig legally changed his name to "Warrior" sounds to me like the still thinks he's the charactor he portrayed not to mention his recent rants at a colledge last year and yet his impact is still felt to this day just look at batista he just like the warrior only minus the running and with short hair plus when stets up for the batista bomb what does do he shakes the top rope so in closing the warrior is a right wing nut and vince has an axe to grind so the truth lies some where in the middle

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